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                                         2014                                                                                                                    2016

I like to listen to music while I'm cleaning my room or working on homework. I try to isolate myself from my friends and work in a quiet environment when I'm working on projects or homework since my friends tend to distract me. I have all of my classes on Monday and then the rest of the week gets easier as it goes on. I usually carry gum with me and for some reason it helps me focus on one task at a time. I tend to have a hard time staying focused most of the time and get distracted pretty easily but when I'm focused on something I can usually get it done fairly quickly. I have really early classes so sometimes I'll pass out and then my attendence grade takes a hit. I try to stay awake by taking a shower and doing my makeup so that I can't go back to bed. I also try and grab coffee before class and I'll take small breaks in between my classes and keep track of how many classes I have left for the day. I have about an hour in between each of my classes until my 6-8pm photography class so I'll just draw in my room until it's time to leave. I like to work on things that I drew a long time ago and see how much I've improved. It helps me relax and boosts my confidence in my work a little bit.

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