William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors

Date: October 18–21, 2018

Location: Columbus Campus Fine Arts Theater

October 18-20 at 7 p.m.
October 21 at 2 p.m.

Tickets: $7, free for CCC students with ID, high school students and younger children.

Don’t be intimidated by Shakespeare! Instead enjoy this fun, hilarious tale of two sets of identical twins accidentally separated at birth. They’re reunited when Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant, Dromio, of Syracuse, arrive in the hometown of their twin brothers, Antipholus of Ephesus and his servant, Dromio of Ephesus. Mistaken identities lead to wild mishaps; wrongful beatings; a near-seduction; an arrest; and false accusations of infidelity, theft, madness, and demonic possession.

Cast members

BELLWOOD: Katie Shonka as Antipholus of Ephesus.

COLUMBUS: Bethany Ernst as Adriana, Paige Hinkle as Balthasar and First Merchant, and Kim Mendoza as Officer/Jailer.

DAVID CITY: Jacob Kucera as Egeon and Matthew Lunde as Abbess.

FULLERTON: Amber Foland as Courtesan.

GILTNER: Sydnee Craig as Dromio of Ephesus.

GRAND ISLAND: Sawyer Hahn as Pinch and Christopher Hemmer as Antipholus of Syracuse.

LEXINGTON: William Morales-Guerra as Second Merchant.

MILLIGAN: Katie Skinner as Luciana.

MINDEN: Mathew Becker as Duke.

NORTH BEND: Savanna Hraban as Servant.

ORD: Vanessa Ference as Angelo.

STROMSBURG: Nathan Hennessy as Dromio of Syracuse.