# Title Description Subject Heading
3 Raisin in the sun Focuses on the dreams and ambitions of a black family crowded into a tiny Chicago apartment. Feature films
5 Great Gatsby Story set in the Jazz Age when recklessness with money, liquor, women and fast cars pervaded the American consciousness. Feature films
6 Diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank and her family, taking refuge in an attic hideaway, attempt to escape Nazi persecution for two years. World War, 193901945-Jews; Netherlands-History-German Occupation, 1940-1945; Feature Films
7 Romeo and Juliet - Missing The tragic story of two lovers, each from feuding families, set in 15th century Verona. Feature Films
9 Macbeth Orson Welles designed, directed, and starred in this 1948 classic of Macbeth's lust for power. Feature Films
10 Cyrano De Bergerac An award-winning portrayal of the witty, gallant swordsman with the heart of a lover and nose of a clown. Feature Films
11 Inherit the wind A small town biology teacher is arrested for violating state law and teaching Darwin's theory of Evolution in the classroom. Feature Films
12 Miracle worker A determined teacher, Annie Sullivan, helps blind, deaf, and mute Helen Keller overcome her seemingly insurmountable disabilities. Feature Films
13 Doll's house Nora, the sheltered wife of a successful banker, gains insight into the insignificance of her position when her husband's career is threatened by her past indiscretions. Feature Films
14 Tempest This etheral and imaginative production depicts a world teeming with spirits, monsters and magicians. Feature Films
15 Nazi concentration camps The official film record of the Nazi death camps as photographed by Allied forces advancing into Germany. World War, 1939-1945-Prisoners and prisons, Germany; Concentration camps-Germany; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - Germany
20 Ground covers Ed Hume discusses the large variety of ground cover plants and their many uses. Ground cover plants
29 Rebel without a cause A portrayal of juvenile delinquency in the middle class during the 1950's. A compelling journey, through a day and a night of pain and destruction, to adulthood. Feature Films
48 Biology of life - Ten programs - various lengths of time 8-25-98    
82 Tartuffe Posing as a holy man, Tartuffe (Anthony Sher) cons his way into a prominent English home to take advantage of the lady of the house. Drama
83 Moliere Spin-off play from Tartuffe starring Anthony Sher and John Carlisle. Set in the 1800's in a wealthy English home. Drama
90 How to conduct a meeting Gives students a profile of how to organize and conduct a formal meeting. Parliamentary practice
99 Autism: Reaching the child within Shows how from very early age this learning disorder can disrupt proper growth in communication, language and learning abilities. Autism; Learning disabilities
111 Raising America's children  Part 2 A secure beginning Child rearing-United States; Parents and children
119 Professional telephone skills Shows students the proper methods and uses of the telephone in the business setting. Telephone in business; Communication
161 - 166 Applied electricity Pt.1 - Introduction to electricity; Pt.2 - AC power generation & transmission; Pt.3 - Circuits, coils, capacitors; Pt.4 - Three phase power circuits; Pt.5 - Reading electrical diagrams; Pt.6 - Electrical troubleshooting. Electricity; Electric circuits
167 - 169 Blueprint reading for welders and fitters Tape 1: Pt.1 - Introduction to blueprint reading; Pt.2 - Review of mathematics for welders and fitters; Pt.3 - Metrics and metric conversions; Pt.4 - Review of welding symbols. Tape 2: Pt.5 - Orthographic views; Pt.6 - Standard drawing lines and symbols; Pt.7 - Interpreting blueprint information; Pt.8 - Surface and centerline relationships; Pt.9 - Auxiliary views. Tape 3: Pt.10 - Scale drawings; Pt.11 - Dimensional tolerance and stock allowance; Pt.12 - Set-up tols; Pt.13 - Set-up application. Welding; Welding-Blueprints
275 - 288 Industrial technology training: Machine technology: Basic machine technology Pt.1 - Safety procedures and guide lines; Pt.2 - Hand tools and their use; pt.3 - use of measuring tools; Pt.4 - Micrometer; Pt.5 - Vernier scale and vernier caliper; Pt.6 - Use of layout tools; Pt.7 - Pedestal grinder; Pt.8 - Sharpening drill bits by hand and machine; Etc. Machinery in industry; Machine-shop practice; Machine tools
295 Sienna: Chronicles of a medieval commune Renowned for its merchants, artists and saints, the city of Siena was of the major centers of Medieval and Renaissance culture. Art-Medieval; Art, Renaissance-Europe-Northern Sources; Culture
296 Glories of medieval art: The Cloisters Features the Cloisters, the Metropolitan's branch museum devoted to art created during the Middle Ages. Art-Medieval; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
301 Wizard of Oz A beautiful journey of a little girl from Kansas to the Land of Oz. Good against evil. Complete version. Fairy tales; Children's literature-Stories, plots, etc
304 20th Century American art Presents the story of American art in our century based on the exhibition at the Whitney Museum, third floor. Art, American; Art-History-20th century
334 Listening to others Paying attention to what people say in the office or work area environment to develop effective communication and listening skills. Business communication; Listening; Communication
347 Swine respiratory disease: Introduction to swine pneumonias Videocassettes include mycoplasma and virus pneumonias; atrophic rhininites; introduction to swine pneumonias; and bacterial pneumonias. Swine - Diseases; Swine - Infections
348 Swine respiratory disease: Atrophic rhinitis Series on control and prevention of respiratory diseases in swine operation. Swine - Diseases; Swine - Infections
349 Swine respiratory disease: Bacterial pneumonias Series on control and prevention of respiratory diseases in swine operation. Swine - Diseases; Swine - Infections
350 Swine respiratory disease: Mycoplasma viruses Series on control and prevention of respiratory diseases in swine operation. Swine - Diseases; Swine - Infections
359 Art of the Western World: The Classical ideal Provides a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting and sculpture. Studies the art masterpieces as reflections of the Western culture that produced them. Art - History; Art appreciation
360 Art of the Western World: A white garment of churches - Romanesque and Gothic Examines Romanesque and Gothic churches as evidence of the values of the societies that created them. Shows the effect of monasticism and pilgrimage on Romanesque church architecture. Uses Gislebertus's sculpture at St. Lazare in Autun to show the medieval focus on Heaven and the afterlife. The Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass at St. Denis and Chartres are discussed as evidence of a new theology and profound social changes during the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries. Art - History; Art appreciation
361 Art of the Western World: The Early renaissance Program has two parts: Romanesque and Gothic; The age of Gothic. Part of a television course and nationally broadcast television series. Art - History; Art appreciation
362 Art of the Western World: The High renaissance Covers key aspects of the High Renaissance, including the advent of the artist as genius (Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael), The rise of Rome as a center of artistic vitality, and Venetian preoccupation with the quality of light (Georgione and Titian). Also examines the social turbulence of the late sicteenth century and the reinterpretation of classical architectural principles. Features experts Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt and Colin Eisler. Pt. 1 - Rome and Florence, the artist as genius; Pt. 2 - Venice, Pleasure and power. Art - History; Art appreciation
363 Art of the Western World: Realms of light, Baroque Examines the divergent themes of the baroque period, including a new emotional appeal as seen in Bernini's: The Ecstasy of T. Teresa, Caravaggio's naturalism, Velasquez's multilayered works, and the rise of bourgeois values as seen in Rembrandt's works. Art - History; Art appreciation
364 Art of the Western World: An age of reason, and age of passion Covers the move from the rococo period to neoclassicism and romanticism. Relates stylistic changes to the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. Covers the work of David, Gericault, Turner, Delacroix, and Goya. Art - History; Art appreciation
365 Art of the Western World: A fresh view, impressionism, post-impressionism Contrasts Coubert's treatment of subjects from everyday life with the innovations and techniques used by the impressionists. Examines the impressionists characteristic concern with color and changing light and contrasts this with the very individualistic visions of the postimpressionists. Art - History; Art appreciation
366 Art of the Western World: Into the twentieth century Covers the work of the fauves, the cubists, the international style, and the surrealists. Discusses how these movements relate to modern life. Art - History; Art appreciation
367 Art of the Western World: In our own time Examines why the appearance of abstract expression caused the United States to become a center for the visual arts. Reviewws the diversity of styles in the postwar period, including the work of Pollock, Wharhol, Oldenburg. Also examines the explosive internationalization of the art world in the 1970s and 1980s. Art - History; Art appreciation
395 Light of the gods Focuses on the evolution of Greek art that covered nearly 500 years from the late tenth to the early fifth century B.C. Art, Greek; Art - History
399 David: Portrait of an artist Tells of artist Jacques-Louis David and how he saw his art as a weapon for social change. David, Jacques Louis - Criticism and interpretation; Artists - France - Portraits
401 Global warming: Climate and man This series from Climate and Man depicts how man and nature are causing and can continue to cause global warming through what is called the greenhouse effect. Global warming; Climatic changes
402 Restoring the environment Man through the ages has taken and destroyed much of the earths natural environment through industrialization. This program takes a serious look into the consequences of this destruction. Environmental chemistry; Ecology; Man-influence of environment
422 Landscapes and interiors This, the first in the Living body series, shows the wide range of human activity and how our bodies enable us to perform them in diverse climates and under diverse circumstances. Body, human; Anatomy-Human
424 House on the waterfall A documentary on the design and construction of Frank Lloyd Wright's house on the waterfall built in 1936 and considered one of the best designed and built houses in the last 125 years. House construction; Elements of design; Building
430 World of chemistry 1&2 plus teacher's guide Topics include: The world of chemistry, color, measurement, modeling the unseen, a matter of state, the atom, the Periodic Table, chemical bonds, molecular architecture, signals from within, the mole, water, the driving forces, molecules in action, the busy electron, the proton in chemistry, the precious envelope, the chemistry of the earth, metals, on the surface, carbon, the age of polymers,  proteins, structure and function, the genetic code, chemistry and the environment, futures. Chemistry; Chemistry - History
431 - 442 World of chemistry 3&4 plus teacher's guide   Chemistry; Chemistry - History
462 Depression in older adults: The Right to feel better Presents Interviews of actual patients who have experienced or are experiencing depression in late life: as well as commentary from professionals. Topics included are prevalence, dimensions of causation, treatment, modalities, suicide risk, issues for nursing homes and public policy. Depressive Disorder--in old age--videocassettes; Blazer, Dan G. (Dan German), 1944-
466 Meat judging: Fundamentals Provides expertise in all facets of meat judging. Features include: beef quality and yield grading, beef carcass judging, beef wholesale and retail cut judging, and retail cut identification. Meat--Grading
467 Beef grading: Quality The focus of this video is to provide a complete understanding of USDA quality grades for beef carcasses. Beef--Standards; Meat cut--identification
468 Beef grading: Yield Mark F. Miller, professor of animal science at Texas Tech. University, introduces the USDA yield grade standards for beef carcasses. Beef cattle--Carcasses--Grading; Miller, Mark F.
469 Beef retail cut identification This video teaches principles of beef cuts identification from general to specific. Tips are given relating to location, major muscles and bones shape, exposed faces, and size. Meat cuts; Cookery (Meat); Lillie, James E.; Davis, G.W.
470 Pork retail cut identification Relating major bones and wholesale cuts to retail cuts, meat scientist G.W. Davis and Jil Lillie explain location, major muscles and bone shapes. Cooking methods are provided for each cut. Meat cuts; Cookery (Pork)
471 Lamb retail cut identification Using a live lamb, a skeleton, and a lamb carcass to relate major bones and wholesale cuts to retail cuts, the experts detail 23 retail and variety cuts of lamb. Meat cuts; Cookery (Lamb);
472 Beef forequarter fabrication Covers fabrication and packaging of beef forequarter cuts and sanitation of meat cutting equipment. Meat cutting; Beef
473 Beef hindquarter fabrication Covers fabrication and packaging of beef hindquarter cuts and sanitation of meat cutting equipment. Meat cutting; Beef; Maddox, Bill; Davis, Gordon W.
474 Pork carcass fabrication Covers fabrication and packaging of pork cuts and sanitation of meat cutting equipment. Meat cutting; Pork; Pork industry and trade; Davis, Gordon W.; Maddox, Bill
475 Lamb carcass fabrication Covers fabrication and packaging of lamb cuts and sanitation of meat cutting equipment. Meat cutting; Lamb (Meat); Lamb meat industry; Davis, Gordon W.
476 New England in autumn: The Poetry of Robert Frost The pasture--October (excerpts)--Going for water--Birches--Locked out--The exposed nest--A nature note--The last word of a bluebird--The cow in apple time--Mending wall--A time to talk--After apple-picking-- In hardwood groves--The wood pile--Tree at my window--Acceptance--The Road not taken. American poetry--20th century; Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
478 Gerontology: Meeting mental health needs Discusses normal and abnormal mental health changes of aging and demonstrates guidelines for interventions. Aging--videocassettes; Geriatric Nursing; Mental health--in old age
483 Today stress stressed out in America 1997 Learn the difference between negative stress that creates anxiety and positive stress that creates winners. Learn relaxation techniques and give new insight into ways of coping. Stress (Psychology); Ford, Jack; Applegate, Jodi
485 Understanding movement disorders This program describes the various involuntary movement disorders that can occur with patients who take psychotropic medications, and how these impact the patient's daily functioning. Psychotropic drugs--Side affects; Mental illness--Treatment; Dyskinesia, Drug-induced--videocassettes; Psychotropic Drugs--adverse effects--videocassettes
486 Growing up female Describes the socialization of the American woman through a personal look into the lives of six females ranging from kindergarten to middle age. Shows influence of parents, teachers, guidance counselors, media, pop music and marriage. Women--Psychology; Women--United States; Socialization; Reichert, Julia; Klein, James; Medalia, James
487 Hopi, songs of the fourth world English and Hopi with English subtitles. Look at the meaning of the Hopi way, a philosophy of living in balance with nature. Describes the Hopi philosophy of life, death and renewal as revealed in the life cycle of humans and corn plants. Hopi philosophy; Indian philosophy--Arizona; Indians of North America--Arizona--Religion; Anthropology; Hopi Indians--Religion; Ferrero, Pat, 1942-; Gregory, Mollie; Gilbert, Ronnie;
530 Basic electricity: Direct current Symbols, diagrams and circuits Electric currents; Electricity
540 On being a man An unusual depiction of a man is represented in song and story. Sociology; Change, Social; Cultural change
559 Aging process: Aging The aging process as it affects the different organs, tissues, muscles, and bones. Aging; Aged; Gerontology
566 Uffizi Florence's Treasure House of Art: The story of the museum. Museums-Educational aspects; Art museums
616 Valuing differences Talks about what causes differences between people and how working well with others means understanding, accepting, and valuing those differences. Teams in the workplace; Diversity in the workplace; Video recordings fot the hearing impaired
630 I'd rather be home This video follows, over a period of seven years, the case of Norman, an older man repeatedly abused by one of his adult sons. Eventually, after a severe beating, Norman ends up in a nursing home, has a mild stroke, and is placed under state guardianship. Elder abuse; Domestic violence; Family relations; Vanden Bosch, James
632 Joy of stress How humor helps strengthen our immune system, reduces stress, and prevents "hardening of the attitude." Stress management; Stress (Psychology); Stress, Psychological--Popular works--Videocassettes; LaRoche, Loretta; Donnelly, Laurie
654 Humor your stress Use of humor to help viewers get a handle on their stress by putting their lives back in perspective. Stress management; Conduct of life; Wit and humor--Therapeutic use; Stress, Psychological; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; LaRohe, Loretta; Donnely, Laurie; Atwood, David
655 Written communication: Reports This program takes viewers through the process of writing a proposal. Through a case study, it shows the importance of an effective writing style to success in the business world. Report writing
656 Saber y conocer Teaches the different usage of the two Spanish verbs that mean "to know," explaining when it is appropriate to use saber and when it is proper to use conocer. Spanish language--Verb study and teaching
657 Ser y estar This amusing, animated program teaches students when to use the verb ser and when to use estar, explaining the differences between these verbs that both mean "to be". Spanish language-Grammar
681 Dialysis: Hemodialysis Explains the components and process of hemodialysis, reviews common and/or serious complications, and discusses nursing responsibilities associated with caring for patients on hemodialysis. Hemodialysis; Dialysis; Chronic renal failure--Nursing
682 Dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis This tape of dialysis uses the body's own peritoneal membrane as an osmotic filter as dialysis fluid is infused directly into abdominal cavity, and after a prescribed dwell time, is drained, pulling with it excess fluid and metabolic waste. Peritoneal dialysis; Dialysis; Chronic renal failure--Nursing
683 Dialysis: Continuous renal replacement therapy Standard treatment for acute renal failure has consisted of peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, or conservative pharmacologic and dietary management. Now available is Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and can be managed more safely. Dialysis; Chronic renal failure--treatment
695 Ethnic notions, black people in white minds Disturbing voyage through American social history traces the evolution of the deeply rooted stereo-types that have fueled anti-black prejudice. Afro-Americans; Ethnic attitudes--United States; Racism--United States; Race discrimination--United States; Riggs, Marlon; Roll, Esther
709 Florence   Florence (Italy--Description and travel; Florence (Italy)--History
710 Preparing for employment in the 1990's: the challenge to educate    
711 Learning resources to support teaching excellence    
712 Learning in America: Schools at work    
713 School administrators guide to information power    
718 Icons & symbols: The Power of persuasion Presenting examples from politics, advertising, and other communications situations, this video investigates how icons and symbols are used to manipulate emotions. Symbolism in communication
719 Spanish vocabulary: en la ciudad Designed for beginning Spanish students, this program takes viewers on a tour of a city. It reinforces vocabulary and sentence structure as it introduces Spanish-speaking cultures. Spanish language--Vocabulary; Spanish language--Study and teaching--English--Audio--visual aids
720 Clay molding sculpting the human head Guy Corriero guides you through the steps of this art form. Teaches the proper proportion of a model head and discusses what supplies are needed. Head in art, Modeling, Sculpture--Technique; Corriero, Guy; Routh, Jud'e Lee
721 Sculpting a figure in clay Guy Corriero demonstrates how to model a figure in terra-cotta by using a series of photographs. Discusses the proportions of the human body. Sculpture--Technique; Modeling; Corriero, Guy
724 Making Quark Xpress easy Demonstrates how to construct documents using features available in Quark Xpress. Quark Xpress (Computer software); Desktop publishing--Software
747-753 Programmable controllers  Lesson 1-7    
755 Civil War: The Cause The Cause Civil War; History
756 Civil War: A very bloody affair / forever free A Very Bloody Affair / Forever Free Civil War; History
757 Civil War: Simply Murder/The Universe of battle Simply murder / The Universe of battle Civil War; History
758 Civil War: Valley of the shadow of death/most hollowed ground Valley of the shadow of death / most hollowed ground Civil War; History
759 Civil War: War is hell: The Better angels of our nature War is hell / The Better angels of our nature Civil War; History
772 Western tradition: The rise of Rome/The Roman Empire    
774 Western tradition: The Decline of Rome/The Fall of Rome    
795 Citizen Kane    
803 Paul's case    
804 Passage to India    
805 West side story    
806 Ischemic stroke: Acute care and rehabilitation Focuses on a patient with an ischemic brain attack who experiences a completed stroke without early intervention. Cerebrovascular disorders--Videocassettes; Habel, Maureen; Suderman, Robert
807 Ischemic stroke: Emergent treatment Involves a patient with an ischemic brain attack whose early entry into the healthcare system allows her to benefit from the use of new intervention therapies. Cerebrovascular disorders--Videocassettes; Habel, Maureen, Suderman, Robert
808 Hemorrhagic stroke: Treatment approaches Focuses on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with two types of hemorrhagic brain attack - subarachnoid and intracerebral. Cerebrovascular disorders--Videocassettes; Habel, Maureen, Suderman, Robert
810 PBS: Teaching development education: Policy and pedagory 1-17-00    
811 Very practical guide to discipline with young children: Conversations with Dr. Grace Mitchell Dr. Grace Mitchell and Ann Kearns explore in detail the subject of discipline with young children. She notes that the word "discipline" comes from the word disciple. A disciple is the follower of a wise and good teacher. Discipline of children; Mitchell, Grace L.; Kearns, Ann
812 Greatest man in the world    
818 TI-89 basics Explains in 5 segments the various functions of the TI-89 calculator. TI-89 (Calculator); Mathematics--Study and teaching; Mathematics--Graphic methods--Data processing; Pocket calculators; Fischbeck, Sally
828 Cancer: Increasing your odds for survival. Treatment interventions This video contains information on mainstream physical interventions, alternative and complementary physical treatments, diet and nutrition; books, resources, and organizations to find out more about the topics. Cancer--Alternative treatment; Cancer--Nutritional aspects
829 Chemo paintings Dorothy Bryan takes the viewer through her struggles with surgery, drugs and chemotherapy. Valuable to teaching nurses or other healthcare professionals about psychosocial needs of patients undergoing cancer treatment. The use of art therapy for patients. Cancer--Alternative therapy; Art therapy--videocassettes; Bryan, Dorothy
845 China: Emerging powers China is poised to become a major superpower in the 21st century. Examine this rapidly growing nation and its future. Documentary television programs; China--Economic conditions--1976-; China--Economic policy--1976-; Rotondi, Mary Ann; Hang, Deborah; Mack, Consuelo; Ackerman, Elizabeth
848 Mexico: Emerging powers As our neighbor to the south becomes a major player in the world economy, benefit by understanding Mexico's role. Documentary television programs; Mexico--Economic conditions--1982-; Mexico Economic policy--1982-; Clark, Leslie; Fuertes, Rossana; Mack, Consuelo; Oddabashian, Peter
852 Choice and challenge: caring for aggressive older adults across levels of card = Caring for aggressive adults across levels of care This program is designed for nurses, nursing assistants, and other professional and paraprofessional health care providers who work in long term care and encounter behaviorally impaired and aggressive older adults. Geriatric Nursing--methods; Aggression--Psychology--Aged; Dementia--Nursing--Aged; Psychiatric Nursing--methods--Aged; Geriatric nursing; Aged--Care; Maxon, Ellen
854 Brazil: Emerging powers This nation has the largest economy in Latin America. Discussion on how Brazil will become a partner in growth! Documentary television programs; Brazil--Economic conditions--1985-; Brazil--Economic policy--1985-; Royle, David; Bail, Pedro, 1958-; Mack, Consuelo
857 Teaching and technology: A critical link    
859 Punctuation power! Correct punctuation is a must for every business letter. Students will learn the correct uses of the comma, semi-colon, hyphen, dash, apostrophe, quotation marks, italics, parentheses, and many more! English language--Punctuation
895 Mr. Sears' catalogue - Gray, Edward The entire mail order industry began with Richard Warren Sears and his 1500-page catalog in 1893. Sears, Roebuck and Company--History; Commercial catalogs--History; Mail-order business--United States--History; Levis, Ken; Obenhaus, Mark; McCullough, David G.
