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About Me

portrait       My name is Robert Van Heufeln, I was born in Fremont, NE and moved to Grand Island when I was seven years old. In elementary school my fifth grade teacher always signed her students up for poster contests, and I really enjoyed them. I feel that was when I first started to love art and design. As I grew older I continued to pursue my passion and competed in more contests in Middle school, and in high school I even got chosen to design a logo for a local non-profit organization. After high school I decided that I would turn my hobby into my career, and went to Peru State to get my BA in Graphic Design. After a year at Peru I decided to look for a Graphic Design program that was a little closer to home, and I found Hastings CCC. The rest is history, I have been at Hastings CCC for two years and once I graduate I hope to find a local design studio to work for.

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