Sustainability Leadership Presentation Series
by Central Community College and Metropolitan Community College
October 3, 2013

Moving Forward: Personal Transportation and the Environment
Presentation by Jordan Garfinkle

We love to be mobile. As Americans, we're accustomed to traveling when and where we want, and cars afford us the freedom to do just that.
More than just a means of transportation, cars have become a symbol of the American Dream. However, the way we fuel our mobility is unsustainable,
threatening our planet and our communities. Fortunately, a number of alternatives are gaining traction across the country and around the world,
including electric cars, plug-in vehicles, high-speed rail and other technologies. Amid endless information, the facts are clouded regarding these
alternatives. How can our choices, planning, and long-term vision regarding transportation help foster a sustainable future for Nebraska?
Understanding the challenges and opportunities are critical as we pursue a future with clean, safe, reliable and affordable transportation.
Jordan Garfinkle will discuss personal transportation and the environment; we hope you join us to explore these issues.

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