899 No-brainers on public speaking This lively video contains segments on organizing presentations, creating outlines, practicing, voice projection, audience control, and self-confidence. Public speaking; Reich, Jonathan M.; Rubenstein, Barry
907 Child abuse: Nightline, May 19, 1988 Nightline addresses the issues sensitively and appropriately, delving into causes and effects. Social problems--United States; Child abuse; Nightline (Television program)
908 Information superhighway: understanding and using the internet - a step-by-step guide Discover e-mail, FTP, Telnet, search engines, and more! Internet (Computer network)
909 Detection of sexually abused children This discussion defines the sexual abuse of children, describes the physical and behavioral signs, and presents assessment strategies to assist nurses in recognizing and providing effective treatment. Child sexual abuse; Sexually abused children
910 Child abuse: prevention, detection and management Identifies parents and children at high risk for child abuse and neglect. Discusses nursing responsibilities in the documentation and reporting of suspected cases of child abuse and neglect, and describes supportive services available. Child abuse; Battered child syndrome; Child abuse--Videocassettes; Harnack, John; Harnack, Stephanie
935 Cosmos: The Shores of the cosmic ocean    
952 Atoms and molecules: Building blocks of matter -  plus 8 copies    
956 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Explores the vast biotechnological potential microorganisms hold and discusses their importance in everything from medicine to environmental issues to global politics. - The Microbial universe. Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
957 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology The unity of living systems Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
958 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Metabolism Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
959 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Reading the code of life Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
960 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Genetic transfer Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
961 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbial evolution Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
962 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbial diversity Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
963 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbial ecology Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
964 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbial control Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
965 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbial interactions Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
966 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Human defenses Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
967 Unseen life on earth: An introduction to microbiology Microbes and human diseases Microbiology; Microorganisms; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Leinfelder, Jim; Brunelle, Lynn; Booth, John; Torters, Gerard J.
968 Intimate strangers: Unseen life on earth Provides and overview of the microbial world and offers a clear and exciting picture of the field of microbiology. 1. The tree of life. 2. Keepers of the biosphere Microorganisms; Microbiology; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Moline, Julio Emilio; Lehman, Lillian
969 Intimate strangers: Unseen life on earth 3. Dangerous friends and friendly enemies. 4. Creators of the future Microorganisms; Microbiology; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Moline, Julio Emilio; Lehman, Lillian
979 Central Community College - Recruit tape    
997 Chinua Achebe: The Importance of stories An interview with the first great African novelist writing in English, the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. He discusses his personal views as an African and how his identity has shaped his writing. Authors, Nigerian--20th century--Interviews; Authors, Nigerian--20th century--Biography; Khosravi, Cambiz A; Willingham, Michelle; Le Fever, John R
998 Trouble shooting    
1002 Killing us softly III: Advertising image of women Discusses the manner in which women continue to be portrayed by advertising and the effects this has on their images of themselves. Women in advertising; Advertising--Psychological aspects; Body image in women; Bourne, Jean; Jhally, Sut
1004 Slamnation: Slamnation: The Sport of spoken word: Sport of spoken word: Slamnation Live coverage with performances and judging in the annual 1996 national Poetry Slam held in Portland Oregon. Sound poetry; American poetry--Oregon--Portland; Hip-hop--Poetry; American poetry--20th century
1005 Grades festivales de Mexico y Guatemala Presents important festivals of Mexico & Guatemala with their folk dances and the great variety of music. Festivals--Mexico; Festivals--Guatemala; Mexico--Social life & customs; Guatemala--Social life & customs
1006 Guidance and discipline: Learning environment Structuring the environment and organizing the schedule, you can reduce conflicts and guide young children to develop self-confidence and self-help skills. Classroom environment; Early childhood education; Olenick, Rhoda; Middleton, Rob; O'Neill, Katie; Va, Colette
1007 Science: Anytime, anyplace: Water & sand Designed to assist child care workers in becoming more skilled and competent, through observing children and teachers in action in different child care settings. Science--Study and teaching
1024 Missing Based on an actual event, the story involves the search by his wife and father for a young American who has disappeared during a South American coup. Feature films; Lemmon, Jack; Spacek, Sissy; Hauser, Thomas
1037 Flamenco women Figgis turns his camera on a Flamenco troupe with just six days to prepare for a live performance. He captures the sweat, toil and excitement as choreographers, musicians, singers and dancers blend their talents and artistry. Documentary films; Flamenco dancers; Folk dancing, Spanish; Figgis, Mike
1088 Machu Picchu secrets of the Incan empire The Incas used this amazing, complex mountain-top village to hide from Spanish conquerors. In English. Incas--History; Peru--History; Indians of South America--Peru--Antiquities
1089 Maricela Maricela and her mother Eugenia flee El Salvador for the U.S. with hopes of building a better life. Television programs for children--United States; Immigrants--United States--Juvenile drama; Lavin, Linda; Cruz, Carlina; Simmon, Lisa Marie; De Bari, Irene
1090 We are Guatemalans Documentary interviews a group of 2000 Guatemalan refugees returning to their hometown, Cuarto Pueblo, after 12 years of exile in Mexico refugee camps. Refugees, Guatemalan--Mexico; Guatemala--Politics and government--1945-1985; Marshall, E. G.
1108 Ethics in America: 1. Do unto others. 2. To defend a killer. 3. Public trust, private intentions. 4. Does doctor know best? 5. Anatomy of a corporate take over. 6. Under orders, Under fire (PT.1) 7. Under orders, Under fire (PT.2) 8. Truth on trial. Etc.    
1109 Junk science: What you know that may not be so Examines the public's trust in science and how that trust can be manipulated. Science--Attitudes; Science--Public opinion; Stossel, John
1142 Activity based costing: The New generation    
1147 Florence: Cradle of the renaissance A video tour of Florence seen through the eyes of its artists, architects and poets. Sculpture, Renaissance--Italy--Florence; Architecture, Renaissance--Italy--Florence; Florence (Italy)--History; Florence (Italy)--Description and travel
1148 New CPR and first aid standards part 1    
1149 New CPR and first aid standards part 2    
1164 Effective listening    
1181 Science & art Discusses how later generations viewed Greek art and science, and how such influences affect art and science today. Art, Greek--Video recordings; Civilization, Modern--Greek influences; Science, Ancient; Civilization, Western--Greek influences; Greece--Civilization--To 146 B.C.
1194 Cardiac medications and nursing   Myocardial depressants; Anticoagulants; Anti-Arrhythmia Agents--Nurses' instruction; Anticoagulants--Nurses' instruction
1197 Northern renaissance Features painters from the Netherlands. Painting, renaissance--Netherlands; Painting--Netherlands--History; Art, Flemish; Mullins, Edwin B.
1200 Taking women seriously / Women health issues    
1226 Ethics and work with Joanne Ciulla    
1228 Enteral feeding tubes Pt. 1,2,3   Enteral feeding; Tube feeding; Enteral nutrition--Nurses' instruction--videocassettes
1251 Psycho sell: Advertising and persuasion Explains and illustrates techniques and procedures advertisers use to influence buying decisions Advertising; Advertising - Consumer; Advertising media
1259 Masterpieces of Italian art series: Davinci, Michelangelo, Raphel & Titan Davinci, Michelangelo, Raphel & Titan Art, Italian; Art-Education; Art, Baroque; Art, Renaissance
1260 Masterpieces of Italian art series: Carvaggio and the Baroque Carvaggio And the Baroque Art, Italian; Art-Education; Art, Baroque; Art, Renaissance
1273 Standard first aid Demonstrates adult CPR and standard first aid First aid in illness and injury
1274 Doublespeak Focuses on how the English language has been inflated and manipulated to distort, or cover up meaning, or to replace meaning altogether English language - Terms and phrases; English language - Grammar
1275 Smithsonian world: Web of life This program considers the human quest to understand and control the genetic basis of life Culture; Man; Man-Influence on nature
1280 Random  House Spanish video program: Part 1 A series of brief dialogues, each on a specific vocabulary area. The native speakers use an intermediate level of Spanish Spanish in review; Spanish--Conversation and phrases
1281 Random House Spanish video program: Part 2   Spanish in review; Spanish--Conversation and phrases
1289 Sexism in language This program presents closely analyzed examples that show how sexism and antisexism may be contained in language uses--in song lyrics, everyday conversation, news-paper reports, and satire Language awareness; Language and languages--sex difference
1295 New cancer treatments How greater understanding of the effects and side-effects of cancer therapies has led to their being used in different combinations Cancer--Alternative treatment; Cancer
1296 One out of eleven: Women and breast cancer The trauma of breast cancer, the treatment options available, and the factors that put women at risk Breast--Cancer--Risk factors; Breast--Cancer--Adjuvant treatment
1304 Math! A four letter word Explains the principle of math and how math helps to organize thoughts, and analyze information Mathematics--Study and teaching; Mathematics--Problems, exercises, etc
1305 Karl Marx and Marxism This program looks at the man, at the roots of his philosophy, at the causes and explanations of his philosophical development, and at its most direct outcome: the failed Soviet Union Marx, Karl, 1818-1883--Influence; Communism; Communism--History--20th century
1306 Lock-out/Tag-out Created to help facilities comply with the employee training requirements of OSHA's regulations. Examples of lock and tag devices that are used with electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic power systems are shown Energy conservation; Occupational training--United States
1307 Rise and fall of the Soviet Union Begins with the rise of Stalin and ends with the fall of Communism and the rise of the new Commonwealth. Amusing "home movies" of the Czar Nicholas with the royal Family to historical footage such as Stalin's propaganda films. Soviet Union; Soviet Union--History
1308 Belinda Belinda talks about her own experiences dealing with Aids and support she found. Funny, down-to-earth, and never self-pitying, Belinds speaks with a moving eloquence of our need for a collective response to Aids which is not crippled by racism, homophobia, fear or ignorance. AIDS (Disease)
1311 Broken treaty at Battle Mountain Portrays the Shoshones in their efforts as they attempt to stop the government from tearing down thousands of acres of their sacred pinion trees. Indians--History; Indians of North America--Government relations
1322 Collector's edition What does music mean? What is orchestration? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1323 Collector's edition What makes music symphonic? What is classical music? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1324 Collector's edition Humor in music. What is a melody? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1325 Collector's edition What is concerto? What is American music? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1326 Collector's edition Who is Gustav Mahler? Folk music in the concert hall. Happy Birthday, Igor Stravinsky. Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1327 Collector's edition Jazz in the concert hall. A tribute to Sibelius. A birthday tribute to Shostakovich. Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1328 Collector's edition What is impressionism? The Latin American Spirit. A toast to Vienna in 3/4 time. Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1329 Collector's edition What is Sonata form? The Sound of an orchestra. What is a mode? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1330 Collector's edition Musical atoms: A study of intervals. Quiz concert: How musical are you? Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1331 Collector's edition Berlioz takes a trip. Two Ballet birds. Fidelio: A celebration of life Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1332 Collector's edition   Music appreciation; Music--Instruction and study; Orchestral music--Appreciation
1345 Cathedrals The video explores the mystery hidden behind the construction of Europ's towering cathedrals. Cathedrals--Europe; Cathedrals--History; Cathedrals--Design and construction; Civilization, Medieval
1346 Day in the country impressionism and the French landscape Forty of the most important works selected from the largest exhibition of Impressionist landscape paintings. Landscape painting, France--Exhibitions; Landscape painting--19th century--France--Exhibitions; Impressionism (ART)--France--Exhibitions; Ellis, Robert D; Sawyer, Richard W
1350 Parliamentary procedure made simple: The Basics How to have successful meetings. Learn how to conduct committee meetings, board meetings and business meetings and how the rules differ in each. Parliamentary Practice
1351 Rules on golf Program looks at over 30 rules in the game of golf. This program is perfect for golf instructors, beginners and advanced players. Golf--Rules; Golf
1354 Maurits Escher: Painter of fantasies A fascinating profile of the late, world-renowned graphic artist whose work is a curious blend of fact and fantasy, with mirror images and interlocking figures flowing from symmetrical shapes. Graphic arts--technique
1357 United Nations: It's more than you think Informative and up-to-date, this introductory program covers most aspects of the United Nations, from its history and status as an international zone in the center of New York City to more traditional explanations. United Nations
1362 Preserving the past How works of art, historic documents, and buildings are preserved and restored. Art--conservation and restoration; Buildings--Conservational and restoration--Technique
1363 Treasures of San Marco The splendors of the Basilica of St. Mark presented within the context of the cultures that forged Venice. Venice (Italy) in art; Europe in art
1364 J.M.W. Turner: The Sun is God The life and artistic development of this great painter. Artists--Biography; Artists--United States--Biography
1371 Child development Topic include: Genetic counseling and prenatal testing, fetal alcohol syndrome, prepared childbirth, reflexes of newborns, learning in infants, temperament, physical and sexual abuse of children, learning disabilities, and teen suicide. Child development
1376 Introduction to canoeing    
1379 Peege Family members dealing with parents in nursing home. Emotions of family and patient. Geriatrics
1414 In the white man's image Discover the tragic long-term consequences of attempts to "civilize" Native Americans in the 1870's at the Carlisle School for Indians Indian of North America
1414 In the white man's image DVD Discover the tragic long-term consequences of attempts to "civilize" Native Americans in the 1870's at the Carlisle School for Indians Indian of North America
1497 Celebrate living Volunteer recognition version. United Way United Way
1510 Lottery Utilizes the townspeople of two small California communities in presenting realistically this frightening story accentuaring its brutality and senselessness. Asks questions about violence and tradition that will provoke thoughtful student discussion. Short stories; Women authors
1512 Sell yourself: Successful job interviewing Dramatic and humorous reenactments demonstrate what can make an interview a disaster or a success. The video shows ho the approaches used by two applicants with similar backgrounds result in completely different outcomes. Interview for success; Interviewing
1525 Nazi: Witness to genocide Mirrors the rise and fall of Hitler's SS, hurling us into the face of civilization most frightening history. Holocaust, Jewish; Hitler, Adolph--Assassination attempt--1944--Moral and ethical aspects
1526 Babette's feast French language (captioned) Film dates to the 1800's. Bebette was maid of two Puritan women. Families separated because of war, later reunited. Bebette fixed a feast in memory of the minister who helped her in early years. French language
1528 Effective resumes: Reading between the lines Employers explain what they like and dislike in the typical resumes that they receive. Specific tips for gaining an edge in the competive job market. Resumes (Employment); Job hunting; Applications for positions
1529 Spain Tour the bustling urban center of Madrid, persue the works in the Dali Museum, and experience the controversial art of the bullfight. Spain
1530 Fodor's Mexico Mexico with its sandy beaches and intriguing history. Travel to the resorts of Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Mexico
1531 Peru Peru is a country of mystery and spirituality where you'll find the relics of Spanish explorers among ruins of ancient civilizations. Visit the legacy of the incas, Lima, "City of the Kings". Video visits
1532 Argentina: Land of natural wonder From Tierra Fuego, the countr's southern-most region, to Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere, this collection of terrains and climates is among the most diverse anywhere. Video visits
1533 Costa Rica: The Land of pure life Visit the Pacific Coast beaches and lush Central Valley that first attracted the Spanish settlers to this land. Visit the Central Market. Video travel library
1534 Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Visit sunny Puerto Rico beginning at El Morro. Explore Old San Juan, with its 16th century atmosphere of pastel walls and wooden balconies. Caribbean collection
1535 Billy Budd Based on the play by Louis O. Coxe and Robert H. Chapman, which was based on the original novel by Herman Melville. Specially produced with closed captioning.  
1537 Beginning airbrush Covers materials and supplies, basic air gun maintenance and operation, fundamental strokes, and other topics appropriate for the beginning airbrush artist. Airbrush art; Paint with air
1539 Twelve o'clock high During World War II, the commander of an Eighth Air Force bomber group in England drives his men to the point of breaking until he himself cracks under the strain. War films
1540 Bartelby A dramatization about Bartleby, the scrivener, who answers an advertisement to work with a lawyer, and after a brief spurt of intense work, gradually breaks down, refuses to move, and eventually dies because he has lost the will to live.  
1542 Caine mutiny Suspense builds during Navel trial proceedings against a young lieutenant who relieved his captain of command of the destroyer-minesweeper U.S.S. Caine at the height of a typhoon. Detective and mystery films
1543 Twelve angry men Classic courtroom drama about a teenage boy accused of killing his father and the jury that must decide his fate.  
