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About Me

As a kid life was hard. I was never the popular one. And I put up with a lot of health issues. But most of the time I would color or draw. I wasn't a very social child so I'd entertain myself without thinking anything of it. I had few friends. Even as a todler and pre-schooler I wasn't like the others. And it didn't take me long to learn that I shouldn't care.

In highschool I was in a band called "The Nobodies" because we were all social outcasts. It was fun having a group to just be myself around. When we wern't practicing alot of times we all went to the basement to play the N64 we had set up on an old tv. After we went our separate ways I began making art for people. Usually traditional. It was in an alternitive school I got the insperation to work hard enough to graduate mid-term.

Since then I've wroked hard to make ends meet. I plan to start some freelance work again and hope to get an apartment. If all goes well I can go to college for game design and work as a concept artist. Which would just add to my list of ways I can stay dedicated to my art.

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