Disability Services

Central Community College is proud to be an educational institution that welcomes and supports all of our student body. By removing some of the barriers to education that students with disabilities often experience, we hope to create a learning environment that encourages and challenges our students.

Students with disabilities who meet the academic and technical standards for participation are eligible to request reasonable accommodations to achieve equal access. Qualified students are accommodated when they disclose their disabilities and request accommodations. The disability support services staff at CCC is committed to providing access for students with disabilities. For students who would like to access support and/or accommodations through our Disability Services Office, please visit our Student Success portal.

All Central Community College activities, organizations, courses and academic and technical programs are open to all students. College facilities, as a whole, are accessible to persons with physical disabilities via ramps, automatic entrances and elevators. Accessible restroom facilities, parking spaces and water fountains are also available.

Mission of Central Community College Disability Services

  • To advocate and provide assistance to eligible students with disabilities and arrange for reasonable accommodations to afford the student equal opportunity to participate in programs, activities and services at Central Community College.
  • To be a proactive resource in the transition process for all prospective students with disabilities.
  • To research and improve service options for students with disabilities in postsecondary education.


Columbus Campus

CoLynn Paprocki

Grand Island Campus

Kim Ottman

Hastings Campus

Shannon Peterson