1544 Moby Dick A stirring sea saga of one man's obsession for revenge upon the enormous white whale that has defeated Captain Ahab once before. Adventure films
1545 Rocking horse winner A young boy who is able to pick racetrack winners by mounting and frantically riding his wooden rocking horse is the basis for this program. Family conflcit ignites the boy's passion for winning, and the program rocks to a powerful and tragic finish as the boy's obsession destroys him. Gambling
1547 Mama turns 100 The Story of the 100th birthday celebration of the family matriarch at her baronial country estate. Gathered together to celebrate this momentous occasion are Mama's wacky children who are now plotting to make this birthday her last. Foreign films
1553 American Red Cross: Focus on youth HIV/Aids    
1564-1589 Destinos: an introduction to Spanish Part 1-52    
1590 Covert Bailey: Height-weight charts that work    
1597-1601 Quark Xpress 3.3    
1609 Medical terminology 350 Presents structural design of medical terminology through sound, word, and picture association. It provides a basic knowledge of the language of medicine and how complex medical terms are formed. Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1610 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1611 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1612 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1613 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1614 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1615 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1616 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1617 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1618 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1619 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1620 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1621 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1622 Medical terminology 350   Medical terminology--350 program; Nomenclature; Vaugh, Dean E
1634 I have a dream Recording of Martin Luther King's speech given on August 28, 1963, to the civil rights marchers at the Lincoln Memorial, with additional footage from other demonstrations and King's funeral. King, Martin Luther; Civil rights; Afro-Americans; I have a dream
1635 New nutrition facts food label Explains the new federally-mandated food labels and how consumers can use them to make healthier food choices. Food--labeling--United States; Nutrition
1643 More than bows and arrows Examines the contributions of American Indians to the development of the United States, ranging from food and housing to the democratic way of life. Indians of North America; United States--Civilization--Indian influences
1667 La Pastorela A Christmas fantasy musical retelling of the shepherds' journey to Bethlehem. Christmas plays, Spanish; Shepherds in the Bible--Drama; Musical films; Fantasy films; Valdez, Luis; Soto, Richard D.; Ronstadt, Linda; Rodriguez, Paul; Beltran, Robert; Montana, Karla; Teatro Campesino (Organization); Richard Soto Productions
1719 Watercolor methods Stephen Quiller demonstrates with different types of watercolor pape5rs, brushes and pigments explore wet-on-wet, controlled washes and dry brush, plus innovative methods to enhance watercolor paintings. Watercolor painting; Painting--technique; Quiller, Stephen
1720 Experimental water media Stephen Quiller demonstrates how to combine media, watercolor is combined with graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, pastels, and oil pastels resulting in special effects and abstract forms. Painting--technique; Watercolor painting; Quiller, Stephen
1729 Does your resume wear blue jeans? Function, content, part and structure of a well-written resume. Practical advice on writing, formatting and producing an effective resume. Resumes (Employment); Good, C. Edward
1742 Be prepared for meetings: how to lead productive business meetings. Discusses techniques for leading effective and productive business meetings. Meetings; Meetings--Study and teaching; Communication in management; Toastmasters International Communications Series.
1743 Collaborative writing: Workshop A presentation of collaborative writing to cover topics like generative power of collaboration, sharing without responding, descriptive responding, analytic responding, reader-based responding,a and criterion-based or judgment-based responding. English language--Writing--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids; Writing--Study and teaching--audio-visual aids; Hamilton, Sharon J
1750 Cinco De Mayo After a brief overview of the events leading up to May 5, 1962, the Mexican day of independence, the video shows various celebrations of Cinco de Mayo in present day Mexico. Cinco de Mayo (Mexican holiday)
1765 People of the Great Plains  Part 1 A history of the "Buffalo People," including the Crow, Comanche, Sioux, Kiowa, and Arapaho tribes. Indians of North America--History; Indians of North America--Great Plains
1766 People of the Great Plains  Part 2 A history of the "Buffalo People," including the Crow, Comanche, Sioux, Kiowa, and Arapaho tribes. Indians of North America--History; Indians of North America--Great Plains
1767 Hispanic magazine's guide to Hispanic excellence  1993 Leaders offer tomorrow's leaders valuable quidance from the pioneers of today: Dr. Antonia C. Novello, the first Hispanic woman to serve as U.S. Surgeon General; Joseph Unanue, owner of the nation's largest Hispanic food company; and Raul Yzaguirre, advocate of justice and equity for Hispanics in our nation's capital. Hispanic Americans--Biography; Hispanic Americans
1768 Costumbres populares de Mexico Mexican popular customs Festivals--Mexico; Holidays--Mexico
1769 Quinceanera: Princesa Por Un D Shows the social life and customs of Mexico. Quinceanera (Social custom); Mexico--Social life and customs
1776 America's multicultural heritage Discusses the great variety of cultural traditions present in America and stresses the responsibility to respect the different lifestyles of others and continue to build a nation united in principles of fairness and justice for all. Intercultural communication; Cross-cultural orientation
1777 Georgia O'Keefe Georgia O'Keefe talks candidly about her work and life. Her paintings figure prominently also, showing her wide range in style. Painters--United States--Biography; O'Keefe, Georgia
1779 Photographic screen printing Artists Alexander Wood and Spencer Walts demonstrate the photographic emulsion process using direct drawn keyline, rubylith, and blockout screen. Presents color separation, registration, and exposure in an easy to understand manner using a simple color wheel design. Screen process printing--Technique
1781 Lascaux, revisited Shows the most rare and inaccessible images. It is and extraordinary visit and covers almost the entire collection of paintings and carvings, which are the only available images of the most famous of prehistoric caves. Art, Prehistoric--France; Cave paintings--France
1782 Figure drawing Demonstrates figure study: gesture poses, along with two long poses, handling positive/negative space, rendering, proportion and mood using a variety of media. Clothed model used. Figure drawing
1787 Let's visit South America Shows current photographs of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. The narration in English deals with the history and culture of South America, the shorter narration in Spanish is a simplified version of the English using a controlled vocabulary aimed at the first-year student/ South America--Description and travel; Spanish language-- -- Films for foreign speakers; South America--Description and travel; Spanish language--Films for foreign speakers
1788 Great women in American history  Vol. 1 Abigail Adams--Elizabeth Cady Stanton--Susan B. Anthony-Harriet Beecher Stowe--Sojourner Truth--Harriet Tubman--Clara Barton--Margaret Sanger--Eleanor Roosevelt--Helen Keller--Amelia Earhart. Women--United States--History
1800 Glory: History-Civil War Two young Bostonians lead the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer infantry, America's first Black regiment in the Civil War. United States. Army. Massachusetts infantry Regiment, 54th (1863-1865); Afro-American Soldiers; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Participation, Afro-American
1802 Maximizing physical potential of older adults This program considers ways to develop the greatest physical process in an aging individual while compensating for the effects of aging. Aged--United States; Aged--Health and hygiene; Exercise for the aged; Aged--Nutrition; Aging--Physiological aspects
1805 Art and science Not so long ago it was fashionable to think of the arts and sciences as opposites, but recent developments are casting doubt on this point of view. Today's artists utilize a multitude of sophisticated technologies based on scientific principles. Art and technology
1806 Artists in wonderland The world of art is not the least of the areas being altered radically by the advent and widespread use of computers. For computer artists, keyboards and videotape are replacing palette and canvas to create an entirely new genre. Computer graphics; Hartz, Jim
1807 Graphic design Shows the range and diversity of visual ideas appropriate to television production and the ways in which various techniques--from computer animation to formal artwork--can be used by the graphic designer. Television--Production and direction; Television graphics; Collison, David
1808 Virtual reality Provides a multi-dimensional look at the world of computer simulation. Human-computer interaction; Virtual reality; Babiole, Cecile
1809 To kill a mockingbird Two children in small southern town are thrust into an adult world of racial bigotry and hatred when their lawyer father chooses to defend a black man unjustly accused of raping a white girl. Race discrimination--Fiction; Racism--Fiction
1839 Buried mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World: The Virgin and the bull For American Indians, the mirror symbolized power, the sun, the Earth, its four corners, and its people. Now, a "mirror" is being held up to the Old and New Worlds to reflect the diverse cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and peoples, together with the themes, institutions, beliefs, and symbols that have endured or changed through time. Hispanic Americans; Spain--civilization--1516-1700; Immigrants--United States
1840 Buried mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World: Conflict of the Gods   Hispanic Americans; Spain--civilization--1516-1700; Immigrants--United States
1841 Buried mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World: The Age of gold   Hispanic Americans; Spain--civilization--1516-1700; Immigrants--United States
1842 Buried mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World: The Price of freedom   Hispanic Americans; Spain--civilization--1516-1700; Immigrants--United States
1843 Buried mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New World: Unfinished business   Hispanic Americans; Spain--civilization--1516-1700; Immigrants--United States
1845 Mosbys nursing skills: Administering medications by IV Objectives are: to review the principles of medication administration, to examine nursing responsibilities during medication administration, to review systematic application of the "five rights," to illustrate elements of medication preparation and administration. Drug delivery systems--nurses' instruction-videocassettes; Infusions, Intravenous--nurses' instruction--videocassettes; Drug Therapy--nurse's instruction--videocassettes; Education, Nursing--videocassettes
1846 Mosbys nursing skills: Medication administration guidelines   Drug delivery systems--nurses' instruction-videocassettes; Infusions, Intravenous--nurses' instruction--videocassettes; Drug Therapy--nurse's instruction--videocassettes; Education, Nursing--videocassettes
1847 Mosbys nursing skills: Administering medications by injection   Drug delivery systems--nurses' instruction-videocassettes; Infusions, Intravenous--nurses' instruction--videocassettes; Drug Therapy--nurse's instruction--videocassettes; Education, Nursing--videocassettes
1848 Mosbys nursing skills: Administering medications by nonparental routes   Drug delivery systems--nurses' instruction-videocassettes; Infusions, Intravenous--nurses' instruction--videocassettes; Drug Therapy--nurse's instruction--videocassettes; Education, Nursing--videocassettes
1861 Caudillo: The History of the Spanish Civil War Tells the story of General Franco's revolt and the ensuing Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 from both the Republican and Falangist points of views. Includes documentary film footage, narrative excerpts from various well known writers. Spanish language materials--Bilingual; Spain--History--Civil War, 1936-1939; Fanco, Francisco 1892-1975
1862 Matador The program is a poetic and authentic look at the bullfighter and his bull-the importance of bullfighting in Spanish society. It culminates in a bullfight at the Fiera de Abril in Seville. Bullfighters; Spain--Social life and customs
1863 Frida Kahlo: Portrait of a woman A unique, powerful, first-rate painter overshadowed by her lionized painter-husband, Frida Kahlo lived a life of physical and spiritual torment. This program provides personal insights into her work and her torment: it offers a portrait of the woman and the roots of her work in the meaning of her gender. Women artists--Mexico; Perea, Alicia; Archuleta-Sagel, Teresa
1869 American Red Cross: Community first aid    
1880 Global business: An overview - Managing globally Program 1 Pros and cons of trade barriers in the world marketplace. Issues of protection from foreign competition vs. the international business opportunities for U.S. companies if trade barriers are removed. Marketing; International trade; Advertising
1881 International trade - Managing globally Program 2 Examines the expansion of U.S.-owned business into the global marketplace, both in volume of export sales and in the overseas operation of production facilities. Marketing; International trade; Advertising
1882 Understanding cultural differences - Managing globally Program 3 Examines the issues facing businesses as they work with people from cultures different from their own. Illustrates the need for cultural awareness in dealing with people from diverse cultures. Diversity in the workplace; Intercultural communication
1883 International marketing management - Managing globally Program 8 Highlights the understanding of cultural values, religious beliefs, business taboos, and even the meaning of certain words or slogans in another language before designing a marketing campaign. Marketing; International trade; Advertising
1885 Developing cultural sensitivity - Managing globally Program 4 Cultural sensitivity trainers stress the importance of understanding the beliefs and traditions that shape a culture and dictate the thinking and behavior of its citizens. Marketing; International trade; Advertising
1886 International strategy - Managing globally Program 6 Importance of strategic planning when entering the global marketplace, including gauging product demand, recognizing local and multinational competitors, and analyzing product strengths and weaknesses. Export marketing--Management; Strategic planning
1887 Managing across cultures - Managing globally Program 9 Complexity of negotiation business agreements with corporate manager and government officials from another culture, exploring potential problems in communications such as the significance of nonverbal actions and cues endemic to some societies. Negotiation in business; International business enterprises; Intercultural communication
1888 International financial management - Managing globally Program 11 Illustrates the steps required to complete a foreign investment transaction including legal issues and tax restrictions. Suggests that pension and mutual fund managers, insurance companies are investing in foreign countries. Marketing research; Marketing; International trade
1899 Understanding oceans Explore the characteristics of the ocean's personality, from the volatile cross-currents to health issues, from endangered sea creatures to the reality of light on the ocean floor. Ocean
1900 Kellogg brothers: Corn Flake kings Invention of the corn flake by brothers William and John Kellogg. William saw the commercial potential of the new cereal, sued his brother and won the rights to the family name. He then built a large cereal industry, and became a well-known philanthropist, while John died in obscurity. Includes interviews with family memebers. Cereal industry--History; Kellogg, William; Kellog, John
1901 NASA clips 11-3-95    
1902 Rich in America: 150 years of Town & Country Magazine Town & country magazine celebrates its sesquicentennial as the unofficial family album of American high society, opening its archives for a revealing portrait of the debutantes and trendsetters who have defined "the good life" in America. Upper class--United States--History; Upper class--United States--Biography; United States--Social life and customs--History-- 19th century; United States--Social life and customs--History--20th century
1906 Sam Walton: Bargain billionaire Traces the life of Sam Walton who amassed America's greatest fortune with his entrepreneurial approach to selling items for less. Philanthropists--United States--Biography; Industrialists--United States--Biography; Walton, Sam 1918-; Perkins, Jack; Wal-Mart
1907 Tony Robbins: The Secret of his success From humble beginnings, Anthony Robbins mastered the secrets of making and achieving goals. Motivational speakers--Biography; Robbins, Anthony; Graves, Pete; Perkins, Jack
1908 Dave Thomas: Made to order Presents a profile of the life and career of Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's. Restaurateurs--United States--Biography; Perkins, Jack; Wendy's International
1909 Ray Kroc: Fast-food mcmillionaire Presents a profile of the life and career of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's. Restaurateurs--United States--Biography; Perkins, Jack; McDonald's Corporation
1932 Physical growth & motor development Discusses the patterns of growth seen in the years between 2-1/2 and 6 and describes how the differential growth of various organs affects the child's ability to function. Describes motor development of child including walking, running, jumping, etc. Motor ability in children; Children--Growth; Child development; Human development
1933 Dying child Examines the isolation often felt by the family in which a child has died or is terminally ill. Differentiates between the reactions of parents whose child has died suddenly and those whose child has died after chronic illness. Children--Death; Terminally ill children; Pediatric nursing
1934 Infants and toddlers Describes the cognitive and psychosocial development of children from birth to three years of age and uses this knowledge to develop specific interventions to decrease the negative effects of illness or injury. Pediatric nursing; Pediatrics--Psychological aspects; Nursing--Psychological aspects; Children--Diseases--Treatment
1935 Preschool and school-age child Discusses the importance of including parents in the health care team to meet the psychosocial needs of preschool and school-age children, compares preschool and school-age children in terms of cognitive development and major fears associated with illness. Pediatrics--Psychological aspects; Pediatric nursing; Gorrie, Tr
1936 Market yourself with a video resume Let technology's most powerful medium propel you into today's ultra competitive workforce. A video resume can give you the edge and put you in control. Be seen and heard. Resumes (Employment); Arthur, Jeffrey B.
1937 Adolescents Explores the development changes of adolescence and the major issues, such as risk-taking behavior and sexual activity, that often produce family stress at this time. Describes the role of nurses. Nursing--Psychological aspects; Adolescence psychiatric nursing; Nursing--Study and teaching
1940 Fluids and electrolytes video & workbook Uses computer graphics to review the principles of fluid and electrolyte balance. Focuses on the causes, detection and treatment of six fluid and electrolyte disturbances: hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, hypercalcemia, dehydration, diabetes insipidus, sydnrome. Acid-base Imbalance--nurses' instruction; Water-electrolyte Imbalance--nurses' instruction; Body fluids--regulation
1941 Managing fluids and electrolytes Presents a graphic demonstration of normal fluid and electrolyte physiology, shows what occurs with imbalances, and discusses the diseases and conditions that can precipitate such problems. Acid-Base Imbalance--nurses' instruction; Body fluids--nurses' instruction; Water-Electrolyte Imbalance--nurses' instruction; Body fluid orders
1946 Train the trainer In this video you will learn how to conduct effective meeting, being prepared for meeting, capturing audience's attention, effective learning methods, and measuring retention. Communication
1947 Seat belts safety In this video you will learn the Federal Regulations of occupational vehicles, effectiveness of seat belts, and disprove the arguments against seat belt use. Seat belts
1948 Carpal tunnel You will learn: anatomy of the carpal tunnel, repetitive motions that lead to injury, and corrective measure. carpal tunnel syndrome
1949 Right to know Discusses the OSHA Hazard Communication Program describing the standards, labeling of containers containing hazardous chemicals, and reviewing the procedures for worker protection during emergency situations. Reviews the key points on the MSDS sheets. Hazardous substance k assessment
1950 Slips, trips, & falls The second leading cause of work related deaths, this video discusses cause, preventive measures, and proper fall techniques to prevent injury. Industrial accident prevention
1951 Lockout / Tagout procedures Explains the OSHA standard of control of hazardous energy applicable to servicing and maintenance of equipment driven by electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical or thermal energy. Industrial safety; Safety education, Industrial; Industrial accidents--prevention
1952 Forklift driving skills forklift drivers must be aware of hazardous driving conditions, proper load handling, and proper procedures. Fork lift trucks--safety measures; Motor vehicle driving--Safety measures; Industrial safety
1953 Eye safety Covers proper selection and use of eye protection and its importance to prevent injury. Eye--Protection; Accidents--Prevention
1954 Bloodborne pathogens You will learn - What bloodborne diseases are. How they can be transmitted. Proper protective measures. Bloodborne infections--Prevention; Hepatitis--Prevention; AIDS (Disease)--Prevention; HIV (Viruses)--Prevention
1955 Fire extinguishers Covers different classifications of fire extinguishers, their proper use and limitations. Fire extinguishers; Safety education
1956 Housekeeping You will learn: Eliminating unnecessary injuries, prevent property damage and increase morale. Safety, Industrial; Safety education
1957 Back safety You will learn, proper lifting techniques, good posture, moderate exercise and weight control. Back, Safety education
1958 Don Doll's vision quest A photographic journal into the Lakota Sioux nation. Dakota Indians--Reservations; Indians of North America--South Dakota; Photojournalism; Doll, Don; Vision quest
1961 Video guide to (dis)ability awareness Discusses who is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, what they can and can't do, and communication with those involved. United States, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Handicapped--Employment--United States
1962 Ten commandments of communicating with people   Handicapped--videocassettes; Communication--videocassettes
1963 Bill Gates A profile of one of the most influential business executives of the 20th Century, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp. Computer software industry--United States; Executives--United States; Gates, Bill, 1955-; Microsoft Corporation--History
1990 Tool safety A review of tool safety. Includes general shop, stationary power tools, portable power tools, and hand tools.  
1997 Air purifying respirators Discusses different types of air purifying respirators for different types of hazards in the workplace. Demonstrates proper use of the respirators. Occupational diseases--Prevention & control--videocassettes; Respirators; Air--purification
1998 Hearing safety   Hearing; Noise control--Equipment and supplies
2003 or 3250 Body language: An introduction to non-verbal communication Teaches how gestures, posture, eye movements and control of personal space are important means of communication. Teaches how gestures, posture, eye movements and control of personal space are important means of communication.
