Camps to Go

Cartoon of two athletic style tennis shoes. 

Summer camps are a staple at CCC-Columbus with hundreds of young people coming from throughout Nebraska to take part. However, the COVID pandemic put a halt to the traditional summer camps. 

“The athletic department was saddened that Raider Fieldhouse would not be filled with our usual face-to-face campers in the summer of 2020,” said Mary Young, CCC athletic director. “However, just like a player adjusts to foul trouble in basketball, we felt it was necessary to adjust to the COVID situation.” 

Instead of just saying, “See you next summer,” Young and the coaching staff went to work and created “Camps to Go!” 

“The coaches did a tremendous job of engaging their current student-athletes to put together a packet of drills,” said Young. “The coaches and players also utilized technology to demonstrate proper techniques for young players to develop.” 

In addition to the packet of drills, camp participants also received a game ball, one game-day pass for a regular season contest during 2020-21 and motivation from the Raiders. 

Nebraska shape with location markers for Lexington, Columbus and Shubert. Lexington is 165 miles away from Columbus and Shubert is 155 miles away from Columbus.

In all, there were 89 campers, with 49 for volleyball, 29 for basketball and six for soccer. The most distant participants were from Shubert (165 miles) and Lexington (155 miles). 

“Camps to Go was a great avenue for young players to get repetitions while being at home with guidance of energetic coaches and college athletes,” said Young.