TRIPKIT Travel Agent Certification

Have you considered a career in the travel industry?

Together, travel and tourism make up one of the world's largest industries. While independent travel booking is on the rise, travel agents continue to play a vital role in luxury, corporate and group travel. As the industry continues to expand, now is the perfect opportunity to become a skilled travel agent.

The TRIPKIT curriculum is designed to provide agents across North America with a solid foundation in the critical areas that all travel professionals must have to be successful in this rapidly changing industry. Travel agents who obtain certification earn more as professional advisors.

What can travel agents do?

  • Work at private agencies or larger companies that employ a corporate travel agent.
  • Help guests at large resorts, hotels and cruise lines plan and reserve their vacations.
  • Assist guests on cruise ships with reservations for their next trip.
  • Serve as tour guides for large tour companies and live at destinations in Europe or Alaska.
  • Use their training to become successful event planners for corporate events and resort locations.

Program dates and details

This year-long program consists of three 15-week classes and a travel practicum. It will be taught by Wendy Jones, an experienced, certified travel agent.

  • The first semester you will take Travel Career Development on Mondays and Exploring the World on Wednesdays, beginning Feb. 5 and ending May 15, 2024.
  • The second semester you will take How to Start a Home Based Agency on Mondays, Sept. 4 through Dec. 9, 2024, and schedule a travel practicum with Mystique Travel. Practicum dates have yet to be determined.
  • All classes meet from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

During your classroom training and practicum experience, you will be trained on current travel and tourism software used within the industry and be prepared to help clients research, plan and book their trips.

At the end of the course, you will take the TAP test on Dec. 16 for national certification.

The cost is $1,200, which includes books and the TAP test. You must bring your own laptop to use the web-based software.

Ready to register? Have questions?

Please contact Margaret Williams at 308-398-7441 or

Class code: 23/RE HMRM 7007 CGE11