Katie Alvarado

A Special Education

Katie Alvarado teaching student

I truthfully believe that inclusion is very important.

Katie Alvarado wants to be a teacher. More specifically, she wants to be a special education teacher.

After graduating from CCC in May 2017 with an associate of arts degree, Alvarado transferred to the University of Nebraska-Kearney and is currently pursuing a special education K-12 degree. She is also working on an endorsement in science 5-9 as she has always had an interest in the subject. 

One of the main reasons Alvarado wants to go into special education is because of her daughter, who is autistic. Alvarado wants to be an advocate for students with special needs to help them find their own voice as well as a fair education.

“I truthfully believe that inclusion is very important,” said Alvarado. “That does not mean just sitting alongside. That means truthfully going ahead and taking those individuals and having them partake in activities because they are people too. “

On the days when she is not attending classes at UNK, she works as substitute teacher in Lexington Public Schools (LPS), where she was educated and previously worked as a special education paraprofessional. When working at LPS, she is an advocate for the Lexington Center as she encourages middle and high school students to consider taking general education and prerequisite courses at CCC.

“It’s not fake,” said Alvarado. “It’s truthful and it’s from the heart. I loved my time at CCC, I really did.”