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Everybody knows who I am. For those who do not know me, you came to the right place. First thing first, I was born in Grand Island
and raised in Wood River. I went to elementary, middle, and high school in Wood River. Graduated high school in May of 2015. From fifth grade
to my senior year, I played the trumpet in the band. I, of course, was always first seat. That was all I really did in high school up until my junior year.
During the second semester of my junior year, I switched a boring class for Art I. I never had an interest in art until then. During that time,
I learned that I loved creating art, sharing art, and viewing art. My senior year I took Art II. That year I learned I was good at it.
This lead me to finally choose something I wanted to do after high school. I decided on taking the graphic design course at CCC in Hastings.
My first year at CCC, I did nothing but improve my skill and knowledge of art. I took a year off,
then came back and now here I am in my last semester creating this web page about me for one of my classes.

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