Kearney Center Instructor Wins Clute Institute Award

January 31, 2019

Joni Ransom

Yunteng HeChemistry instructor Yunteng He has received the Best Presentation Award from the Clute Institute. He presented “Traffic Light Cards – A Cross and Modification Between the Minute Paper and Muddiest Point” at the Clute International Conference on Education Jan. 1-5 in Maui, Hawaii.

He’s presentation focused on a simple and effective classroom assessment technique to improve student learning that he calls a Traffic Light Card. Here’s how it works: Shortly before the end of class, students “traffic light” their understanding of the topics covered on a notecard as high (green), partial (yellow) or low (red). The results are used by the instructor to give appropriate review in the next lecture and help students gain better understanding of the content.

“There were several remarkable presentations that truly embodied our mission of facilitating knowledge on a global scale,” the Clute Institute told He. “Your peers, from around the world, have named your presentation one of the best.”