Pre-Enrollment Assessment For Early College Students

Assessment Changes at CCC

Course Only students must meet the pre-requisite requirement for the course prior to enrolling in the course. Pre-requisites are met by equivalent college-level work provided on a transcript or demonstration of meeting pre-requisite through assessment measures.

Early College Students are considered Course Only students at CCC

How does this effect Early College students?

1. Students no longer have to take the full assessment to enroll in a college course. 

2. Students will only need to take an assessment if they are enrolling in a course that requires a pre-enrollment assessment score (i.e. ENGL, MATH, CHEM 1050 or 1090, PHYS 1410 or 2110). 

MAP tests needed for CCC Courses:

ENGL     MAP Reading & MAP Language


MATH     MAP Math



3. If students are enrolling in a course listed in #2, CCC will require NWEA Map or ACT scores in the required assessment area for the course. If students are not taking these courses until their senior year, CCC will use their ACT scores. Thus, please encourage students to enter Central Community College as one of the colleges to receive scores.

4. If students are enrolling in a course not listed in #2 above, students do not need to take a pre-enrollment assessment to register for a course.

CCC NWEA Map Process-High Schools

If you DO currently provide MAP testing at your school:

You will need to include the NWEA Student Progress Report (see example below) with the Early College Registration form (only for those courses listed in #2 above)

If you DO NOT provide MAP testing at your high school
You don’t MAP test after 8th grade

We will need the following information emailed to Barb Larson

  1. School
  2. 2. Assessment Facilitator (Name/email/phone number)
  3. Computers used to test (MAC, Chromebooks, PC, etc)
  4. Technology person for your school (Name/email/phone number)

Once we have the above information, Barb Larson the CCC College Registrar, will be in contact with your school to get our process set up with you.

Assessment scores are good for three years.

All high school students taking the ACT test are encouraged to send their results to Central Community College.

Please attach the Student Progress Report to the Early College Registration form if scores are needed for the course.

MAP student progress report example

Early College Concordance Chart