My interests include playing with my pug, hanging out with my friends, going on long drives, traveling, creating art, playing pool and video games, watching movies and shows on Netflix, and taking amazing photos. I also love watching YouTube videos, listening to music and obsessing over Marvel movies. I also love anything that has to deal with the wonders and mysteries of the unknown Space above.

These are my reasons behind my interests. Playing with my dog is one of the biggest joys in my life because she means the world to me. Hanging out with my friends and getting to create new experiences with them makes me feel better about how I am with people. The long drives and traveling is because I love being able to have time to myself to enjoy the little things with life and getting to experience new places. I watch Netflix when I'm bored or just when I go to bed. I am obsessed with watching YouTube videos, listening to all types of music and completetly crazy for almost anything and everything Marvel related. Lastly, I love the mysteries and possibilities of what is out in the great unknown, dark, and cold space.

  1. Pugs
  2. Marvel
  3. Archery
  4. New York
  5. Baseball: Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs
  6. Manchester, England
  7. Turtles