Jaimie Young

Hometown Nurse

Nurse Jaimie Young checking a patient's heart with a stethoscope. Photo taken January 6, 2020.

Jaimie Young began her days at CCC-Columbus in the certified nurse assistant program. After completing the requirements, she went on to earn an associate degree in nursing, also at the Columbus Campus. Young went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to earn a bachelor of nursing degree.

The Columbus native then returned home and for the past 12 years, Young has been employed at Columbus Community Hospital (CCH). She currently works in the post-anesthesia care unit where she assists patients in the recovery room.

“We monitor patients one-on-one as they wake up from anesthesia,” said Young. “After surgery, we make sure that there are no complications, that they’re comfortable and that their pain is under control. If there is any nausea, we treat that as well.”

One aspect that she likes about her work is that each day is different because each patient coming out of anesthesia is different and has different needs. She also believes the meticulous nature of meeting patient needs has helped her become more compassionate.

“In school, they give you the foundation you need but really, on-the-job is where you learn the most,” said Young, who occasionally assists as an interpreter at CCH.

Young and her husband, Wilbur, have been married for 11 years and are the parents of a daughter and a son. She loves Columbus and has no plans to relocate anytime soon.