2006 Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris Discuss political and cultural role of American Indian in contemporary United States, oral and tribal traditions, writing as a method of self-discovery, choosing a narrative form, and collaborative writing. Authors, American--20th Century--Interviews
2007 Native American novelists Momaday discusses what it means to a Native American to be an America citizen, and reveals the artist, thinker, and imaginative creator behind his impressive and important body of work. Authors, American--20th Century--Interviews; Authors, Indian--20th Century--Interviews
2008 Panama deception: Exposing the cover up! Offers a view of the invasion of Panama that was not given by the American media. Presents evidence of mass burials of civilian casualties and internment of homeless civilians which was concealed by the U.S. military or went unreported. Panama--History--American invasion, 1989; Trent, Barbara; Kasper, David; Montgomery, Elizabeth
2009 Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magic and reality The world of Garcia Marquez - where historical riots and levitating grandmothers appear to be equally real (or unreal). Shot on the Colombian coast in Arcataca (Macondo), the Banana Zone, Cienaga, and Barranquilla, and incorporating rare footage. Authors, Colombian--20th Century--Biography
2010 African drumming and dance Introduction to the African culture through dance, music, songs and clothing. Percussion music--Africa; Folk music--Africa; Dance, Black--Africa; Ashanti
2018 Eight stages of human life, prenatal to late childhood pt. 1. Prenatal development--pt. 2. Infancy--pt. 3. Early childhood--pt. 4. Late childhood. Child development; Child psychology--Philosophy
2021 August Wilson Playwrite August Wilson talks to Bill Moyers about his roots in Black community, how his plays express the African-American experience, and how the African heritage of Black Americans is both expressed and repressed in American society today. Wilson, August--Interviews; Blues (Music); The Moyers Collection
2023 Managing globally  7. Researching world markets   Marketing; International trade; Advertising; Management
2024 Managing globally  5. Building competitive advantage   Marketing; International trade; Advertising; Management
2025 Managing globally  12. Global business: The Future   Marketing; International trade; Advertising; Management
2026 Managing globally  10. International assignment   Marketing; International trade; Advertising; Management
2027 Infant & toddler emergency first aid: Volume II: Illness Covers - first aid kit, poisoning, croup, fever, emergency medical services, seizures, choking, rescue breathing, CPR review Children--Diseases
2028 Infant & toddler emergency first aid: Volume I: Accidents Covers - bites, stings, sunburn, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, electrical shock, frostbite, emergency medical services, head injuries, nose injuries, fall, sprains, fractures, cuts, burns, and shock Children--Diseases; Children--Health and hygiene; Accidents; First aid illness and injury
2029 On-Line course delivery Covers the procedures for delivering a course over the World Wide Web, while discovering different levels of multimedia that can be used over the web. Issues of copyright are covered. Distance education; Educational technology; World Wide Web (Information retrieval system); Multimedia systems; Steffend; Descy, Don
2030 Native Americans. People of the Great Plains the struggle between Indians and the U.S. for the Great Plains in the most famous chapter in Native American history Indians of North America--History; Indians of North America--Social life and customs; Indians of North America--Great Plains
2032 Mexican popular customs Shows a range of seasonal festivities in Mexico Festivals--Mexico; Holidays--Mexico; Herz, May
2033 La Noche Buena en Mexico   Christmas--Mexico--Spanish language; Motion pictures, Mexican; Foreign film
2034 Prepare… to survive Learn how you and your family can be prepared for natural disasters and minimize their damage. Natural disasters; Emergency management
2035 Chain saw safety   Chain saws--safety measures; Single Concept Landscape and Maintenance
2036 Pesticide applicator safety   Pesticide applicator--safety measures; Single Concept Landscape and Maintenance Series
2037 String trimmer safety   String trimmers--safety measures; Single Concept Landscape and Maintenance Series
2072 Apocalypse now Francis Ford Coppola's stunning vision of man's heart of darkness revealed through the peculiar madness of Vietnam war. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Drama; War films; Coppola, Francis Ford, 1939-; Miius, John; Brando, Marlon; Duvall, Robert; Sheen, Martin; Storaro, Vittorio; Herr, Mi; Coppola, Carmine, 1912-
2075 Power dead-even rule and other gender differences in the workplace This program is to promote the best possible communication between men and women in the workplace. As we behave (we need to "speak" the language of the other gender) if we hope to make people understand what we want and need from them in any given situation. Sex differences
2076 Landscape: Plant identification: Shrubs and ground covers Provides evaluation of each plant, outlining identifying characteristics, propagation techniques, environmental enemies, plant culture, and utilization. Shrubs--Identification; Ground cover plants--Identification; Landscape gardening
2077 Landscape: Plant identification: Trees David L. Morgan, associate professor of horticulture, evaluates nineteen different trees in terms of identifying characteristics, propagation techniques, environmental enemies, plant cultures, and utilization. Ornamental trees--Identification; Landscape gardening
2078 Horticulture: Plant identification: Floral Close-up views and in-depth evaluation of 18 floral plants. Flowers--Identification; Landscape gardening
2079 Horticulture: Plant identification: Foliage Wide variety of foliage plants are discussed. Evaluations are close-up views of 22 foliage plants are included. Provides scientific name, common name, identifying characteristics, propagation techniques, environmental enemies, plant culture and utilization for floral plants. Foliage--identification; Landscape gardening
2080 Practice landscape plant identification Thirty-nine different specimens of ground covers, shrubs, and trees are presented in two different identification classes for skill improvement. Shrubs--Identification; Landscape gardening
2081 Practice horticulture plant identification Includes 40 specimens of horticulture plants in four classes. A close-up view of each plant's leaves, flowers, and stems is presented. Plant--Identification; Landscape gardening
2082 Swine reproduction I Boar, sow and gilt selection, functional anatomy of the boar and sow, the estrous cycle, and estrus as well as natural mating are included. Swine--Reproduction; Swine--Breeding
2086 Poetry   Set of 2 Examines the unique qualities of poetry and introduces the broad range of poetic subject matter. Uses the example of a Shakespearean sonnet in order to explore the meaning, form, figurative language, and dictation of the sonnet. Poetry; Sonnet
2088 Like water for chocolate - Como agua para chocolate Romantic fantasy set in the early 20th century about a young couple blocked from marrying by the demands of her cold and selfish mother. To be near his love the young man marries her sister, and she expresses her passion for him through her cooking. Spanish American literature; Foreign films
2091 Seville: Jewel of Andalucia The ambitious architects of Seville commenced construction of the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world. Seville is one of Spain's most cultural cities, filled with Roman ruins, Moorish palaces, and great works of art. Seville (Spain)--Description and travel
2092 Spain: Everything under the sun Experience the cultural richness of Spain in this comprehensive, elegantly produced video tour. Visit famous sights of the country, including the Alcazar castle in Segovia, the famed cathedral in Toledo, and much more. Spain--Description and travel
2093 Lost kingdoms of the Maya An exploration of the forests of Central America and Mexico on the trail of the ancient Maya. Distinguished scientists unearth artifacts, reconstruct cities and decipher the hieroglyphics of an extraordinary civilization. Mayas; Mayas--Antiquities; Central America--Antiquities; Mexico--Antiquities; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Weber, Christine; Sarandon, Susan, 1946-
2094 500 Nations: Part 2, Mexico: The Rise and fall of the Aztecs A series of conflicts solidifies the power of the Toltecs for centuries in the Valley of Mexico. Indians of North America--History; Indians of Central America--History; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Costner, Kevin; Harrison, Gregory, 1950-; Leustig, Jack
2095 Secrets of Lost Empires: Inca Explores how the Incas were able to construct their citadels in the Andes and how they built their suspension bridges out of grass. Incas; Inca architecture; Incas--Antiquities; Structural engineering-factory; Architecture, Ancient
2096 Epilepsy: The Untold stories Describes the type of epilepsy known as complex partial seizures and temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Partial seizures can occur in a variety of ways, from altering consciousness so that a person appears confused or dazed to triggering hallucinations etc. Temporal lobe epilepsy; Epilepsy, Complex Partial--Videocassettes; Epilepsy, Temporal Lobe--Videocassettes
2099 Gothic cathedrals The Gothic cathedral stands as a rich and complex design. The engineering behind these great testaments to faith has not changed dramatically in 900 years. Cathedrals--Design and construction; Architecture, Gothic--History; Church architecture
2108 Paha Sapa: The Struggle for the Black Hills Examines the relationship of Native Americans to the Black Hills as a sacred place. Explores the history of the Black Hills both before and during the white settlement, and government relations with Native Americans since. Indians of North America--Government relations; Ogallala Indians--Government relations; Indians of North America--Black Hills (S.D. and Wyo.); Black Hills (S.D. and Wyo)
2109 Kerouac Beginning with his impoverished Catholic boyhood, through his development as one of the most important American authors, to his self-destructive demise at the age 47, Kerauac's life is examined through rare footage, including television appearances, interviews and scenes from his life and works. Beat generation--Biography; Documentary films
2110 Birth of the Renaissance: Giotto to Masaccio A look at the Renaissance masterpieces of Alberti, Brunelleschi, Luca della Robbia, Donatello, Micelozzo, Lorenzetti, Martini, Giotto and Masaccio. Art, Renaissance; Art, Italian
2111 Edward Hopper: The Silent witness The docudrama traces Edward hopper's footsteps along the coast of Cape Cod, searching for the same scenes and inspiration that Hopper may have experienced in creating his masterpieces. Includes Hopper paintings selected from various museums. Chiefly criticism of his work. Hopper, Edward, 1882-1967--Criticism and interpretation; Hastert, Wolfgang
2137 All star school age child care    
2140 Rock history: Bill Haley to the Doobies: Chapter 11    
2147 Ernest Hemingway's: Soldier's home Returning home after World War I to a community in which he feels alien, a soldier struggles to make sense of the past and face the uncertainty ahead. Short films; Short stories, American
2149 Patient assessment Deleted 1-7-03  
2150 To build a fire Retells, Jack London's suspenseful tale of a man's struggle against the extreme weather of the Alaskan wilderness, and his attempts to build the fire he must have in order to survive. Short films; Adventure films; London, Jack, 1876-1916; Hogg, Ian; Cobham, David; Welles, Orson
2151 Seize the day Tommy Wilhelm's life is falling apart. He's quit his job and can't find work, his marriage has failed, his investments have gone sour, he trusts the wrong people with the little money he has left, and he's rejected by his father. Tommy is a portrait of failure. Feature films; Video recording; Videocassettes; Williams, Robin
2152 Piano lesson August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning tale of a family caught between their heritage and a dream for the future. The Charles family clashes over the fate of a magnificent, carved piano that carries their family's story from their days as slaves. Feature films; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Wilson, August--Piano Lesson
2153 Story of Islam A journey through Islam from its beginnings 1300 years ago to its place in the world today. Introduces the culture, philosophy, and staples of the Islamic life-style. Islam; Civilization, Islamic; Religion in motion pictures
2154 Look who's laughing Focuses on comedians who have various disabilities. Finding humor and pathos in everyday life, these comics incorporate their disabilities into their acts. Shot at comedy clubs across the country. Disabled--United States; Comedians--Performances; Comedians, Disabled--United States--Performances; Wit and humor--Videocassettes
2156 Carnival Ponceno (bilingual) 6 days before Lent starts, poncenos in Puerto Rico is invaded by tricksters with devil mask. Celebrating for several days. Spanish language; Festivals
2157 Child abuse: Breaking the cycle Examines the tragic cycle of child abuse, discussing reasons, identifying warning signals and patterns, and surveying treatment and prevention programs. Contents: pt.1 Stephanie's story; pt.2 David's story; pt.3 Lynn's story. Child abuse--Case studies; Child abuse--Prevention--Case studies
2158 Arthur Miller's: Death of a salesman 2 videocassettes: Death of a salesman, Private conversations. Feature films; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Hoffman, Dustin; Malkovich, John
2191 Art of resolving conflicts in the workplace Unresolved conflicts cause stress, frustration, and lost work time. They result in delayed decisions, mistakes, and increased employee turnover, illness and absenteeism. Learn techniques for smoothing office conflicts and dealing with hostile or unco-operative co-workers. Conflict management; Persuasive communication; Personality, development
2193 Practical guide to top fruit growing Fruit specialist Haden Williams explains how to grow apples, pears, plums, peaches, and cherries. Features good demonstrations of budding and grafting, and provides practical advice on planting, seasonal pruning, feeding, and watering. Fruit trees; Fruit
2194 Practical guide to vegetable growing RHS gardener Guy Barter introduces you to vegetable growing basics including soil preparation, sowing, transplanting, and composting. Shows you how to grow peas, beans, onions, root crops, potatoes, salad crops, and more. Vegetable gardening; Vegetables--Transplanting
2195 Practical guide to herbs Herb specialist and author, Jekka McVicar, presents a short history of herbs and their varied uses, then shows you how to create a herb garden of your own. Features detailed instructions on propagating herbs. Herb gardening; farming
2196 Practical guide to soft fruit growing Fruit expert Haden Williams teaches you how to cultivate strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants and gooseberries. Includes detailed instructions on how to propagate plants from stem cuttings, fertilize, water, mulch, and prune. Fruit-culture--Berries; Fruit--Pruning
2197 Gender communication Linda Edington talks to students about the roles that society, parental expectations and even the words we use play in the way we see ourselves and others. Communication--Sex differences; Gender role; Interpersonal relations; Edington, Linda
2198 Problem solving and decision making: Critical thinking in action This video demonstrates how to put nursing leadership and management concepts into practice. Defines and distinguishes between problem solving and decision making. Problem solving; Decision making; Nursing, Supervisory; Nursing services--Administration; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2199 Effective communication This video demonstrates how to put nursing and management concepts into practice. Explains how the basic communication model, involving sender, receiver, and message, forms the foundation of the communication process in nursing leadership. Communication in nursing; Nursing, Supervisory; Interprofessional relations; Nursing services--Administration; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2201 Dealing with difficult people Leaders and managers are constantly faced with difficult people and difficult situations. This video demonstrates how to handle various types of difficult behavior and examines some common personnel problems and their underlying causes. Nursing services--Personnel management; Hostility (Psychology); Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2202 Leadership To lead effectively you need to know the differences--and similarities--between leading and managing which provides the manager with a broad view of how to implement the range of nursing services. Nursing services--Administration; Leadership; Nurses--Psychology; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2203 Managing conflict Video uses clips of interviews with nurse managers, scenarios, narrative, and graphics to present key strategies to deal with each of them effectively. Conflict management; Nursing services--Administration; Interprofessional relations; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2204 Building teams Video focuses on key team building strategies such as communicating clearly, creating a sense of mission, addressing interpersonal conflicts, role modeling, and providing feedback. Nursing services--Personnel management; Communication in nursing; Team nursing; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2205 Delegating effectively and appropriately No nurse can function in most nursing positions without some help from others. Knowing what and when to delegate and understanding how to hold others accountable for their assignments are important skills for nurse managers and leaders. Nursing services--Personnel management; Delegation of authority; Wise, Patricia S. Yoder
2206 & 3109 Career encounters: Early childhood education Designed to give students and their education advisors the facts needed to be informed adequately about early childhood education as a career choice. Early childhood education; Professions
2207 Professional guide to graphic arts design and commercial printing This video shows the complete, step-by-step process of concept and design, all the way through the printed piece. Graphic arts--Equipment and supplies; Printing; Commercial art--Printing; Color printing; King, Elliot; Black, Robert
2210 Ox-Bow incident When a rancher is reported murdered by cattle rustlers, the people of Ox-Bow decide to take justice into their own hands and lynch the alleged killers. The movie is an indication of injustice. Western films; Feature films; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Wellman, William Augustus; Fonda, Henry; Andrews, Dana; Hughes, Mary Beth; Quinn, Anthony
2212 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2213 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2214 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2215 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2216 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2217 Farmer to farmer: Strategies for sustainable agriculture The videos are designed to help farmers get acquainted with six key strategies for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture; Pests--Integrated control; Grazing; Rodale Institute; Field crops; Rotational grazing; Vegetables; IPM for vegetables and small fruits; IPM for apples; High value Marketing
2218 Science of biological decomposition:Eeffective composting methods Discusses the science of composting. Includes information on how the process of composting transforms organic matter into humus. Compost; Clokey, Joe; Harrigan, Jim; Skinner, Mark
2219 Integrated compost systems An overview of larger scale composting. A brief discussion on how to design, implement and operate various types of composting systems. Compost; Harrigan, Jim; Clokey, Joe; Skinner, Mart
2220 Pesticide safety series Part 1: Minimal risk for pesticide applicators Pesticides--Safety measures; Harrigan, Jim
2221 Pesticide safety series Part 2: Minimal risk to the environment Pesticides--Safety measures; Harrigan, Jim
2225 Navigating the sea of information Instructional video shows ways to plan a strategy for research by explaining how information is organized in a library and describing navigational aids to online searching. Reference services (Libraries)--Automation; Research--United States--Methodology; Information retrieval; Jendrey, Leonard R.; Jenson, Philippa Jane
2226 Effective communication: It's your responsibility focusing on the role as both sender and receiver, six key actions are presented to improve skills and effectively communicate with peers in the work environment. Communication; Communication in management
2227 First years last forever New parents learn how to help their infants reach their full potential. Parenting; Infant Care; Infants--Development; Reiner, Rob
2228 Nonverbal communication, paralanguage and proximics Investigates nonverbal communication with emphasis on paralanguage and proxemics. Shows how voice quality, rate and volume of speech, word emphases, inflection, and tone can change the meaning of words. Nonverbal communication; Paralinguistices; Lewinski, John; Wessel, Lois
2236 Estee Lauder: Sweet smell of success Explores the developments of the Estee Lauder beauty industry. Cosmetics industry--United States; Lauder, Estee; Smith, Harry
2237 Step on a crack: Obsessive compulsive disorder Six individuals discuss how obsessive compulsive disorder has affected their lives and how they have come to manage the disorder through medication, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder--personal narration--videocassettes; Lorre, Arlene
2238 Four lives: A portrait of manic-depression Profiles four adults whose lives have been profoundly affected by their struggle with manic depression. Includes interviews with patients during their high and low states and their psychiatrists provide technical information. Manic depressive illness--Case studies; Manic depressive persons--Interviews; Psychiatrists--Interviews; Mental Disorders; Jonathan Films
2239 Twitch and shout: Tourette’s syndrome A documentary about Tourette Syndrome told through the eyes of a photojournalist with TS. Tells stories of an artist, an actress, an NBA basketball player, and a Mennonite lumberjack who all suffer from this genetic disorder. Tourette Syndrome--personal narratives--videocassettes
2240 Handmaidens: A documentary – nursing profession Some studies suggest that many who enter nursing grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional families where they learned to ignore their own need, take care of others, and not make waves. Nursing--United States; Bird, Barbara; Vonfrolio, Laura Gasparis, 1952-; Dumas, Rhetaugh G.
2256a Gung Ho! Presents the "Gung Ho" technique which has been shown to boost enthusiasm and performance in organizations. Employee motivation; Video recordings for the hearing impaired
2256b Gung Ho! Presents the "Gung Ho" technique which has been shown to boost enthusiasm and performance in organizations. Employee motivation; Video recordings for the hearing impaired
2256c Gung Ho! Presents the "Gung Ho" technique which has been shown to boost enthusiasm and performance in organizations. Employee motivation; Video recordings for the hearing impaired
2256c Gung Ho! Presents the "Gung Ho" technique which has been shown to boost enthusiasm and performance in organizations. Employee motivation; Video recordings for the hearing impaired
2257 Human development: 2 1/2 to 6 years 2. Cognitive development. Child development; Cognition--Infancy & childhood; Motor skills--Infancy
2258 Human development: 2 1/2 to 6 years 3. Psychosocial development. Child development; Cognition--Infancy & childhood; Motor skills--Infancy
2259 Human development: 2 1/2 to 6 years 4. Role of play. Child development; Cognition--Infancy & childhood; Motor skills--Infancy
2260 Human development: The First 2 1/2 years Physical growth & motor development. Child development; Cognitive learning; Children--Growth; Infants--Development
2261 Human development: The First 2 1/2 years Cognitive development. Child development; Cognitive learning; Children--Growth; Infants--Development
2262 Human development: The First 2 1/2 years Language development. Child development; Cognitive learning; Children--Growth; Infants--Development
2263 Human development: The First 2 1/2 years Emotional and social development. Child development; Cognitive learning; Children--Growth; Infants--Development
2264 Human development: 6 to 12 years Cognitive development, Pt. 1: Piaget's influence. Children--Growth; Child development
2265 Human development: 6 to 12 years Physical growth & motor development. Children--Growth; Child development
2266 Human development: 6 to 12 years Psychosocial development. Children--Growth; Child development
2268 Solar system: A new look A dramatic portrayal of the solar system, from the intense radiation of the sun to the cold isolation of Pluto, using animation, photographs and films. Solar system--Juvenile Films; Dilulio, Ron; Weaver, Wade; Williams, John O
2269 Changing universe: Stars, galaxies and beyond By using NASA photographs and animation, this video answers many puzzling questions about the big bang event, how stars and galaxies are made, what are pulsars, supernovas and black holes. Cosmology--Juvenile; Astronomy--Juvenile films; Lampasona, Peter; Dreamakers productions
2271 Mexico series (4 parts)    
2278 Dead poets society English professor John Keating, who, in an age of crew cuts, sports coats and cheerless conformity, inspires his students to live life to the fullest, exclaiming…"Carpe Diem, lads! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!" Teaching--Drama; Teachers--Drama; Teacher-student relationships--Drama Feature films; Video recordings for the hearing impaired; Williams, Robin
2279 House made of dawn Based on the Pulitzer prize novel of the same title by Scott Momaday. An outcast native American who experiences mystical visions of his ancestors must search for himself. Feature films; Momly, N. Scott; Morse, Richardson
2283 Proof Describes mathematician Andrew-Wiles' quest to prove Fermat's Last Theorem and shows complex mathematical concepts with the help of computer animation. Fermat's last theorem; Video recordings for the hearing impaired;  Willes, Andrew
2284 Joel Barker's leadershift: Five lessons for leaders in the 21st century Designed to assist managers and staff in preparing for the coming 21st century and changing characteristics of leadership that will be experienced. The presentation anticipates more shared.  
