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During a typical week I'll usually attend my classes and then hang out with my friends. We play Dungeons & Dragons and go on late night Walmart trips to get junk food or pick up whatever we need for our dorms. I'm usually the one that just stuffs a bunch of junk food into the cart and my friends are all amazed at how I'm still alive since I usually just eat pizza and snacks. I always have food on me whether it's in my coat or my bag and if I forgot to bring something to snack on I almost always have gum in my coat pocket. On the weekends my boyfriend is usually working and my friends go home so it gives me time to relax and draw. I like to be alone in my room every once in a while because it gives me time to organize my thoughts and actually clean up a bit. Since I'm constantly doing things during the week my room is a complete wreck so I usually clean it up over the weekend and do my laundry.

I met my boyfriend at orientation for CCC during the summer but we didn't start dating until November this year. I didn't recognize him at first but we both had the same friends so I met him again when the school year started.

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