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(There is not a single good picture of me anywhere, and yeah, thats a bath tub in the background. Sue me.)

About me

Though I am an adult, I have no idea what I'm doing and I am terrified of the core concept of what it means to exist. I'm twenty, and I still have a small grasp on how taxes work. However, outside of my many fears as an adult, I have several interests and hobbies that some would find interesting, though nobody has so far.

Here are just a few:

Beneath these hobbies of mine is an incredible lack of talent. I've been drawing comics since second grade, I've been writing music for three years, I began creating games almost two years ago, and I have been a massive fan of cinematography all my life. Despite these years of experience, I am still not to an adept level in any of these catargories. However I will continue to work until my work is appreciated somewhere.

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