As of recent over spring break, an opportunity opened, a big opportunity. That being able to visit the only NASCAR Cup team that didn't have a shop in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. My sister and I traveled to Arvada where our stepbrother lives for the week. Before we went to FRR on Thursday, we did some pretty darn fun things like go to Dave & Buster's, eat at Casa Bonita, and even look at the hazy Denver skyline at night from the mountains. Thursday rolled around when my sister and I traveled to the industrial area of the city where FRR was located. The headquarters itself doesn't show its NASCAR colors until you entered the small entry room where pictures of the 2017 cars hang and all but two of the seven trophies won during their twelve year run in the NASCAR Cup series are present.

As the folks gradually walked in, we were sitting in the break room waiting to start. Our tour guide walked in and shot the breeze with some of us while we were waiting. I had my SpongeBob SquarePants 400 shirt on, it was the most neutral shirt I could wear since I have a mostly Jeff Gordon based wardrobe. Our tour began and even before it began we were greeted to a few cars sitting for the fans to look at. Those cars were the Daytona backups for Erik Jones and Martin Truex Jr that managed to survive through the February crashfest. The main garage was where the magic began (and ended for some cars) for the new two car team, FRR initially started as a one car team and occasionally ran two cars but as of 2017, they run two full-time teams in the Cup series. Also in the garage as we transitioned to the body shop were the Martinsville cars that were in their last legs of the week as they were being prepped for the STP 500. The body shop held three cars, two blank (the Texas cars I presumed) and Jones' Atlanta car that was being torn apart for the next cars. Further along, we passed by the 77 & 78 cars used at Phoenix in the early stages of being torn apart. Finally, in the back part where the team held all the spare parts sat the big fish, Truex's Las Vegas winning car. Now I have seen two (eventually three) race winning cars from the stands, I own multiple race win diecasts, but to see and slightly lean against a race winning car, that was something else! Now if one were to go to the other NASCAR team headquarters, mainly the big teams like Hendrick or Roush, they'd see the cars being worked on from above or afar. FRR does the opposite; they let the fans up close and personal to the cars, to a point so that they don't interupt the guys who stay behind every week to work on the next race cars.

Furniture Row Racing is definitely a recommended thing to go do for the new or experienced fan when out in Denver. Want to keep up-to-date with NASCAR's only team west of Charlotte, click here!

© 2017 Jared Kuehn