Moodle Login Instructions

To log in to Web Central
  • Your user name is your first name (generally your full legal name) followed by the last 5 digits of your student ID # (lowercase with no spaces).
    EXAMPLE: John Doe, Student ID # 0123456; USER NAME: john23456
    PASSWORD: Your initial password is:
  • The letters & symbol: CCC# followed by the last 6 digits of your social security number. The CCC must be capitalized.
    EXAMPLE: Social security number: ###-##-#### PASSWORD: CCC#334444
  • Note: If you do not have a social security number, your initial password is the letters & symbol CCC# followed by the entire seven digits of your student ID # (ID #’s are 7 digits, so be sure to include any leading zeros). The CCC must be capitalized.
    EXAMPLE: student ID # 0000123 PASSWORD: CCC#0000123
  • Note: Students are no longer automatically prompted to change their password. However, it is recommended students change their password before proceeding. It is not ever recommended to keep any part of your social security number in your password. Instructions for changing your CCC password can be found below.
To Access your Moodle Courses

Note: The first time students access their Moodle courses from WebCentral they will need to “validate” or “enter your credentials.” This means students need to enter their CCC username and password so that Moodle knows the student is the same person who is logged into WebCentral. Students only do this the first time they go to Moodle from WebCentral and any time they change their password. If this is the first time the student is logging into WebCentral and Moodle, they may want to skip to the change your password instructions first so that they don’t need to do this validation twice. Instructions for changing your CCC password can be found below.

My Courses Tab

In WebCentral locate the My Courses tab and click on your course from listed courses. The first time and/or any time after changing their password, students will be presented with the following message when clicking on any course in My Courses. The message contains the link “Click here to enter your CCC username and password.”

Students will enter the same information they used to log into WebCentral, typing their password twice and then clicking OK. This should take the student into their Moodle course. After doing so, each time students click their course in Web Central, their Moodle course will open unless they change their password again.

Moodle validation troubleshooting option

The following information is provided for the student who may run into a problem getting into Moodle. This method is NOT recommended as an alternative to the normal validation described above, but rather as a self-help solution in case students have any difficulties. Under My Resources in WebCentral, students will find a link called Update Moodle SSO Credentials. Click the “Update Moodle SSO Credentials,” then enter the same information used to log into WebCentral. If this method does not get the student into Moodle, please have them contact the Service Center at 308-398-7999.

Password Change Instructions

The Password Change Tool can be found on the CCC Helpdesk. The CCC Helpdesk can be accessed from within WebCentral under My Resources or students can also access the CCC Helpdesk from the CCC Home page under Current Students & Employees.

On the CCC Helpdesk page, locate the link at the top “Password Change Tool.” Then “Click Here to Access the Password Change Tool” and then follow the prompts to change your password.