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My name is Veronica but I go by a few nicknames, one being Zuly since it's my middle name, and another being Ronnie. Feel free to call me whichever or make up your own even. I remember being called Ariel and Cherry simultaneously because I dyed my hair red once.

I am nineteen years old and have been living in Grand Island, Nebraska since I was seven. My family and I moved there from Chicago, Illinois (where I was born) and we tend to visit every other year in the holidays. I graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in the class of 2017 holding a spot in the top 20%, something in which I am proud of. According to my friends and family I am a very interesting person once you get passed my outter aloof persona. I can be quiet bubbly when surrounded by those that I care for and am comfortable with, I am also a compassionate person but am no pushover either. I have strong beliefs in the things I care about most and can consider myself to be poilitcally neutral about other things. I am a strong advocate about equal human rights and I tend to see the world in various shades of gray. So if you ever ask my opinion on things, depending on my mood, be prepared for either a lecture or just a blunt answer.

I am now currently majoring in Media Arts at CCC in Hastings to get my Associates of Art degree and then hopefully transfer to finish my Bachelors degree in UNL. After that I truly hope to move back to Chicago and perhaps even study for my masters? That would be nice. My truest ambition however, is to travel the world and create. To film, or draw, or even write about my travels, to create memories and capture moments. That's the dream.

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