2285 Stanford video guide to negotiating: The Sluggers come home A negotiation between the owners of a baseball stadium and a team owner demonstrates key principles of rational negotiation and common tactics and strategies for negotiating profitable agreements. Negotiation in business; Neale, Margaret Ann
2286 Sculpting bas-relief Guy Carriero demonstrates bas-relief sculpture including the creation of the positive low-relief, pouring th plaster mold, and casting the bas-relief. Sculpture--Technique; Bas relief
2287 Singular impressions: The Art of monotype Illustrates various processes used to create monotype paintings and explains the various techniques used in the monotype art. Monotype (Engraving)--Technique; Huberman, Martin; Goldman, Susan; Scott
2290 Attention deficit disorder: Children (Diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit disorder in children) Shows how a diagnosis of Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) is made and what treatments are working. Attention-deficit-disordered children; Attention-deficit-disordered children--Behavior modification; Attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder--Diagnosis; Guth, Jamie; Ratey, John J., 1948-; Hollowell, Ned
2291 Complete dramatic works of William Shakespeare - All's well that ends well--Anthony & Cleopatra--As you like it--The Comedy of errors--Coriolanus--Cybeline--Hamlet--Henry IV, Part One & Two--Henry V--Henry VI Part One & Two & Three--Henry VIII--etc. A dramatization of all of William Shakespeare's plays.  
2292 Crossroads Café: Changing the way the world learns English - Opening day - Growing pains - Worlds apart - Who's the boss - Lost and found - Time is money - Fish out of water - Family matters - Rush to judgment - Let the buyer beware - No vacancy - etc. A series that blends comedy and drama to teach English to speakers of other languages. Each episode includes one segment that demonstrates a specific language function and another that explores the social or cultural issues dramatized in the story. English language--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids; English language--Films for foreign speakers; United States--Social life and customs; Beaty, Sally; Kammen, Glenn D; Robinson, P
2293 Attitude virus: Curing negativity in the workplace 2nd ed. Learn how to vaccinate your organization from this potentially devasting threat. Attitude (Psychology); Work ethic; Work--Psychological aspects
2294 Attitude virus: Curing negativity in the workplace government version Show how negative behaviors on the part of managers and employees can cause bad attitudes affecting teamwork and productivity. Attitude (Psychology); Employee motivation; Personal management; Work ethic
2295 Power of words: Meeting opener A video to be used as an opener for training in communication, diversity, and teamwork. Communication in personnel management
2296 Speak effectively, to one or one thousand Describes the four main components of public speaking; mental, visual, vocal, verbal, and how the proper use of each one makes the speaker comfortable and effective before any audience. Public speaking; Interpersonal communication; Landesberg, Steve
2297 Encouraging the heart This video shows leaders how they can find their voice and their hearts and, through personal caring and courage, mobilize people to personal and organizational greatness. Leadership; Executive ability; Interpersonal relations; Kouzes, James M.; Posner, Barry Z.
2298 Wealth, innovation, & diversity: Putting our differences to work in the 21st Century Features Joel Barker. Discusses the benefits of diversity for individuals and enterprises. Organizational change; Change (Psychology); Management; Diversity in the workplace; Barker, Joel Arthur
2308 Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of positive preaching He was one of the great motivational speakers. Examines his best strategies for success. Reformed Church--United States--Clergy; Peale, Norman Vincent; Clarke, John
2309 J.C. Penney: Main street millionaire Traces the life of J.C. Penney, who went from being a poor Scottish immigrant to being a fabled man of wealth. Philanthropists--United States--Biography; Merchants--United States--Biography; Stores, Retail--United States; Perkins, Jack
2314 Tough guise: Violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity Looks systematically at the relationship between the images of popular culture and the social construction of masculine identities in the V.W. in the late 20th century. In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that there is a crisis in masculinity and that some of the guises offered to men as a solution come loaded with attendant dangers to women, as well as other men. Violence in mass media; Sex role in mass media; Mass media--United States; Masculinity; Men--Identity; Katz, Jackson
2319 Money Discusses the history of money from ancient times to the present. In addition, this program presents the evolution of money and the impact it has had on world history. Money--History; Economic history; Legon, Gary; Legon, Sarah
2328 Legendary service Gary Heil and Rick Tate talk about the legendary service -- service so good that it generates stories your customers brag about. Success in business; Leadership; Management; Blanchard, Kenneth W.; Neil, Gary; Tate, Rick
2329 Workteams and the Wizard of Oz Using footage from the film the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor, management expert Ken Blanchard teaches six keys to successful teamwork. Personnel management; Work groups; Blanchard, Kenneth H.
2330 Sid story Establish a positive and predictable working environment, measure performance and give encouraging feedback, and provide planned / spontaneous recognition. Employee motivation
2331 Story of a new one minute manager Discusses management techniques which lead to increased productivity, personal prosperity, and corporate profit. Management; Blanchard Kenneth H.; Johnson, Spencer
2332 Ecuador This video investigates the history and diverse culture of Ecuador, revealing how many of the ancient customs and traditions of the country remain intact. Ecuador--Social life and customs; Ecuador--Social life and customs; South America--Geography
2333 El Mundo hispanohablante This video explores the wide diversity of cultures in the Spanish speaking world. It investigates climate, food, industry, politics, and recreation of each country. Spanish language; Latin Americans; Latin America--Social life and customs; Puerto Rico--Social life and customs; Spain--Social life and customs; Mexico--Social life and customs
2334 Music of Mexico & South America Los Chicahuastlas performs a variety of native music of Mexico and other Latin American countries, using the appropriate indigenous or imported instruments. Folk music--Mexico--History and criticism; Folk music--Latin America--History and criticism; Indian of South America--Songs and music; Cald, Javier
2335 Exceeding expectations Video will teach you and your organization how to create a relationship - not just a sale. Really listen to the customer. Respond quickly and avoid "I don't know". Create true customer loyalty. Customer services--United States; Anderson, Harry
2336 2000: Amazing moments in time Presents an entire history of life on earth, from the big bang and dinosaurs to pollution and cloning. Students find out why plants, animals, and unique societies all over the world are on the brink of extinction. Documentary films; Millennium; Science; Lithgo, John
2337 Slaughterhouse five A suburban optometrist becomes 'unstuck' in time and flits randomly through the experiences of his life, from the Dresden bombing to an extraterrestrial zoo. Science fiction films; Feature films
2338 Dr. Strangelove: or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb A satire in which the President and his military advisers struggle to avert a holocaust after a psychotic Air Force general launches a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union because he fears the Russians are poisoning the water supply in the U.S. Comedy films; George, Peter; Sellers, Peter; Scott, George C.
2339 Night and fog Short film using actual black and white footage shot inside Hitler's concentration camps. A surreal journey of horror, written by a novelist who survived his own residence in on the prisons of the Third Reich. World War, 1939-1945--Concentration camps; Concentration camps--Germany; Resnaislain; Wormster-Migot, Ogla
2340 On the beach Radioactive fallout from a nuclear war has wiped out the entire northern hemisphere, with the exception of Australia. With fallout expected momentarily, the Australians review their lives, establish new relationships and prepare for their demise. Feature films; Kramer, Stanley; Shute, Neville; Peck, Gregory; Gardner, Ava; Astaire, Fred; Perkins, Anthony
2343 Broadway musicals since "Hair": Provides an overview of recent trends in Broadway musicals. Musical reviews, comedies, etc; Rock musicals; Concept musicals
2348 Broadway! A musical history: The Formative years Reviews beginnings of theater performances on Broadway and the histories at musical shows, including works by Gilbert and Sullivan, Victor Herbert, etc. Discusses development of comic and live musicals, revues, and Viennese operettas. Musical revues, comedies, etc--United States; Husmann, Ron
2349 Broadway! A musical history: Broadway comes of age Traces the history of Broadway theater through the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Discusses the development of musical comedy and revue, the decline of the operetta, the trend toward integrated and "meaningful" shows. Musical revues, comedies, etc.--United States; Husmann, Ron
2350 Broadway! A musical history: The Golden years Reviews styles in musical theater, musical comedy and revues in the postwar years and the 1950s. Musical revues, comedies, etc.--United States; Husmann, Ron
2351 Broadway! A musical history: The Revolution on Broadway Reviews musical shows produced from 1959 through the 1960s. Discusses how the political atmosphere of the decade affected the theater. Musical revues, comedies, etc--United States; Husmann, Ron
2352 Broadway! A musical history: The Revolution mellows Reviews Broadway musical theater beginning in 1966 with Cabaret and continuing through the 1970's. Traces the emergence and development of rock musicals and other radical changes. Musical revues, comedies, etc.--United States; Husmann, Ron
2353 Speeches for analysis and discussion: A videotape supplement to the art of public speaking Fourteen speeches: 5 informative, 6 persuasive and 3 commemorative, in that sequence. Public speaking; Speeches, addresses, etc.
2354 Cliff's customer service adventure Designed for young trainees who are performing frontline customer service. Learn the importance of eye contact and a smile, identify the needs of the customer and effective ways of solving customers problems and meeting their needs. Customer service; Customer relations; Hyduk, Dan; Timmons, Kirby
2367 Paul Robeson James Earl Jones gives a performance as singer citizen Paul Robeson. A man of extraordinary versatility, Paul Robeson achieved distinction as both a scholar and an athlete before he became an internationally honored concert artist Television programs--Washington, D.C.; Gregory, Don; Jones, James Earl
2368 Persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as performed by the inmates of the asylum of Charenton etc. The infamous Marquis de Sade, confined to an asylum, directs the other inmates in a re-enactment of the bloody assassination of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat. Feature films; Marat Sade
2369 M. Butterfly Story of a French diplomat and a Beijing Opera star who carry on a love affair over almost 20 years before the diplomat discovers something shocking about his lover. Feature films; Love in motion pictures; Cronenberg, David
2370 Balcony In a brothel of illusion the customers take over real power during a revolution. Madame Irma runs the 'house of illusion' where ordinary people play out their dreams. Feature films; Genet, Jean; Jean Genet's: The balcony
2371 Cat on a hot tin roof In this turbulent tale of a southern family, sultry Maggie tries desperately to entice her tortured alcoholic husband into bed while fighting his brother and sister-in-law for dying Big Daddy's inheritance. Family--drama; Television plays; Lange, Jessica; Jones, Tommy Lee; Williams, Tennessee
2372 Othello Key scenes from the Shakespeare tragedy are acted, then analyzed and interpreted throughout the play. In this tragedy, the sinister Iago manipulates the trust of Othello until Othello murders his loving wife Desdemona in a fit of jealousy. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. Othello; Shakespeare, William, 1565-1616--Film and video adaptations; Allen, Michael J.B.; Braumuller, A. R.
2373 Performing Shakespeare: Techniques for personalizing and energizing the scene Uses single and duo studio exercises and the presentation of a complete scene from Hamlet to assist actors, teachers, students, coaches, and directors in achieving the techniques necessary for the performance of Shakespearean drama. Acting--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids; Acting--Problems, exercises, etc; Conlin, Kathleen F.; Kebow, Ken
2374 Character is destiny: Making a habit of doing the right thing Program suggests that character is defined by behavior, by the habits that permeate our lives as they manage the small routine tasks. Leadership; Ethics--Values; Gough, Russel W.
2376 What matters most in life Program 1 - Leadership; Program 2 - Priorities; Program 3 - Change; Program 4 - Capacity & Energy. Power Point Presentations. Motivation; Cooper, Robert K., PhD
2377 Strasberg on acting Lee Strasberg, director of the Actors Studio, is interviewed about his career, the actors he has taught, and his ideas about acting, including Method acting. Method (Acting); Acting; Acting teachers--United States--Biography; Strasberg, Lee
2378 Voice workout for the actor Relaxation and stretching -- Face preparation -- Pitch and resonance -- Tongue. Voice culture--Exercise; Evolution; Acting
2379 Leadership: What's trust got to do with it? Tells the story of a team leader who regains the active participation of his team using three essential trust building behaviors; openness, credibility, and trusting others. Leadership; Confidence
2380 An Italian straw hat A young man on his way to his wedding is so unfortunate as to have his horse eat the hat of a respectable lady while she is embracing her lover, a fierce mustached officer. Silent films; Comedy films
2381 Where do I start? Designed to give students of the theatre a basic knowledge of scenic construction. Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery; Building; Shawger, David C.
2382 Introduction to creative drama and improvisation Defines creative drama and the creative process with improvisational exercises designed to assist in the teaching of drama. Acting--Study and teaching; Drama--Study and teaching; Improvisation (Acting)--Study and teaching; Collins, Rives
2383 All about looking Jim Dine discusses and demonstrates his ideas on the importance of looking at the model again and again and reworking the drawing again and again in drawing from a live model. Drawing--Study and teaching; Figure drawing
2389 Forklift safety compliance package Forklift fundamentals: get the facts-- Forklift operations: carry the load. Fork lift trucks--Safety measures; Industrial power trucks--Safety regulations--United States; Truck drivers--Wounds and injuries--Prevention; Truck drivers--Training of
2404 Uncovering Shakespeare: An update Explores the centuries-old Shakespeare authorship question with an international panel of scholars from liberal arts, theater, and government. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616--Authorship--Oxford theory
2405 Human development: The Vulnerable young child: pt.1 Neglect and sexual abuse Defines neglect and discusses characteristics of negligent parents or guardians. Delineates activities that are deemed sexually abusive, the characteristics of perpetrators and victims, the phases of sexual abuse, and the physical and behavioral signs.  
2406 Human development: The Vulnerable young child: pt.2 Psychological and physical abuse Defines psychological abuse and discusses its effects on children. Discusses characteristics of adults who physically abuse children and illustrates common physical signs of adult inflicted injuries. Child development; Divorce; Family relations; Child abuse, sexual; Child maltreatment, part 2; psychological and physical abuse
2407 Waiting for Godot Abandoning sequential action, excluding everything in the nature of plot and creating an atmosphere of non-logic, Beckett brings the theatre of the absurd to it apogee. French drama--20th Century; Beckett, Samuel
2408 Method: based on Stanislavski and Strasberg Lorrie Hull instructs students in relaxation exercises, and 4 sensory exercises: the breakfast drink, the mirror, sunshine, and sharp pain. Acting; Method (Acting)
2409 Monet: Legacy of light Letters, journals, interviews and timeless images profile this impressionist's life long quest to capture on canvas nature's kaleidoscope of light and color. Painters--France--Biography; Impressionist artists--France
2413 Internet: Behind the web A look at the history and development of the internet. Internet--History; Modern marvels
2416 & copy 20th century with Mike Wallace criminals in cyberspace Focuses on the challenges faced by both business and government agencies in dealing with computer hackers. The story of Kevin Mitnich, a convicted computer hacker, is highlighted in parts of this program. Computer hackers; Computer security; Computer crimes--Prevention
2420 Business ethics in the 21st century Focuses on the effects of telecommunications on international business dealings. Questions the potential for an international ethical consensus that takes into account cultural and ethnic variance. Business ethics; Ethics
2422 Empowering employees Empowerment is the ability to let others assume the responsibilities, risks, and rewards associated with making decisions. Examines the benefits of empowering employees, showing how a sense of ownership and involvement at all levels can help. Employee empowerment; Employee motivation; Long, L. Kristi
2423 How to handle conflict and confrontation Management techniques help viewers create a cohesive and productive work environment. Turn negativity and conflict into opportunities for building a stronger workplace. Management; Interpersonal confrontation; Conflict management; Stress management; Sixty-minute training series; Spano, Sharon
2424 Mexico a vista de pajaro Introduces Mexico, covering geography, history, art, architecture, and other aspects of Mexican culture. Narration in Spanish. Mexico--Description and travel; Mexico--Social life and customs; Spanish language--Study and teaching
2425 Interpersonal communication This video teaches supervisors how to apply the listening and speaking skills necessary to good interpersonal communication. Describes three basic levels of listening, identifies common mental habits that are barriers to effective listening, and discusses. Interpersonal relations; nonverbal communication (Psychology); NUS Training
2427 Surviving the dust bowl Surviving the dust bowl tells the heart - wrenching story of people who endured a series of Biblical scourges, from drought and famine to plaque of jackrabbits. Dust storms--Great Plains--history--20th century; Droughts--Great Plains--History--20th century; Depressions--1929--Great Plains; Drain, Margaret; Gazit, Shana
2430 & 3283 Groupthink The late Dr. Irving Janis identified groupthink as a natural tendency to achieve agreement for the sake of group unity, regardless of contrary facts or potential consequences. Group decision making--case studies
2431 Communication: The Nonverbal agenda This program examines the role that silent messages play in our daily work lives. Offers concrete guidance in becoming more alert to the nuances of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication (Psychology); Communication in personnel management; Interpersonal communication; Timmons, Kirby
2438 Standard deviants core curriculum. Teachers guide This persuasive six-part series combines serious academic content with humorous presentation style to help make the subject of marketing more accessible. Marketing; Marketing research
2439 But I don't have customers Program helps employees understand the importance of each other and the roles they play in the organization. Teaches the steps and techniques for defining internal customers and providing them with good service to create a positive and productive work environment. Office practice in government; interpersonal relations; employee motivation; organizational behavior
2440 Lysistrata Lysistrata, tired of the hardships of the Peloponnesian War, convinces the Greek women to impose a sex-strike until the men stop fighting. Negotiation is eventually begun, and the comedy ends with a bacchanal celebrating peace. Greece--History--Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.--Drama
2442 Tennessee Williams: Wounded genius Follow through the early years when writing allowed him an escape from his past to his final, lonely days in New York. Footage captures the artist and his work; and Dakin Williams shares recollections of his brother and what it was like growing up with him. Dramatists, American--Biography; Biography; Herrmann, Edward; Bubline, Paul
2443 Web entrepreneurs Many craftspeople today are turning to e-commerce to sell their goods; jeweler Wendi Hebb of Sheffield, England, discusses the pros and cons of being an electronic vendor in the international Web marketplace with her Mad-in Sheffield.com program. Electronic commerce; Internet marketing; World Wide Web; Web story.
2444 Superior customer service This program explains the rational of providing quality service to the customer, and motivates viewers to put into practice the lessons of providing customer satisfaction, for the sake of their employers and - in a very direct and immediate way - for their own pleasure and profit.  
2445 Emotional intelligence Focuses on interviews with emotional intelligence team members illustrating how EI can be integrated into toe workplace to enhance other knowledge and technical capabilities. Access the power of emotions to create better, more productive teams and team members. Emotional intelligence; Psychology, Industrial; Self-perception; Employee attitudes; Emotions; Intelligence.
2446 How may I help you? Commendable customer service Teaches beginning workers how to provide good customer service by maintaining a good attitude, projecting positive body language, using the correct tone of voice and developing rapport with the customer. Customer relations; Customer service; Clerical skills series.
2447 Struggling with life: Asperger's syndrome In this program ABC News correspondent Jay Schadler reports on the neurological disorder Asperger's syndrome, which makes normal interactions with peers almost impossible for affected children. Asperger's syndrome; Asperger's syndrome--Case studies; Autism in children; Compulsive behavior--Child; Schadler, jay; Volkmar, Fred R.
2448 Is it sexual harassment? This program includes thought provoking scenarios and asks viewers to decide if each scene depicts a sexual harassment situation. What actions constitute sexual harassment, how it affects people, and the specific steps that can be taken. Sexual harassment; Sexual harassment in the workplace and school: what you should know.
