Jay Swartz

      My name is Jay Swartz and I have been going to CCC for almost two years. My first major choice was Graphic Design, but about a semester in I realized I would enjoy working in the music industry more. I remember my very first college visit as a sophomore, we loaded up our bus all of about 21 kids from Overton high school and we were off. I can remember that I was never really too interested in college. I just wanted to work a regular person's job, because that's what people from where I come from did. People didnt really go to college. So, throughout the entire trip I decided to just not care, and be happy I didn't have to sit through 3rd period biology. We Finally got to the Broadcasting area, (platte building upstairs) and I went from completely non-interested to fully intrigued by everything I saw. From that moment on, I started paying attetion in class. Making sure my assignments were in on time. All I wanted to do since I saw all of those microphones was reach my goals, and speak into them. My voice will be heard.
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