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One thing that sparks my interest would have to be photography. I love taking pictures of everything. My favorite thing to take pictures of would have to be families. Seeing true smiles come out of people when they are with people they love are so fun to capture. My second favorite thing to take pictures of would have to be things found in nature. Weather that be trees and flowers or animals and bugs.

Another thing that interest me would have to be daycare. This may sound silly but I love working at a daycare. Kids brighten my day. Seeing their little smiles as they run up to you and hug you melts my heart. It takes a lot out of you someday but I would not change it for the world.

Church is a big part of my life. This would have to be the biggest thing in my life. I love everything about it. We get to travel to different events it's a blast. I meet a lot of new people and get to make awesome friendships threw it. I also get to go on mission trips. I have been on one so far and going on another one this year. They are truly life changing.

©2017 Talaytha Malesker