2449 Patrick's story Tells the story of Patrick Bird, a young Cree Indian who, after a difficult and abusive childhood, attempted suicide several times before finally coming to terms with his life. Indian youth--Biography; Youth--Suicidal behavior; Ctuhad, Doug; Kuffner, Lori; Bird, Patrick
2450 Desperate act: Suicide and the elderly This program comes to grips with the chronic depression that leads too many senior citizens to take their own lives. Promoting prevention, intervention, and follow-up, medical experts use three case studies as a basis for discussing warning signs. Aged--Suicidal behavior; Suicide--Prevention; Geriatric psychiatry; Softly, Pat
2451 Managing people through change Examines the four predictable phases of denial, resistance, exploration, and commitment which people typically go through in response to corporate changes. Tells how each phase affects people and their work, and focuses on the manager's role in each phase. Organizational change; Organizational change--Management; Change (Psychology); Organizational behavior; Jackson, Dan; Making change work for you: How to handle organizational change (In main collection)
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3001 Batik as fine art Video gives step-by-step instructions for making your own framed Batik work of art. Batik; Carkin
3002 Palette knife painting Join Susan Roger-Garden as she shares techniques and concepts that will help you students paint exciting oil landscapes with a palette knife. Palette knife painting
3003 Visual language of design Elements of Structure And Principles of Arrangement. Composition (Art); Painting; Design; Art appreciation
3004 Visual language of design An Analysis of Style. Composition (Art); Painting; Design; Art appreciation
3005 Drawing techniques Sketching outdoors. Pencil drawing; Drawing
3006 Drawing techniques A pencil portrait. Pencil drawing; Drawing
3007 Watercolor workshop  Part 1 Using a zone system will help students get the best results with this delicate medium. Guy Corriero explains his technique carefully. Watercolor painting
3008 Watercolor workshop  Part 2 Using a zone system will help students get the best results with this delicate medium. Guy Corriero explains his technique carefully. Watercolor painting
3009 World of art: Works in progress: 1. Lorna Simpson   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3010 World of art: Works in progress: 2. Guillermo Gomez-Pena   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3011 World of art: Works in progress: 3. Bill Viola   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3012 World of art: Works in progress: 4. Hung Liu   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3013 World of art: Works in progress: 5. Beverly Buchanan   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3014 World of art: Works in progress: 6. June Baca   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3015 World of art: Works in progress: 7. Milton Resnick   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3016 World of art: Works in progress: 8. Judy Baca   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3017 World of art: Works in progress: 9. Goat Island   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3018 World of art: Works in progress: 10. Mierle Ukeles   Arts; Arts, Modern--20th century--United States; Performance art
3024 Calligraphy: 1 Presents step-by-step procedures for pen manipulation, measuring letter height and width, spacing between letters and words, plus the basics of pate layout. Provides information on the tools and materials needed, origins of the art, and techniques. Calligraphy; Learn & Earn Video; Learning the art of beautiful writing (series)
3025 Raising self-esteem for African-American Students Understanding one's own cultural heritage is crucial to high self-esteem. Designed to raise students of all races to a level of self-respect and understanding about the African people. Self-esteem in adolescence; Blacks--Racial identity; African history and African-American society.
3026 Mexico Examines the rise of Mexico's economy, and the series of crises which let to economic collapse. Includes interviews with members of Mexico's finance community and its micro-business association. Mixico--Economic conditions--1982-    ; Mexico--Economic policy--1982-    ; Emerging powers (series)
3027 Sex, power & the workplace Financial experts estimate that it may cost corporate America mor than $1 billion dollars to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. This video is for both victims and employers who want to reduce or eliminate sexual harassment in their companies. Sexual harassment of women; Sexual harassment; Lifeguides (series)
3028 Homophobia in the workplace Brian McNaught explains the losses for everyone when homophobia exists at the workplace, at school, or anywhere in the society. He offers keys to overcoming ignorance in a homophobic work setting. Homophobia--United States; Heterosexiasm--United States; Homosexuality--United States; Jabaily, Barbara; Johnson, Kim; McNaught, Brian
3029 Beyond the glass ceiling Many talented women are trapped beneath an executive "glass ceiling", an invisible but real barrier that keeps them from the top ranks of executive leadership. This program takes a critical look at the challenges and the opportunities for women. Women executives--United States; Women in business--United States; Sex role in the work environment; CNN special reports (series)
3030 20th century with Mike Wallace: sexual harassment and pornography Examines the sexual harassment of women by men in the workplace beginning with the hearings of Justice Thomas. Focuses on the explosion of sexual harassment cases in the following years. Examines pornography and the effects on women. Pornography--Social aspects; Sexual harassment--Social aspects; Women's rights--United States; Wallace, Mike
3031 My life and times with Antonin Artaud Presents the last two years of the life of French poet, madman, genius, and theatrical impressario, Antonin Artaud. The film is based on the diaries of Jacques Prevel, poet who befriended Artaud in 1946 when he was released from an insane asylum. Feature films; Prevel, Jacques
3032 Life of Leonardo de Vinci Part 1 - 1452-1482; Part 2 & 3 - 1482-1500; Part 4 & 5 1500-1519. Leonardo de Vinci
3033 Basic acrylic painting Part 1 thru 5  Jerry yarnell, wildlife and landscape artist, demonstrates the techniqes of acrylic painting for beginners. Acrylic painting; Landscape Painting; Yarnell, Jerry; The Inspriation of painting (series)
3034 Discipline: Approbriate guidance of young children Illustrates how positive guidance of young children toward healthy social and emotional development is the foundation of a good early childhood program. Show was to handle hitting, tattling, not taking turn, etc. School discipline; Education, Preschool; Child development; Developmentally appropriate practice (series)
3035 Prejudice: the monster within Vidoe looks at prejudice, both historical and current, through the eyes of high school students; examines reasons prejudice develops; and teaches students to recognize prejudice within themselves. Prejudices--Study and teaching (Secondary); Discrimination
3036 Power of speech Shows how the power of speech can move people to action. Ain't l a woman / Sojourner; Truth; John Ball; I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech; Oral communication; English language, phetoric; Oratory; American literature--History and criticism; Fiction--Technique
3037 Human animal: a natural history of the human species Although humans can make more than 3,000 hand gestures, even the simplest have numerous variations and interpretations. Supression of the body language is also discussed, along with "Nonverbal leakage," in which the body's language can belie a speaker's words. Human behavior; Nonverbal communication; Body language; Gesture; Facial expression; Desmond Morris; the human animal (series); Language of the body (Alt. Title)
3038 Email etiquette Examines proper etiquette for use with email Internet (Computer network); Electronic mail systems; Holdsworth, Robyn; Trikojus, Tom
3039 Anti-lock brake systems - 5 parts Pt.1 - How automotive brakes work. Pt.2 - Theory & operation. Pt.3 - Service & troubleshooting. Pt.4 - Diagnosis & repair of drum brakes. Pt.5 - Diagnosis & repair of disc brakes. Automobiles--Anti-lock brake systems; Automobiles--Brakes.
3041 Components of AC circuits - 2 parts 1. Inductance. 2. Capacitance. 3. Reactance. 4. Impedance: resistance and reactance. Electric circuits--Alternating current; Series - Fundamentals of electricity and electronics.
3042 Fluid power system components - 3 parts Pt.1 - Pumps and compressors; Pt.2 - Actuators; Pt.3 - Control valves and plumbing. Fluid power technology.
3043 GM turbo hydra-matic 125C transaxle: assembly - 3 parts Pt.1 - Final drive and its related components/Low-reverse components and end-play tests; Pt.2 - Forward and direct clutch assemblies/Drive chain, case cover and main valve body; Pt.3 - Variable capacity pump and installing the valve bodies/Completing the transaxle assembly. Automobiles--Front-wheel drive--maintenance and repair; Automobiles--Axles--Maintenance and repair; General Motors automobiles.
3044 V8 automobile engine overhaul - 3 parts Shows how to overhaul the V8 engine through images that detail the disassembly and assembly procedure. Describes how to inspect parts and explains how to evaluate them for replacement or reconditioning. Automobiles--Motors--maintenance and repair; Automobiles--Engines; Engines.
3045 Electrical cirucits The circuit, components and connections--Ohm's law: solving circuit problems. Electric circuits.
3046 Computer in the automobile: Systems and components - 3 parts Deals with the way the automobile on-board computer works and its relationship to sensors and controls in conducting certain tests and maintenance procedures. Gives the service technician a better understanding of the reasons for the tests and procedures. Automobiles--Electronic equipment; Microprocessors; Automobiles--maintenance and repair.
3047 GM turbo hydra-matic 125C transaxle: disassembly - 2 parts Pt.1 - Basic tests and removing external parts/Disassembly of components inside the oil pan; Pt.2 - Removal of case cover, calve bodies and components/Removal of remaining case components. Automobiles--Front-wheel drive--maintenance and repair; Automobiles--Axles--Maintenance and repair; General Motors automobiles.
3048 Basics of automobile computer control sensors. How the oxygen sensor works--How the MAP and PORO sensors work--How the coolant temperature sensor works--How the throttle position sensor works--How the knock sensor works. Automobiles--Motors--Control systems.
3049 Understanding the turbocharger - 2 parts Pt.1 - Troubleshooting a turbo; disassembling the unit; Pt.2 - Rebuilding the center housing; final inspection & assembly. Automobiles--Motors--Superchargers--Maintenance and repair
3050 Understanding electrical egnition service - 2 parts To help students service some of the components of the electrical and ignition systems. Automobiles--Ignition--Maintenance and repair.
3051 World of ideas: Peter Drucker In this program renowned management expert Peter Drucker talks with Bill Moyers about the challenges facing the U.S. in the 21st century. Management--United States; Business--United States; United States--Civilization--1970-    ; The Moyers collection
3052 Shakespeare: A day at the Globe Discusses the development of public theater up to the building of Shakespeare's Globe, reviewing the social, political, and cultural events that made Shakespeare's accomplishments possible. Recreates a performance at the Globe. Theater--England--History; Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616--Stage history--To 1625
3066 Physical growth & motor development Patterns of growth seen in the years between 2 1/2 and 6 and describes how the differential growth of various organs affects the child's ability to function. Describes gross motor development of the preschool child including walking, running, jumping, skipping, and stair climbing. Discusses how caregivers can maximize children's physical potential. Motor ability in children; Children--Growth; Child development; Human development: 2 1/2 to 6 years (series).
3070 Theories of development. Explores cognitive, psychosexual, psychosocial, behaviorist, social-lerning, and socio-cultural theories of development. It discusses the work of Piaget, Freud, Erikson, Gesell, Skinner, and Vygotsky. It explains the concept of the "whole child" and shows how developmental theories often focus on only one aspect of development and frequently contradict each other. Child development; Child psychology.
3071 Multiple intelligences: discovering the giftedness in all. Teachers, administrators and authors share their views and experiences related to multiple intelligences for the purpose of enhancing the learning process and discovering the giftedness in all children. Intellect; Learning; Cognitive styles; Educational psychology; Armstrong, Thomas.
3072 Nova. The KGB, the computer and me. A computer sleuth tracks through a maze of military and research computers to find a data thief who is passing sensitive information to the KGB, Cliff Stoll portrays himself in a reenactment of a true story which he told in his book, The Cockoo's egg. Computer crimes--Investigation; KGB, the computer and me.
3073 Computer security & virus literacy. Learn common sense measures to protect you PC mainframe or network with little or no investment. Learn all about viruses and how to avoid or eliminate them  
3074 Tangled web: the future of the Internet. Interviews with a broad spectrum of persons involved with the Internet, from experts to casual users: covers all aspects of the network. Internet; Flynn, Mary Kathleen.
3075 & 3111 La Vida: a journey of Latinos throughout Nebraska Produced by NETCHE (30 min.). Granted permission to catalog  
3076 Interpreting geometric dimensioning & tolerancing 1.Introduction to geometric tolerancing and dimensioning. 2. Symbols and abbreviations. 3.Dimension origins-datums. 4.Feature control frames. 5.Basic rules. 6.Basic forms. 7.Perpendicularity and modifier application. 8.Angularity and parallelism. 9.Profile and runout. 10.Virtual condition. 11.Postion tolerancing. 12.Coaxability and bi-directional tolerancing. 13.Applying potitional tolerancing. 14.Interpreting GD&T drawing. Structural engineering; Computational methods; Machine technology; Generation of geometric forms.
3077 Teach yourself Internet Learn how to communicate using the internet. Networking, protocols, URL's… they're all here! Perfect introduction for beginners and ideal review for experienced net surfers. Internet; Email; Video training series.
3078 India Examines India's transformation from socialism to capitalism, from poverty to prosperity. Looks at India's liberalization program, large industrial base, nuclear energy program, and market reforms. India--Economic conditions--1947; India--Economic policy--1980; Emerging powers (series).
3079 Alan Greenspan: man behind the money Economist and chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan is considered by many to be the second most powerful man in the United States. He monitors important trends such as inflation, taxes, unemployment, investing, and much more. Economists--United States--Biography; Greenspan, Alan, 1926-.
3080 History of the Harley Davidson Story of Harley-Davidson proves that branding is an essential element of every growing business. Features rare, restored and classic Harleys from 1903 up to the present. Harley-Davidson motorcycle--History; Motorcycles.
3082 Chip that changed the world, the Do we realize how powerful computer chips are? Today, tiny pieces of silicone outperform the room sized computers of yesteryear. An overview of how computer chips work, their history and applications. Integrated circuits; Microelectronics; Transistors; Electronics; Integrated circuits; Stanley, Cal.
3083 Handling hazards in child care. Part 1. OSHA guidelines. Demonstrates safe handling of body fluids, cleaning techniques, hand washing, protective clothing, and equipment necessary for child care staff and children. Day care centers--Health aspects; Child care workers--Health aspects; Day care centers--United States--Safety regulations; Communicable diseases in children--Prevention; Child care worker video series; Hightower, Monica
3101 SEA-J special report; disaster preparedness Address specific issues of disaster preparedness in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. Designed to help organizations review fire and evacuation procedures, and increase security at their facilities. Emergency management; Fire drills; Mail bombings--Safety measures.
3102 Barbie nation: an unauthorized tour Journey from Barbie conventions to anti-Barbie demonstrations, from girls' play dates to Barbie web pages, Barbie nation plumbs the cult of the Barbie doll, telling the Barbie stories of diverse men, women and children. Barbie dolls--Social aspects; Play; Documentary films.
3103 Smoke signals Bittersweet comedy about two young Native-Americans, Victor and Thomas, who leave their small town for an adventure in self-discovery. Indians of North America--Washington (State)--Drama; Spokane Indians--Drama; Comedy films.
3105 Capitalism Examines the impact of free enterprise on the world during the 18th-20th centuries. Discusses the authors of capitism, capitalism's main features, and the differences between economic and political freedom. Capitalism; Free enterprise; Isms (series).
3104 My family. Mi Familia Presents the three-generation saga of the Sanchez family as told by the eldest son. From the beginnings of his father's journey from Mexico to California in the 1920s, to his brother Chucho's tragic rebellion of the 1950s, to the realities of modern day, the struggle to live the American dream is sometimes darkened but never diminished for Paco Sanchez and his family. Mexican American families--California--Drama; Family--Drama.
3106 Bad apples: how to deal with difficult attitudes. Helps supervisors, employees, and managers learn how to deal with negative people, whethr a co-worker, customer or even the boss. Personnel management; Interpersonal prelations; Attitude (Psychology); Michele Matt Yanna
3107 Motivation: Dream it. Walk it. Believe it. Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy and a positive attitude to work - an environment where people are motivated at work and in their personal lives. This video shows your employees how to become self-motivated superstars. Employee motivation; Motivation (Psychology); Michael Cowman
3108 M.E.E.T. on common ground: speaking up for respect in the workplace. This program uses six vignettes to demonstrate how emplyees can deal with workplace diversity issues professionally and respectfully. Diversity in the workplace.
3109 & 2206 Career encounters: Early childhood education Designed to give students and their education advisors the facts needed to be informed adequately about early childhood education as a career choice. Early childhood education; Professions.
3110 Spirit of Crazy Horse Milo Yellow Hair recounts the story of the Lakota Sioux Indian's struggle to reclaim their ancestral homeland and their continuing struggle to maintain their cultural identity. The program investigates the simmering conflict of recent decades and offers a perspective on the choices that lie ahead. Oglala Indians--Government relations; Oglala Indians--History; Indians of North America--History; Milo Yellow Hair; James Locker.
3111 & 3075 La Vida: a journey of Latinos throughout Nebraska Uses personal interviews and oral histories to describe the lives of Latinos across Nebraska. Hispanic Americans--Nebraska--Social conditions; Hispanic Americans--Nebraska--Interviews; Hispanic Americans--Nebraska--Economic conditions.
3112 The Disenchanted forest. Endangered orphan orangutans are rehabilitated and returned to their rainforest home, where they can participate in orangutan culture, a rich and complex society of elders and peers. Orangutan; Wildlife reintroduction--Indonesia; Rain forest ecology.
3113 I've got a great idea: the comprehensive guide. Advice on how to protect and market your invention. Profit from the experience of professionals in the fields of patent law, new product development, marketing and advertising. Inventions; Inventions--Marketing; American dream collection; Susan Maillard.
3114 Power of customer service. This videotape is designed to help you succeed in customer vervice. Customer service; Success; Timm, Paul R.
3115 Living and laughing with cancer: a comedian's journey This documentary is the inspiring story from diagnosis to recovery of cancer survivor Dave Fitzgerald. He has been a USO tour comedian to over 45 countries, a professional speaker, and has appeared on national television Cancer--Patients--Humor; Neoplasms--Psychology--Popular Works; Wit and humor; Dave Fitzgerald.
3117 Customer service: You're in control! How to handle difficult customers Gives employees a model action plan and proven customer service tactics that will keep both customer and employee happy, even under the most trying situations. Conflict management; Interpersonal relations; Problem solving
3118 Winning customer loyalty. Volume 2: exceed customer expectations. How to really exceed customer expectations and gain their loyalty. Identify different catagories of customer expectations and how to provide "plus service" that pleasantly surprises customers. Customer loyalty; Customer services; Success in business; Business communication.
3119 Winning customer loyalty. Volume 1: eliminate customer turnoffs. Looks at what really alienates your customers. What makes them want to stay away and not buy your product. Each time we experience poor service we are tempted to join the chorus of complainters. Customer loyalty; Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Business communication.
3120 Value-driven marketing. Describes how Bruce Iglauer began his blues production company, Alligator Records, and the use of marketing techniques, such as creating a market that is value driven to satisfy customers, to make his company successful. Marketing; Merchandising; Sales promotion.
3121 Communicating with customers. Even the best customer service programs can fail if your organizations's front-line people aren't fully prepared. This video offers practical ideas. Customer relations. Business communication.
3122 Customer service excellence: it's in the details. Utilizes staged dramatic sequences to demonstrate the 5 basic characteristics of quality customer service, contrasted with poor service. Customer service.
3123 Listen & win: how to keep customers coming back. Each time you do business with a customer, it's a listening test. You can pass the test and encourage customers to return--or you can fail the test and lose customers to competitors. This video will help you become the listening expert that customers truly appreciate. Customer services. Consumer satisfaction. Kienzle, Andy.
3124 All for one: team building in action Program identifies elements needed to build a team. Viewers see the steps in the team building process and learn about working as a team member. Work groups; Group problem solving; Problem solving.
3125 Creating customer databases. Describes how a customer-designed database dramatically improved customer retention and acquisition at a financial services corporation by integrating data from three legacy systems into one object-oriented environment. Object-oriented databases; Database design; Database management; Software solutions through object-oriented programming series.
3126 Customer focus: key account management for investment goods. Uses Dutch oil company NAM, R.C. Components in U.K. and Finland to demonstrate satisfying consumer needs. Customer relations; Customer services; Person-to-person skills series.
3128 Customer service connection Teaches essential customer service skills that win customer loyalty. Motivates customer service employees to serve as information resources for their organizations. Learn how to provide extraordinary service and how to identify and communicate about customers. Customer service; Work groups--Management; Tostmasters International quality-centered management series.
3129 Managing difficult situations. This program discusses effective ways of giving good customer service in difficult and complex situations including effective ways of dealing with angry customers. Customer service; Consumer complaints; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3130 Meeting customer expectations. Describes and defines what customers expect in the way of service. Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3131 Customer service by telephone. This program offers some useful tools for using the telephone in communicating with customers as well as tips on providing service and resolving problems over the phone. Telephone in business; Telephone etiquette; Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3132 Body language in customer service. Describes and defines forms of body language, intended and unintended,m in nonverbal communication. This program clearly shows that in customer service, there are no neutral signals. Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Body langugage; Person-to-person skills series.
