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You have a full load of classes and a part-time job, you’re active in a couple of campus organizations, and you like to work out so you can stay in shape. The last thing you need is the commuting, cooking and cleaning that go with living off campus. The good news is, you can avoid all of that hassle by living in a campus residence hall.

On-campus living provides convenient access to classes and campus services. Our residence halls provide a built in support network that offers the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.

You will enjoy the convenience of free internet, television services, utilities and nearby parking. Laundry facilities and kitchens are also available in each residence hall.

Spacious and modern residence halls are offered at our Columbus and Hastings campuses. Dining facilities and Student Centers are conveniently located near the halls.

The Grand Island Campus has privately owned off-campus apartments available with on-campus dining facilities.

Meal Plans

Housing contracts include two meal options. The 14-meal plan provides Monday breakfast through Friday lunch. The 19-meal plan offers students meals Monday through Sunday. Students are required to select a meal plan at the time they submit a housing contract. See College Costs for details about pricing.

Apply for Housing

Please download, complete and send these forms. A $150.00 room deposit is required and must be sent to the college along with the housing contract forms.

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