Mary Dawson Hall


My Interests

A Little Insight...

Future Barn Quilt Project. Initial planning.

color sketch of barn quilt grid of outer part of barn quilt grid of center part of barn quilt

Face Painting. (Unicorn Snot just happens to be the highest rated body glitter for safety.)

painted faces of family jar of body glitter

I am a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist. This is a photo of a friend in a vibrating tibetan bowl with a smaller vibrating tibetan bowl on her head. She is meditating. The vibrating bowls massage the water in a persons cells and relaxes the body. (Also works on elephants.)

person sitting in a large vibrating bowl with bowl on head

I Like to watch things grow. This is a tulip I let decide on its own what to do and where to go.

a tulip tulip enlarged

I Like to fix things. I dropped my iron this summer. It now works better than new. And. It got me curious about electricity.

iron in pieces