3133 Understanding what the customer wants. Emphasizes the importance of dealing with stress without damage to oneself or the goal of working productively to provide service to customers. Customer service; Job stress; Person-to-person skills series.
3134 Superior customer service. Explains the reationale of providing quality service to the customer, and motivates viewers to put into practice the lessons of providing customer satisfaction, for the sake of their emplyers and in a very direct and immediate way - for their own pleasure and profit. Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3135 Understanding what the customer wants. Discusses the importance of focusing on the customer's problems, rather than on the service provider's. Shows how to read the customer's mood and respond appropriately. Customer services; Customer relations; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3136 Goals of customer service. Describes and defines what customer service is by presenting common consumer complaints and compliments: considers what skills to cultivate in order to produce good customer service. Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3137 Tuning in to the customer. Describes and defines techniques for hearing what the customer is really saying. Customer service; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3138 Media ethics. News professionals and executives from NBC, CBS, Capitor-EMI Records and Mercury Records speak out about the ethical dilemmas their industries face. The need for honesty and fairness, the subtle pressure of commercial interests, and the lure of sensationalism are discussed in this frank investigation of the pressures and circumstances that make up the context of media ethics. Mass media--Moral and ethical aspects. Media power, Media waves series.
3139 Who plays God? [medicine, money, ant ethics in American health care] Explores a variety of life and death situations to illustrate the spectrum of highly controversial ethical decisions made daily in modern American medicine. Who gets the transplants, the best technology and treatment? Ethics, Medical--United States; Economics, Medical--United States; Medical care--United States; Medical ethics--United States; Insurance, Health--United States.
3140 Running fence. Follows the artist, Christo, through the concept, building, and showing of his objet d'art; a 24 mile long, 18 foot high fence of white fabric stretched across California. The project was conceived as a work of art for Sonoma and marin counties. Art, Abstract; Maysles, Albert.
3141 America in space, the first 40 years Traces the history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administrtion. Emphasizes the numerous challenges and accomplishments of 40 years of space research and exploration. Astronautics--United States--History; Aeronautics--United States--History; Rockets (Aeronautics); Space flight; Space & science series; America in space collection.
3142 Rembrandt, painter of man. This two part program begins with a fascinating documentary showing Rembrandt's unique capacity to capture and depict the many aspects of humanity. Dozens of his most famous paintings, as well as his self-portraits, are featured. Human beings in art; Art objects--Conservation and restoration--Netherlands; Haanstra, Bert; Series: Variation: Art series.
3143 20th century American art: highlights of the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Illustrates the diversity and richness of twentieth century American art at the Whitney Museum using a documentary style combined with a subjective personal essay. Art, American; Art, Modern--20th century--United States.
3144 Spirit of Crazy Horse An account of the quest of the Sioux to reclaim their ancestral land in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dakota Indians; Locker, James.
3145 Scottsboro: an American tragedy. In 1931, two white women stepped from a boxcar in Paint Rock, Alabama to make a shocking accusation: they had been raped by nine black teenagers on a train. So began one of the most significant legal fights of the 20th century. Scottsboro Trial, Scottsboro, Alabama; Trials (Rape)--Alabama--Scottsboro; Anker, Daniel
3146 Muslims. Misconceptions and lack of understanding dominate America's perception of Islam, the world's second largest and fastest growing religion. Filmed in Egypet, Mayaysia, Iran, Turkey, Nigera and the United States Muslims; Islam--21st century; Islamic countries--Civilization; Judd Graham.
3147 Mississippi, America. This program gives testimony to persistence and courage in the face of oppression, as citizens and the lawyers who volunteered to help them confront life-threatening violence and government repression in order to win the right to vote. Civil rights movements--Mississippi--History; McCray, Judith.
3148 Zea Film about perception and deception, viewers are invited to explore an intriguing and quickly changing object with explosive potential. Zea suggests that there is more than meets the eye to what we casually dismiss as familiar, ordinary and routine. Experimental films.
3149 Competitive edge. A sales training program that explores a challenging sales situation as seen through the eyes of three different salespeople. Deomonstrates the power of listening and the importance of being able to analyze the customers' needs, which are often hidden well below the surface. Selling; Business; Timmons, Kirby.
3150 Joel Barker's: New business of paradigms. Discusses the role of paradigms in resisting change and paradigm shifts in relation to effecting change. Paradigms (social sciences); Decision making; Social predition; Social change; Problem solving; Barker, Joel Arthur.
3151 After all, you're the supervisor. Comprehensive training program for new and seasoned supervisors alike and provides an array of tools for use in training sessions and as follow-up to help keep training fresh. Teaches the nine components of supervisory success. Supervisors; Supervision of employees; Brady, Jeff.
3152 Pygmalion effect: managing the power of expectation. Trainees get a complete overview of the Pygmalion effect through real-life examples, dramatic vignettes and scenes from the classic movie Pygmalion, where individuals are transformed through the positive (or negative) expectations of another. Employee motivation; Supervision of employees; Incentives in industry; St. John, Timothy.
3153 It's show time everday! Look at what makes Stew Leonard's dairy the most successful food store in the world. Improve customer and employee satisfaction following the "STEW" model: Satisfy the customer, Teamwork, Excellence, Wow! Customer service; Customer relations; Employee motivation; Series: The EveryDay! Series.
3154 Greek temple: a motion picture documentary on the origins and remains of the magnificent ancient shrines. Deals with the construction of the Greek temple, focusing on the evolution of the structure and decoration of temples in Magna Grecia through the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles. Includes scenes of temples at Delphi, Paestum, Agrigento, Sounion, and the Acropolis. Temples, Greek; Architecture, Greek; Mythology, Greek; Hossfeld, Hans Joachim; Series: Museum without walls.
3155 Relax?: you only live once. Humor therapist and stress expert Loretta LaRoche tells viewers how to relax and enjoy everyday life by finding humor in the most unlikely situations. Wit and humor--Therapeutic; Stress management; Stress (Psychology)--Humor; LaRoche, Loretta.
3156 How serious is this? Through humor, Loretta LaRoche puts life in perspective and provides simple rules to live by. She examines the irrational and exaggerated patterns of thinking that drive us all nuts. Exercises from how to breathe to exaggeration therapy, a technique for examining life's worries and seeing how quickly they can be moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. Wit and humor--Therapeutic; Stress management; Stress (Psychology)--Humor; LaRoche, Loretta.
3157 In the year of the pig. From the French involvement in Vietnam to the U.S. escalation, this film offers a thought provoking excursion through Vietnam and the brutality of war. Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975; Indochinese War, 1946-1954; Vietnam--History--1945-1975; De Antonio, Emile.
3158 Whate done!: the power of positive relationships. Ken Blanchard teaches viewers a technique that actually increases employee effectiveness at work, and it's a technique used by the whale trainers of Sea World. Motivation (Psychology); Interpersonal relations; Motivation; Blanchard, Kenneth H.
3159 Accuntuate the pisitive. Meeting opener for Whale Done! Motivation (Psychology); Interpersonal relations; Motivation; Blanchard, Kenneth H.
3160 Whole child: a caregivers guide to the first five years. Outlines essential information about children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Presents practical development activities and techniques to use in difficult times. Early childhood education; Education, Preshcool; Child development; Child psycholgy; Hendrick, Joanne.
CONTENTS: 1.It's the little things.  
2.By leaps and bounds.  
3.Babies are children, too.  
4.Dealing with feelings.  
5.I'm glad I'm me.  
6.Listening to families.  
7.Everybody's special.  
8.Getting along together.  
9.Building inner controls.  
10.Respecting diversity.  
11.Creativity and play.  
12.Let's talk about it.  
13.Growing minds.  
3161 Masterpieces of Italian art. A look at the pinnacle of the Renaissance artistic achievement. Art, Italian; Art, Renaissance; Argan, Guiulio Carlo.
3162 May I help you? Commendable customer service Teaches entry level workers how to provide good customer service by maintaining a good attitude, projecting ositive body language using the correct tone of voice, and developing rapport with the customers who populate the nightmares and daily life of front line personnel. Customer service; Customer relations; Series - Clerical skills series.
3163 Business communication: writing An office worker learns how to compose and revise effective business letters and memos. Business writing; Commercial correspondence; Business communication.
3169 Boomerang. A manager whose team doesn't listen to him and resists change. A colleague explains the Reciprocity Urge and how Bill's behavior may be the problem. Interpersonal relations; Organizational behavior; Communicating.
3170 Team creativity. Creativity--it's often thought of as the stuff of children, when each of us is naturally imaginative and curious. But what happens when we become adults, and the world of play becomes the corporate world? How do we reinforce creativity and keep it from being stifled, particularly in groups of work teams? Creative ability in business; Teams in the workplace; Social groups; Creativeness; Workplace.
3171 Borges and I. Presentation weaves together dramatized sequences from Borges' stories with an interview of the author at his home in Buenos Aires. Relates his stories to his personal experience and attempts to reconcile the public and private images of this major 20th century writer. Authors, Argentine--20th century--interviews; Series - Profile of a writer 
3172-3173-3174 How to deal with difficult people. Provides insights into why difficult people behave the way they do. Introduces skills to use for effective communication. Interpersonal relations; Psychology, Industrial; Brinkman, Rick.
3175 Difficult people: how to deal with them. Identifying major types of behavior such as the hostile aggressives, complainers, know-it-all, etc. Organizational behavior; Interpsersonal relations; Psychology, Industrial.
3176 I love people: it's the customers I can't stand. Program helps students and customer service workers better understand the people they serve. Dramatized examples assist viewer in identifying common behavior patterns in the customer service arena. Customer service.
3177 Managing for customer service. Presents a model for managers that describes six key areas that contribute to customer satisfaction through quality service. Customer service; Scully, Robert.
3178 How to give exceptional customer service Discusses the importance of building rapport with customers. Explains how to control the situation with specific phrases, vocal techniques, and body language; how to avoid emotional trigger words in phone conversations; how to be an active listener; and how to show empathy to get on customer's good side. Tape 1. Total service experience. Customer service; Customer relations; Consumer satisfaction.
3179 How to give exceptional customer service Tape 2. Delivering service with heart.  
3180 How to give exceptional customer service Tape 3. Pleasing the challenging customer.  
3181 How to give exceptional customer service Tape 4. Becoming a service star.  
3182 E-terror. Investigates the shadowy world of computer hackers where breaking into and crippling computer systems is considered a sport. Computer hackers; Computer crimes; Computer security; Internet--Security measures.
3183 Caught in the net. Hazards of surfing the internet are discussed. Internet (Computer network); Computer crimes; Privacy, Right of.
3184 Fish! Catch the energy, release the potential! Shows employees how to generate the energy needed for a high morale work environment. Highlights four main concepts: play, make their day, be there, choose your attitude. Also portrays the playful atmosphere necessary for creativity to flourish. Employee motivation; Motivation (Psychology); Attitude change; Psychology, Industrial; Organizational change--United States--Management; Job satisfaction.
3185 Cultivating initiative in your staff. Volume 2, Meeting management challenges Teaches how to guide employees to a more empowered work style, how to help them master their own jobs, and how to help them develop their good judgement and use it when implementing their best ideas. Employee motivation; Personnel management; Supervision of employees; Management.
3186 Postville: when cultures collide. This production was originally broadcast on Iowa Public Television and tells the story of how a small Iowa town is dealing with multiculturalism. Postville, Iowa is where more than 300 Hasidic Jews, plus hundreds of Mexicans, Guatelmalans, Ukrainians and Russians have taken up residence in the last decade. This program explores the struggles and rewards of the social and economic changes. Jews--Iowa--Postville--History; Hasidim--Iowa--Postville--History; Multiculturalism--Iowa--Postville; Postville (Iowa)--Ethnic relations.
3187 High impact presentations. Robert Pike discusses and demonstrates to his audience the tools one can use to make presentation powerful and full of impact. Business presentations--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Public speaking--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Pike, Robert W.
3188 Dynamic self-discipline. This seminar teaches how positive self-discipline helps you perform at your very best. Motivation (Psychology); Self-control; Success; Waitley, Denis.
3189 Self-esteem and peak performance. High self-esteem means seeing why things will work not why they will not. Through his "ten steps to peak permormance," Jack Canfield shows you how to succeed and how to fall back in love with your job and your life. Self-esteem; Performance; Achievement motivation; Achievement--videocassettes; Self Concept; Video tape seminar; Canfield, Jack, 
3190 Power if vision. 2 copies Barker shows us how a positive vision of the future is essential for providing meaning and direction to the present. He demonstrates how a meningful vision empowers us to solve problems and accomplish goals. Forecasting; Organizational change; Discovering the future series.
3191 Jorobado de Notre Dame (Hunchback of Notre Dame) Animated version of Victor Hugo's classic set to music. Quasimodo ventures from his tower to the joyous festival of fools, but the crowd turns cruel and rejects him because of the way he looks. The gypsy Esmeralda rescues him and he finds himself battling to save the people and the city he loves while reminding us to see people as they are rather than how they appear. Animated films; Series - Walt Disney Coleccion Maestra.
3192 Panco Villa: outlaw hero. Legend has it that he was born during those raging thunderstorms in 1877. A prophetic beginning to the furry and violence that would dominate the life of Pancho Villa. Revolutionaries--Mexico--Biography; Series - Biography; Villa, Pancos, 1878-1923.
3193 Il Pastino ( The Postman). A shy mailman falls in love with a beautiful woman. A famous poet moves into town, he helps the mailman find words to express his hove. Poetry--Drama; Poetry--Political aspects--italy--Drama; Love--Italy--Drama.
3194 Romero. Romero is a compelling and deeply moving look at the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and the oppression in his country. This film chronicles the transformation of Romero from an apolitical, complacent priest to a comitted leader of the Salvadoran people. Catholic Church--Elsalvador--Bishops; Romero, Oscar A. (Oscar Arnulfo), 1917-1980.
3195 Knocks at my door. A deadly encounter between two nuns and the military police reflect the turbulent times in Latin American society. Catholic Church--Latin American--Drama; Nuns--Latin America--Drama; Fugitives from justice--Latin America--Drama; Church and state--Latin America--Drama.
3196 Don Quixote. Classic tale of a man's dream, an epic journey and one true love. Feature films. World War, 1939-1945--Drama. Comedy films.
3197 Burning season. Spurred to action after a key organizer of the rain forest's working poor is slain, Mendes stands firm against slash-and-burn deforestation. He becomes a nonviolent activist, union leader, political candidate and a recognized authority who helps alert the world to the plight of the Amazon. Conservationists--Brazil--Biography; Rain forest conservation--Brazil; Rain forests--Amazon River Region; Deforestation.
3198 Heroes Hispanos. Documentary film which relates the significant military contributions of Hispanic Americans from 1775-1993. Documentary films; Hispanic Americans--Biography; Hispanic American soldiers.
3199 Life is beautiful. A charming but bumbling waiter who's gifted with a colorful imagination and an irresistible sense of humor has won the heart of the woman he loves and has created a beautiful life for his yourng family. Then that life is threatened by World War II. Feature films. World War, 1939-1945--Drama. Comedy films.
3200 Crossing borders: the journey of Carlos Fuentes. The writer / lecturer / diplomat freely discusses his views on art, sex, and politics which reveal the special places and happenings that fired the writer's imagination. Includes readings by Carlos Fuentes. Spanish American literature--20th century--History and critism; Series - Profile of a writer.
3201 Les Miserables. Hugo's story of escaped convict Jean Valjean, who is aided by a good bishop and pursued relentlessly by the fanatical Inspector Javert, expresses the author's humanitarian interest in the suffering of the common people. Feature films; Victor Hugo.
3202 Computers in the workplace: employer surveillance vs. employee right to privacy. Invistigates what rights to privacy emplyees should expect in the workplace, weighing these rights against employer concerns. It considers how computers have improved opportunities for employee surveillance. Privacy, Right of--United States--Congresses; Supervision of employees--Technological innovations--Social aspects; Electron surveillance--social aspects.
3203 Computer ethics. Philosopher Ken Knisely and guests ask the question should all digital communication be accessible to government inspection? Is robust cryptography in the hands of the public a threat to our national security? Computers--Moral and ethical aspects; Computer networks--Security measures; Data encryption (Computer science); Ethics.
3204 Culturally competent counseling and therapy. Part 3, Innovative approaches to counseling Latina/o people. Vignette and discussion of a counseling session with a first-generation student who feels caught between Mexican and American cultures. Cross-cultural counseling; Mexican Americans--Counseling of.
3205 Guidelines for counseling Asian American clients. Covers: Asian American steriotypes and myths; cultural issues as they manifest themselves in behavior disorders; culture specific strategies for counseling Asians in U.S. and Canada; and includes case vignettes to illustrate cultural / family issues in U.S. and Canada. Counseling--methods; Asian Americans--psychology--United States; Sue, Derald Wing.
3206 Counseling and therapy with Native American Indians. Lecture by Teresa LaFromboise discussing techniques used in the counseling of American Indian clients. Cross-cultural counseling; Indians of North America--Counseling of; Counseling; Minorities--Counseling of; La Fromboise, Teresa.
3207 Reflecting on life experience. African-American perspectives: conducting a life review interview. Life review interview with story-teller Onawumi Jean Moss seeking to demonstrate how Eric Erikson's theory is used to help clients understand how their past relates to the present, how individuals develop in families within cultural systems. Arican American women--Interviews; Storytellers--United States--Interviews.
3208 Abilene paradox. Management consultant Jerry B. Harvey illustrates the paradoxical nature of mismanaged agreement, describes symptoms of the paradox, probes the reasons behind the behavior, and offers strategies for eliminating collective decision-making confusion. Decision making; Group decision making.
3209 Culture specific strategies in counseling. Lecture by Dr. Sue examining the skills and theories used in White middle-class settings that are often inappropriate with culturally different populations. Dr. Sue provides a new frame of reference for all helping practice Cross-cultural counseling; Counselors; Counseling; Biculturalism; Indentity (Psycholog).
3210 Coaching: meeting opener. Presents information and quotes to use to open or close a training session on coaching. Coaching; Training session; Series - Smart-start meeting opener.
3211 Patient diversity: beyond the vital signs. Illustrates the importance of learning about your patient population: their belief systems, folk medicine, lore, even those things that dictiate how they respond to pain and medical care. Medical personnel and patient; Medical anthropology; Cultural characteristics; Patients--Psychology; Physician-Patient relations.
3212 Modern marvels: Engineering disasters. A look at some of the worst tragedies in human history - disasters that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people in one fell swoop and that might have been prevented. Covers the period from ancient times to the present day in order to tell the stories of these calamities. Disasters; Engineering; Documentary television programs.
3213 Economics U$A. Half-hour programs that cover all the basic topics in macroeconomics and microeconomics. 14 videos in the set. Economics; United States--Economic conditions--1945-    .
3214 Public relations and marketing, what's the difference? PR experts James L. Tolley and Anthony J. Tortorici discuss the difference between marketing public relations (oriented towards a consumer audience) and corporate public relations. Public relations--Corporations; Marketing--Management; Series: PRSA video library Professsional development library.
3215 Cathedral. Follows the planning and construction of a magnificent Gothic cathedral in the imaginary French town of Beaulieu during the thirteenth century, in order to understand why and how great cathedrals of Europe were built. Alternates between modern footage and animation. Cathedrals; Architecture, Gothic.
3216 Strawberry and chocolate With the help of two new friends, a young man learns everything there is to know about things not taught in school. Homosexuality--Grama; Friendship
3217 - copy Painless performance improvement Combines entertaining hosts with dramatic and realistic coaching moments. Relate to scenes of management gone awry as well as employee's favorite excuses and sidetracks. Improving the performance at the workplace. Preformance--management; employee motivation.
3218 - copy Painless performance improvement Combines entertaining hosts with dramatic and realistic coaching moments. Relate to scenes of management gone awry as well as employee's favorite excuses and sidetracks. Improving the performance at the workplace. Preformance--management; employee motivation.
