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About Janessa Martin

self portraitMy name is Janessa.I was born on June 21st 1991 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I am the oldest of three sibling, including myself. My mom and my step dad have raised me well. I have learned to try as hard as I can to do my best in whatever I do. I have also discovered that if you want something, you have to do it for yourself, and nobody else.

Life has taught me to never take life for granted. This past year I lost my Grandmother. She was an amazing woman and still lives on in memories. Her and I were really close to each other. I can't deny that it has been very difficult to not see her smiling face or hear her voice on the phone everyday. If anything this has made me cling to photography even more than I originally did. I find myself looking at old pictures of her. Photography may not be able to save our loved ones but, it can definately save their memory.

Being me can sometimes be difficult but, I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy taking pictures and hope to make it my career some day. I wish to open my own studio in as soon as I can. Life can get a little hectic sometimes but, with a camera in my hand the world seems to slow. I would not change anything about my life. I suddenly feel like I know where I am supposed to be.