Internships through our Cooperative Education program are a great way to enhance what you learn as a CCC student. You can apply what you learn on campus while working full- or part-time in a paid or unpaid internship related to your major area of study.

You will gain the kind of practical, on-the-job experience that employers want, earn income and earn college credit toward your degree or diploma.

College credit: Cooperative education students receive one semester-hour of college credit for a minimum of 60 hours of work and can earn up to 16 semester-hours of credit through the program. Ask your advisor about how cooperative education credits fit into your program of study.

Internship learning objectives can be directed toward:

  • Gaining knowledge about a job or career area.
  • Improving personal skills.
  • Applying skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom.
  • Improving technical skills.

Opportunities: Central Community College students have several avenues open for setting up cooperative education internships:

  • If you’re just starting a new job, your employer and the college can plan a paid internship that will help you relate what you’ve learned in the classroom to the demands of your new position.
  • If you’ve been working at your current job for a while, a cooperative education internship can be just the ticket to broaden your job knowledge and increase your value to your employer.
  • If you are enrolled at the college and don’t have a job, we can help you find a position related to your major field of study and appropriate for your current level of skill.

Contact us for more information: toll-free for all locations 1-877-222-0780. When asked for an extension number, dial the last four digits of one of the numbers below.

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