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I grew up in a small town and only moved once in my life. I have two younger brothers; one is sixteen and the other is almost two years old. I am eighteen years old and am currently studying Graphic arts. I have three cats and one dog at home but I don't see them very often since I only go back home during long breaks. My younger brother took over my room when I left for college so when I come back home I end up camping in the living room. I would normally kick him out so I could have my room back but since I am usually only home for about a week at a time it is just easier to let him keep it.

I am still deciding what direction I want to follow in life. I would like to pursue the arts but I am still not entirely sure what job I am looking for. I know that I will probably travel after I finish my degree but I'm not sure where yet. I have only been out of Nebraska a handful of times so I try to take advantage of any opportunity to explore somewhere new.

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