I am nineteen years old and have been living in Grand Island, Nebraska since I was seven. My family and I moved there from Chicago, Illinois where I was born and raised. We tend to visit every other year in the holidays. I graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in the class of 2017 holding a spot in the top 20%, something in which I am proud of. According to my friends and family I am a very interesting person once you get passed my outer aloof persona. I can be quite bubbly when surrounded by those that I care for and am comfortable with, I am also a compassionate person but am no pushover either. I have strong beliefs in the things I care about most and can consider myself to be politically neutral about other things. I am a strong advocate about equal human rights and I tend to see the world in various shades of gray. So if you ever ask my opinion on things, depending on my mood, be prepared for either a lecture or just a blunt answer.

I grew up to really enjoy creating stuff after taking my first art class back in 6th grade. My art teacher back then also helped a lot once he “noticed the potential” in me, or so he says. He’s a very important person in my life till this day because of that. He still helps me with my artistic visions whenever I need inspiration in my artwork or photography. He has also really encouraged me through my ambitions to pursue filmmaking. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do or the way I do it if it weren’t for him. So I thank him a lot for it.

I also have a lot of hope for my future. I wish to travel the world doing what I love doing most, creating. It's my goal in life and I will achieve it someday. Hopefully I'll start while I'm still studying and continue to travel even after.