2020 Holiday E-card Descriptive Transcript

Words on screen Visuals
[Holiday music in the background] Flat graphic cartoon style 
To our alumni, students, employees, communities  words in a speech bubble while rows of stick figures fill the background 
And you  words in a smaller speech bubble coming from a highlighted stick figure in the background while zooming in
We made it through 2020!  exclamation point bouncing getting larger until covering the screen
Through Heartaches  cartoon heart breaking into two and falling apart 
And Successes  several graduation caps flying through the air, up and down, zooming until until screen is covered
Firsts and Lasts blocks of words, firsts is green on white and lasts is white on black
We've made it through them all  words appear large and get smaller
Together word starts large and gets smaller
But 6 feet away  two stick figures coughing, backing away from each other, masks appear on their faces
Because we care two stick figures waving 
You large bold font
have been stronger and more resilient than ever "you" turns sideways as words appears 
Happy Holidays and may 2021 bring you laughter and joy. snowing outdoor cartoon scene with four silhouette trees and one deer on snowy hills
from your friends at  Central Community College (CCC) logo 
[Music fades] snowy scene fades to white leaving the CCC logo, fade to black

2020 Holiday E-Card Video