About Me

The bigest thing about me is that I have 3 families. I was adopted by my aunt and my bio parents are separated. So when it comes to keeping in contact things get pretty out of hand. I've spent my entire life around animals, my family is a farming family and since I can remember we've had cows. Even though my family is very country, and I'll admit a bit redneck, I'm still vegan. I never understood why it was such a big deal to them when I was younger but i guess it's just harder for them to understand my dislike for hunting or eating meats. I'n highschool I was in a band called "The Nobodies" because we were all social outcasts. It was fun having a group to just be myself around. When we wern't practicing alot of times we all went to the basement to play the N64 we had set up on an old tv. The biggest thing we all had in common was our love for small furry animals. And at the time the band mascot was my pet teddybear hamster named Zee. After we went our separate ways I began making art for people. Usually traditional. It was in an alternitive school I got the insperation to work hard enough to graduate mid-term and end up here.

© 2017 Elizabeth Polansky
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