Molding Workshops

Join us for a series of intensive plastics training workshops. You will learn polymer science, plastic processing, machine operation, and much more. These workshops will prepare you to enter many high-paying jobs in the plastics industry, or help you advance in your current career. You’ll gain exposure to potential employers with great-paying job opportunities and receive hands-on and classroom training.

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Fundamentals of Systematic Molding (4 Days)

March 25-28, 2024
April 22-25, 2024

Register for a Fundamentals of Systematic Molding Workshop

North Education Center, Room 973 
Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Cost: $2,045
Trainer: Craig Potthast, Certified RJG Trainer for Central Community College 

What is Fundamentals of Systematic Molding? 

Fundamentals of Systematic Molding is the foundation for all RJG training sessions. Through a combination of classroom instruction and interactive machine investigations, students completing the course will have a better understanding of how to develop a machine-independent process, how to make data-driven improvements to existing processes, and how to effectively troubleshoot using scientific and systematic approaches to plastic injection molding. 

Is Fundamentals of Systematic Molding for Me?

Fundamentals of Systematic Molding is right for anyone who is involved in the injection molding process. By training engineers, management, and support alike, the entire plant is able to speak the same language and run more smoothly than ever. 

Topics we will cover: 

  • Mold and part design considerations 
  • The four plastic variables 
  • The molding system 
  • The molding problem, simply stated 
  • Processing from plastic’s point of view 
  • Introduction to instrumentation strategies
  • Molding Lab investigations of machine and process
Injection Molding Essentials (2 Days)

March 20-21, 2024
April 17-18, 2024

Register for an Injection Molding Essentials Workshop

North Education Center, Room 973 
Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Cost: $845
Trainer: Craig Potthast, Certified RJG Trainer for CCC

What is Injection Molding Essentials? 

Injection Molding Essentials provided a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques. Participants learn the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process as well as key terminology that will help them communicate and solve molding problems. 

Is Injection molding essentials for me?

Injection molding essentials is right for anyone who is new to injection molding or with no formal education in the science of polymer behavior. 

Topics we will cover: 

  • Nature and properties of plastics 
  • Basic injection molding 
  • The clamp, the injection unit and the mold 
  • Elements of the cycle 
  • Introduction of the four plastic variables
  • Economics of molding 
  • Common quality defects and possible causes 
Decoupled Molding Workshop (3 Days)

April 3-5, 2024
April 30-May 2, 2024

Register for a Decoupled Molding Workshop

North Education Center, Room 973 
Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Cost: $1,545
Trainer: Craig Potthast, Certified RJG Trainer for CCC

This workshop is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on machine time to reinforce the methodologies they learned in Systematic Molding. It offers the exact same exercises as Master Molder® I, but with half the practice time and none of the testing. Companies that are not allowed by their customers to make changes to processes can substitute the Template Match Workshop for the DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop.

Attendees will acquire the knowledge they need to dissect and rebuild the process using data-driven methodologies, then document the return on investment and indicate potential improvement areas using the current condition of the machine and mold. The end result will be the most robust process possible with the current conditions. For those interested in using this training to achieve real-world process improvement ROI, an RJG consultant may be hired at a later date to mentor you on one or more of the machines at your facility.

Note: Because this is a public course, we cannot work with real-world process targets. An in-plant, ROI-driven version of the DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop is also available for groups of four or more students who have completed Systematic Molding. The last day includes a student report-out to management with ROI data.

Course Highlights

  • Machine qualification tests
    • Load sensitivity
    • Pressure response
    • Injection speed linearity
    • Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test
    • Clamp/Mold deflection study
  • Mold performance requirements and weakness identification
    • Pressure loss test
    • Perform a gate seal study to determine optimal hold time
    • Identify the cavity balance at all injection speeds
    • Create a temperature map of the mold
  • Validate machine and mold capabilities
  • Build and document a robust Decoupled process with the current machine and mold conditions 

Course Prerequisites

Prior attendance at an RJG Systematic Molding or Fundamentals of Systematic Molding within one (1) year of the first day of the DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop is required. It is strongly recommended that the participant has completed RJG’s Math for Molders eLearning course and has had hands-on machine experience prior to attending this course.

Master Molder 1 (2 weeks) *Optional*

February 26-March 8, 2024
May 13-24, 2024

Register for Master Molder 1 Workshop

North Education Center, Room: 973
Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Cost: $4,045
Trainer: Craig Potthast, Certified RJG Trainer for CCC

This two-week hands-on machine intensive training sets the standard for applied knowledge demonstration of strategic plastic injection molding methods for an entry level mold technician in the manufacturing setting. Students will learn to apply methods and techniques in injection molding from the plastics's point of view. Students will be able to demonstrated the development of a Decoupled II process using the skills obtained in this training that can be applied immediately in industry.

The registration fee includes interactive instruction, printed materials, and breaks. Lunch is on your own. Courses with low enrollment may be canceled.


Melissa Wortmann
1-877-222-0780, ext. 1425

Cancellation Policy

A notice of 21 business days is required to receive a full refund. Individuals unable to attend may delegate a substitute anytime prior to the workshop without penalty. Failure to attend, without notice of cancellation, will result in billing to you or your employer.