Where do I begin with talking about Jeff Gordon? Let's start nice and easy with stats, Gordon went on to win 93 races, scored four championships, obtained 477 top tens, claimed 81 poles, and ran 805 races, he's NASCAR's modern "Iron Man". I know a lot about NASCAR but one thing I don't know is how exactly I became a fan of Gordon. It must've been the flashy rainbow car he had, which most Gordon fans get crap for. NASCAR artist Sam Bass and DuPont were the reasons to why Gordon had his iconic rainbow scheme. I was born 12 days after Gordon scored his first championship in 1995, back when NASCAR ran at Atlanta for the final Cup race. I was [and still am] a die-hard Gordon fan, I had [and have] so much Gordon gear, not as much as other die-hards but I still show my pride for being a "Rainbow Warrior". Most drivers have celebrity fans among their fanbases and Gordon's is no execption, two of the biggest names who always come to mind are Tom Cruise and Brad Paisley. As stated on my Races page, I have only seen Jeff on track twice. It sucks to only see him run twice but at least there's someone good in the 24 now, that someone being Chase Elliott, the son of former NASCAR driver Bill Elliott. Chase is merely five days younger than me, it was odd at first but now it doesn't bother me as much these days. Chase has come close to putting the 24 back in Victory Lane, so here's a little hope for the first win for this season!

The day I learned of Gordon's retiring from full-time racing shocked me, I didn't expect it so soon from him. I was in class [a very small class of about three other students plus me] when my teacher looked up from her computer and said to me he was retiring. I thought she was bluffing as she was the joking type of teacher, she wasn't kidding. Gordon was to retire after the 2015 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season. Jeff had a heck of a final season despite only winning once. The final win in the 24 is special to me, that being that I called Gordon's victory from my radio show a few days prior to the race. That and if it weren't for a feud spilling over between Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano that resulted in Logano's elimination in the Chase and Kenseth's two race suspension, Gordon probably wouldn't have won in 2015. Homestead came around and I nearly broke down crying, there was a bittersweetness to this race as Gordon went on to finish 6th in the race and 3rd in points. It was a heck of an effort. Nowadays, I am more of a Kevin Harvick fan, 2016 was an "experimental" season so I could be able to see who exactly I was going to follow without Gordon around. Harvick was a first choice for a long time.

That wasn't it for Gordon though, he is currently one of the main announcers for NASCAR on FOX as he joined Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip in the booth as of 2016 and ran a few races for Dale Jr as he suffered from concussion-like symptoms that put him out of much of the second half of the 2016 season. Gordon's most recent racing endeavour took him to Daytona for a different form of racing, sports car racing. Jeff joined the #10 Wayne Taylor Racing team for this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona and scored a win with them for the overall/division win.

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