Small Business Incubator

Small businesses represent a high percentage of all employers and are critically important to the ongoing growth of our community and country.


Central Community College’s Entrepreneurship Center offers a variety of services to small business owners and potential owners throughout the 25-county area served by CCC.

The CCC Foundation received some specific donations, micro loan funds and grants to establish the Small Business Institute (SBI) in 1990 to encourage the formation of new, small businesses and to assist existing small businesses with growth opportunities. In 2020, the Small Business Institute (SBI) was rebranded to the Entrepreneurship Center. Small businesses represent a high percentage of all employers and are critically important to the ongoing growth of our community and country.

The Entrepreneurship Center is an integral part of the CCC Foundation and CCC. It is under the general direction of a board of directors and staffed by part-time directors.

Services Offered

  • counseling services designed to address today's business problems and opportunities
  • a place (incubator facility) to start a new business at affordable rents
  • financial assistance to aid in starting a new business and/or continuing an existing business in the form of loans
  • workshops
  • entrepreneurship training

Cost of Services

Normally, there is no charge for the counseling/coaching services, and entrepreneurs who may require financial help with start-up costs or cash infusion for growth, may apply for low-interest loans.

Note: the Entrepreneurship Centers partner with several local, state and federal development groups and organizations in providing services.

Columbus Area Business Incubator Center

Central Community College operates a Columbus Area Business Incubator Center (E-Ship Center) and Columbus Area Business Incubator Center at 1415 17th St. where they are housed on the first floor in the northwest corner of NPPD. The Columbus Area Business Incubator Center has five openings for start-ups to move in and build their businesses while getting advice and help from the E-Ship Center.  There is a training room and a conference room that is available for the incubator/affiliate businesses to use.

Promoting Business Ownership                

Mission Statement: The mission of the Central Community College Entrepreneurship Center is to develop and provide access to quality entrepreneurial education opportunities, entrepreneurship resources, and assistance for existing and start-up business.

What is the Columbus Area Business Incubator Center?

The Columbus Area Business Incubator Center is intended to provide support to new businesses and businesses that are in the early stages of development. The goal of the program is to facilitate the successful growth and development of emerging businesses. 

Who is Eligible for This Service?

Participants must demonstrate their potential to create local enterprises by attending the Become an Entrepreneur Workshop or completing the Introduction to Entrepreneurship college course, submit a business concept/plan, and financials. Applicants must present their application and business concept/plan for acceptance into the program.

What is Business Coaching?

The coaching process provides information to help guide you through your start-up process or take your business to the next level.

Affiliate Business

The affiliate business will be located outside the Incubator Center and will work with the business coach for a length of time or until the specific project is completed.

Incubator Resident Business

The incubator business is located within the Business Incubator Center once it has completed entrepreneurship training, written a business concept/plan and completed the interview process.

Currently the center houses three businesses.
  1. Nebraska Computer Center (computer repair, networking and parts sales)
  2. Creative Collectible Quilts and Crafts (quilting services, fabrics, custom sewing services and crafts)
  3. REDI Engineering (civil, mechanical and forensic engineering for buildings and machines)
Member Benefits
  • Business coaching services (one to four sessions monthly)
  • Introduction to resources
  • Business networking
  • Business plan review
  • Financial evaluation
  • Professional services contacts
  • Use of conference and training rooms (once per week)
  • Invited to Entrepreneurship Center activities:
  • Workshops, brown bag topics, etc.
  • Display business cards and brochure at the Business Incubator Center

Enhance Educate Empower

Resource Library

A large selection of entrepreneurial materials, books and resources are available for checkout. These resources can be used in-house for research and business development.

Conference Room

The conference room is a private location that you can use to meet with clients or to consult with SCORE. It has a white board for brainstorming or designing techniques.

Training Room

The training room is designed to provide current business training with computers available. Extended Learning Services uses the room to provide educational opportunities for the general public and entrepreneurs.


For more information about the entrepreneurship center at Central Community College, contact:

Columbus Campus

Doris Lux

Grand Island and Hastings Campuses

Maggie Vaughan

CCC Foundation

Dean Moors
CCC Foundation Executive Director