3219 Food for the ancestors Presents Mexican customs relaging to the care and remembrance of the dead as celebrated in the most elaborate and mysterious festivals, the celebration of Day of the Dead. Expore traditions and ancient ways of life that continue today, interpreted through Mexican cuisine. All Souls'Day--Mexico; Folk festivals; social life and customs.
3220 Degas and the dance: the man behind the easel. Features the paintings, drawings, and sculptures of ballet dancers created by Edgar Degas. Ballet dancers in art.
3221 Discover magazine solar system Describes what scientists have learned about our solar system since manned space exploration began three decades ago. Solar system; outer space--exploration.
3222 Prince of Egypt. A tale of two brothers, one born of royal blood, one an orphan with a secret past. Growing up the best of friends, they share a strong bond of free-spirited youth and good matured rivalry. One becomes a ruler of a powerful empire and the other becomes the chosen leader of his people. Children's films.
3224 Alan Greenspan: man behind money Introduce students to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and explore the factors and trends that influence the world economy. Economists.
3225 Coming out in rural Nebraska Documentary, 4 people share their experiences of growing up and coming out to family and friends. They honestly talk about myths and stereotypes about gay and lesbians, the social structures of their growing up. Socilogy; Gender issues; Gay, lesbian.
3226 World history: the fertile crescent to the American Revolution. Contents: Eqypt, India, China, Ancient Greece, Rome Christianity, Byzantine Empire, Islam, rusia, Constantinople, Dark Ages, Vikings, Medieval life, Crudades, American Revolution World history; Ancient history; Middle Ages; Modern History.
3227 Ask for the order: a complete sales training course in a box! Shows salespeople how to get the order they have been working on and earn, rather than letting the competition have it. Selling.
3228 Managing data access infrastructure and scheme with Visual Studio.NET Discusses how Visual Studio.NET can make application development easier for large and small teams, and addresses issues as how it leverages Oracle and other non-SQL server data sources. Computer programmers; Computer programming management.
3229 Peer today, boss tomorrow: navigating your changing role. Help new managers transition from the status of co-worker to supervisor, this video explains four strategies for success: accept the new role; establish boundaries; communicate; take action. Supervisors; Supervision of employees; Employee motivation; Personnel management.
3230 Guest: treat your customer like a guest in your home. Treating your customers as a guest is as simple as welcoming them, using their name, taking care of their needs, thanking them, and inviting them back. Customer services; Customer relations; Consumer satisfaction; Person-to-person skills series.
3231 Difficult guest: recognizing, understanding and serving difficult customers. Combines outrageous comedy, customer interactions we can all relate to, and a cast of unforgettable characters to set a highly entertaining state for some solid training on recognizing, understanding and taking care of difficult customers. Customer services; Customer relations; Service industries workers--Training of.
3232 Room arrangement as a teaching strategy Presents ideas for arranging preschool classrooms to communicate powerful messages to children purposefully. Messages include: "this is a good place to be", "you belong here", etc. Education, Preschool; Classroom environment.
3233 Cyberterror: bringing down the Internet. This program reveals the volnerability of the Internet. Security consultants also demonstrate the ease with which cyberterrorists breach wireless networks. Cyberterrorism; Internet.
3234 Face: Jesus in art. Traces the dramatically different ways in which Jesues has been represented in art by people throughout history and around the world. Jesus Christ--Art.
3235 Discovering the Middle Ages. A series of 12 lectures designed to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the Middle Ages, looking at central themes in medieval culture, art, religion, literature, and history. Middle Ages; Civilization, medieval; europe--history--476-1492.
3236 E-mail alert: how e-mail becomes e-evidence. Learn how deleted e-mails are retrieved and how those indescreet bits of e-edvidence are influencing litigation and causing consternation for companies in North America. Electronic mail messages; Internet.
3237 Quick tips to learning customer services: Reception skills Reception skills Employees; office practice; business etiquette; customer service; telephone etiquette; work ethic.
3238 Quick tips to learning customer services: Telephone skills. Telephone skills Employees; office practice; business etiquette; customer service; telephone etiquette; work ethic.
3239 Quick tips to learning customer services: Basic customer service etiquette. Basic customer service etiquette Employees; office practice; business etiquette; customer service; telephone etiquette; work ethic.
3240 Quick tips to learn customer services. Work ethic skills Work ethic skills Employees; office practice; business etiquette; customer service; telephone etiquette; work ethic.
3241 Quick tips to learn customer services. Professional appearance Professional appearance Employees; office practice; business etiquette; customer service; telephone etiquette; work ethic.
3242 Art of the Western World  An introduction to and study of artistic masterpieces from the Western World. Interpretation and Commentary by art historians emphasize the significance of each work and its relationship to art movements, art, theory, and the social environment  1. Art-History
2. Art-Europe-History 
3246 Think like the customer, act like the owner. Teaches workers hot to take responsibility for keeping customers happy. It presents such skills as becoming a resource for customers, bending the rules when necessary, and giving estimates. Customer relations.; Consumer satisfaction; Strategic planning.
3247 Making your point without saying a word. This video shows how to project a message with self-confidence, power, eye contact, tone of voice, and facial expression to achieve maximum impact. Nonverbal communication in the workplace; Intercultural communication.
3248 Non-verbal communication in the global marketplace This program examines the mechanics of nonverbal communication through gestures and proxemics and describes the vast range of interpretations that people from different cultures apply to similar physical attitudes and movements. Nonverbal communication in the workplace; Intercultural communication.
3249 Commedy Central presents: the essentials of great service Saturday Night Live comedian Darrell Hammond walks us through a deli to witness customer service in action. The camera follows employees as they display the two behaviors that create great customer service. Customer services; Customer relations.
3250 or 2003 Body language: An introduction to non-verbal communication Teaches how gestures, posture, eye movements and control of personal space are important means of communication. Teaches how gestures, posture, eye movements and control of personal space are important means of communication.
3251 Attitude: a little thing that makes a big difference Illustrates how people communicate attitude through words, body language, and tone of voice. Program teaches how to think positively, avoid negative limitations, improve communication, and adjust one's self-talk. Attitude (Psychology); Attitude change; Success in busines; Self-actualization (Psychology).
3252 Communicating with customers. Describes eight common customer service pitfalls and how to avoid them. Customer relations; Busines communication.
3253 Partnerships with parents. Discusses how parents and teaches can work together for the fenefit of preschool children, foster communications, and resolve difficulties with schedules and both parents and schools. Education, Preschool; Parent-techer relationships.
3254 Leadership In A Fast-Paced Economy  This program pairs up Jamers Keyes, president as CEO of 7-Eleven, and Donald Carty, chariman, president and CEO as catalyst for change and to shaere how they served customers on the go and stay ahead of cost cutting competitiors  New Products-United States-Management
Chief executive officers- United Staes- Biography
Success in  Business
3255 Sweet Honey in Rock; raise your voise (DVD) a documentry about 30 year of the cappella vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock. Included concert footage, archival stills and footage, behing the scenes footage, and in-depth interviews with the group memebers   
3256 Customer-driven success Robert Nardilli, chief executive officer of Home Depot, and Michael Eskew, chief executive officer of United Parcel Service, tell how their firms succeed by being sensitive to their customer's needs. Chief executive officers--United States; Customer services--United States; Home Depot (Firm)--History; United Parcel Service--History.
3257 Handeling Dificult People   Looking at the know-it-al, the aggressive program discusses techniques for handeling people with difficult and uncooperative personalities.  1. Problem emploees
2. communication in business.
3. interperonsla conflict. I. series: people skills 
3258 Passion & Disciplin; Don Quixote's Lessons For Leadership Based ont eh course taught at the Stanford Universtiy Graduate Schol of Business, this film examines what it takes to be a leader in today's society by examining the attributes of library character Don Quixote  1. Leadership. @. Leadersip in Literature 
3259 Culture clash Compilation of sketches from the television program. Includes celebrities introducing "word of the week" consisting of Hispanic idioms and slang. Hispanic Americans--Humor
3260 Mercury. A simulation program of selling advertisements for a publishing corporation which produces a daily, a weekly and magazine to be distributed in hotels for foreigners. Selling--Advertising, Magazine--Computer simulation--Software; Selling--Advertising, Newspaper--Computer simulation--Software.
3261 Business Ehtics on the Job This program defines what business ethics are, and identifies why they are necessary for success in the workplace. A series of engaging live-action vignettes help viewers to recognize the importance of key ethics such as honesty, loyalty, integrity, confidentiality, and respect 1. Business Ethics 
3262 May I help You?: commendable customer service This video illustrates how to maintain a good attitude, projects positive body language, use of correct tone of voice, and develop rapport with the customer. It also demonstrated proven techniques for placating angry customers  1. Customer Services
2. Customer Relations
3. Series-Clerical Skills
3263 How to Handle Conflict Resolution  A wealth of conflict management techniques to help viewers create a more cohesive and productive work environment. Turning negativity and conflict into opportunities for building stronger workplace relationships and improve collaboration  1. Management
2. Interpersonal Confrontation
3. Conflict Management
4. Stress Management. 1. series- sixty minute training series 
3264 Remember me. Remember me 3rd edition enables you to teach the basics of service through the eyes of the customer. Lesson in how it feels to be neglected. Competence, courtesy, and cooperation are the keys to customer service Customer relations. Interpersonal communication; Customer service; Consumer complaints.
3265 Conflict Resolution  Helps participants become better managers of conflict so that they can build productive relationships in the workplace. Explains strategies for conflict resolution  1. Conflict management
2. Interpersonal relations
3. Psychology, industry
4. Management
5. Communications in Organizations  
3266 Breaking barriers: improving communication skills. Exposes the entire range of communication barriers while providing users with an opportunity to apply what they learn through interactive video scenarios of real-world workplace situations. Communication
3267 Let's talk--telephone tactics for better business: it's your call. Practice proper telephone techniques, make decisions that drive the direction of a role-play scenario, and view the repercussions of both good and bad phone etiquette. Telephone in business; Telephone etiquette.
3268 Business ethics. Most people have an easier time making ethical decisions when they have been given the opportunity to think through various ethical dilemmas and discuss them with their peers. Business ethics.
3269 So help me. Supervisor Edition. DVD & VHS Using rel life scenarios, this program shows supervisors how their management style can enhance or detract from the quality of customer service provided by frontline employees. Customer services; Management--Psychological aspects; Interpersonal relations; Employee motivation.
3270 So help me. Employee Edition. DVD & VHS Using real life scenarios, this program demonstrates how frontline employees can provide quality customer service. Customer service; Management--Psychological aspects; Interpersonal relations; Employee motivation.
3271 Peoples and cultures of the world. Part 2 In this course of lectures Prof. Fischer surveys anthropology, the study of human societies and comparative customs with emphasis on pre-capitalist societies and the things which pre-capitalist societies and modern societies have in common.  
3272 Meet your meat. DVD Shows the lives and deaths of chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs raised in factory farms and processed in slaughterhouses. It presents a case for vegetarianism and the ethical treatment of animals. Livestock factories--Moral and ethical aspects; Slaughtering and slaughter-houses; Animal welfare; Vegetarianism.
3273 Ted Kooser's poetic world. DVD Nebraskan Ted Kooser, the 13th U.S. Poet Laurate, shows us the beauty in the ordinary through his poetry. This educational DVD provides multiple venues for educators, students, and all of us to experience poetry in an everyday way. Poetry--Study and teaching; Poets, American; Poetry
3274 Give 'em the pickle! DVD Discusses the secret to a successful business, which is doing those special or extra things to make customers happy. Outlines the four principles that will help ensre that your customers keep coming back. Success in business; Customer services.
3275 Music is style. DVD Explains that style is the mode of expression or the characteristic mood that music after 1600, including baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic. and modern Style, Musical; Music.
3276 Video highlights from the voice clinic Larynges of several students at the University of British Columbia, Division of Oral Laryngology, are studied as to effects of voice abuse, increased muscular tension, and problems related to abnormal Laryngcal irritants with the help of indirect fiber optic magnifying equipment. Larynx--Examination; Vocal cords--Diseases; Voice disorders.
3277 Creative training and presentation techniques. Discuss ways to make training programs and presentations more effective. Contents: Preparation-Openings, closings-Motivation-Creativity Employees--Training of; Business presentations.
3278 The Blame Game. Introduces an excellent meeting opener for the groups that come together for the specific purpose of solving problems. Reminds the group of the dangers of slipping into the all-too-human tendency of blaming others in attempt to escape culpability, or to make oneself look good. Blame; Responsibility; Problem solving; Social responsibility.
3279 Jungle Upton Sinclair's novel, The jungle brought to light the appalling sanitation and working conditions of Chicago;s meatpacking industry. This program presents the life of author and polemicist Upton Sinclair. Meat industry and trade--United States--History; Packing-houses; Working class
3280 Other1492: Ferdinand, Isabella, and the making of an empire. Teofilo F. Ruiz gives a series of lectures on the history of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, who united the country, took power from the Moors, gave aid to Columbus, ordered the expulsion or conversion of Jews and Moors, and built the framework for modern Spain. Spain--History--Ferdinand and Isabella, 1479-1516; Spain--Social conditions--to 1800; America--Discovery and exploration--Spanish.
3281 Listening to Jazz Explains and musically demonstrates the special characteristics of jazz rhythm, melody, and hamony. Shows the Billy Taylor Trio at work. Includes pictures of musical instruments in action. Jazz.
3282 EAV history of Jazz Billy Taylor traces jazz music from its beginning through the mid-1980's. Live performances by Billy Taylor Trio introduce various styles, along with old film footage of great performers. Jazz--History; Jazz musicians.
3283 Groupthink. Presents case histories of tragedies like space shuttle Challenger, Pearl Harbor and the Cuban Bay of Pigs which resulted from the natural tendency to achieve agreement for the sake of group unity. Interviews with Dr. Irving Janis and Dr. James K. Esser. Decision making; Group relations training; thought and thinking; Social groups.
3284 Thunderheart. A young, part-Sioux FBI agent is sent to solve a murde on an Indian reservation. There he meets the irreverent local sheriff and the tribes' religious leader, who helps the agent begin to understand his heritage. Detective and mystery films; Detective films and programs; Indians in motion pictures; Indians in motion pictures.
3285 Getting Along: words of encouragement. Presents motivational quotes inspiring viewers to create and sustain harmonious interpersonal relationships across differences. Interpersonal relations; Cultural diversity.
3286 Discipline without punishment. Dispels myths about discipline, then shows strategies for making it positive, effective, and comfortable. Shows how to approach discipline as a collaborative, problem-solving process. Labor discipline; Supervision of employees.
3287 Medici, godfathers of renaissance. A tale of one family's ambition and of Europ's struggle to emerge from the ravages of the Dark Ages. The Medici used charm, skill and ruthlessness to garner unparalleled wealth and power. Florence (Italy)--History--1421-1737; Medici, House of.
3288 Ken Burns jazz: the story of Amrica's music. 5 compact discs. Jazz
3289 Jazz: a film by Ken Burns A masterpiece by midnight, The Adventure, Risk, Dedicated to Shaos, Swing: the velocity of celebration, Swing: pure pleasure, The True welcome, Our language, The Gift, Gumbo. Jazz--History and criticism; Jazz musicians; Jazz.
3290 Would I work with me? Demonstrates a supervisors's behavior in relistic situations--first as a newly appointed suprvisor, and then as a more experienced manager who has learned from his mistakes. Customr services; Personnel management.
3291 Master the message: communicating for success. Show how to communicate with clarity and assurance in the workplace. Reviews conflict, listening, communicating within groups, confirming expectations. Communication in organizations; Communication in business; Interpersonal relations; Management.
3292 First feelings Discusses emotional development in infants. Examins Bowlby's theory of attachment and presents footage of Harlow's experiment with baby monkeys and surrogate mothers. Infants--Development; Infant psychology; Child development; Series - Time to grow.
3293 Late adulthood. Death, dying & bereavement and widowhood. Examines dath as the final part of life. Discusses the ways people come to terms with death, whether their own or a loved one's. Death -- Psychological aspects; Bereavement--Psychological aspects; Widowhood; Old age.
3294 Body doubles: the twin experience. The issue whether character and intelligence are genetically predetermined is addressed with several identical twins, including a survivor of Nazi experiments under Joseph Mengele, a set of conjoined twins, and a pair of brothers reunited after being reared apart. Twins--Psychology; Nature and nurture; Title - Twin experience.
3295 Madness: a history 5 part series presents a history of medical treatment. Follows the long, often grim road towards understanding and treating mental illness. Mental illness--Treatment--Hisotry; Series - Kill or cure: a history of medical treatment.
3296 EAV history of music pt.1 pt.1 Origins and overviews, pt.2 The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, pt.3 The Baroque era, pt.4 Into the classical period, pt.5 Early romanticism, pt.6 Later romanticism, pt.7 The early twentieth century, pt.8 Into the 1980s. Music--History and criticism.
3297 EAV history of music pt. 2 pt.1 Origins and overviews, pt.2 The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, pt.3 The Baroque era, pt.4 Into the classical period, pt.5 Early romanticism, pt.6 Later romanticism, pt.7 The early twentieth century, pt.8 Into the 1980s. Music--History and criticism.
3298 Breaking away. Comedy about an idalistic young man and his friends and their pursuit to find jobs and a purpose to like in their hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Bicycle racing--Drama; Feature films; Comedy films.
3299 Rodrigo D: No future Tough and in your face, Rodrigo D reveals the brutal tale of a teenager making a goal of it in one of the world's toughest towns: Medellin, Columbia Youth--Columbia--medellin; Juvenil deliquents--Columbia--Medellin
3300 Children of Heaven A young boy, Ali, loses his sister Zahra's school shoes. In order to stay out of trouble, the two come up with a plan to share Ali's shoes, but they must keep it a secret from their parents. Children--Iran; Brothers and sister--Iran; Family--Iran; Poor--Iran.
3301 Doll's house Nora is sheltered first by her father and then by her husband. All her life, she has been protected like a fragile possession…like a doll in a doll's house. After she marries, Nora becomes frustrted, realizes that under the dominance  of her husband she will never have an identity of her own, and leaves to find a new life for herself. Wives--Norway--Drama
3302 Tartuffe. Moliere's timeless comedy, starring the incompareable Donald Mofat portraying the scoundrel Tartuffe, sho manipulates his way into the confidence and affection of Orgon, an affluent bourgeois concerned with his own salvation, and whose wife and daughter Tartuffe attempts to seduce. France--17th century--Drama; Impostors and imposture--Drama; Man-woman relationships--Drama.
3303 A streetcar named Desire. Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the restless years following WWII, this is a story of Blanche DuBois, a fragile and neurotic woman on a desperate prowl for someplace in the world to call her own. An uncensored version of the story of a repressed widow who visits her sister in New Orleans and is raped and driven mad by her brother-in-law. Man-woman relationships--Drama; Lust
3304 Chicago At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find themselves on Chicago's famed Murderess Row. They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends. Criminals--Drama
3305 Oedipus Rex The Stratford, Ontario, Shakespearean Festival Players, speaking through Greek Masks, Present the tragedy of Oedipus, who, having unwittingly slain his father and unknowingly married his mother, is driven by the plague that has swept through his kingdom to track down the evildoer who has polluted his land and its people. Oedipus (Greek mythology)--Drama.
3306 Thin. Takes us inside the walls of Renfrew Center, a residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders, closely following four young women who have spent their lives starving themselves--often to the verge of death. Eating disorders; Eating disorders in women; Anorexia nervosa; compulsive eating.
3307 Keys to quality infant toddler care Go inside the center and day care home to see first-hand what makes quality day care. Review the day-to-day care that is tailored to the individual infant, toddler and two-year-old and hear discussions of the essential components. Emphasized as key are relationships, responsiveness and individualized care among the children, parents and staff. Health and safety included. Day care center--Evaluation; Child care services; Child care.
3308 Take back your time: How to manage your workload and still have a life. Scenarios illustrate the way to avoid being burned out: liberate yourself by identifying and throwing out the non-essentials, make a "DON'T DO list" knowing when you e-mail, exercising your abilityy to just say "No". Time management; Burnout (Psychology); Stress (Psychology)--Prevention.
3309 Zora Neale Hurston: a heart with room for every joy This video examines the rich legacy of the writings of Zora Neale Hurston. Novelists, American--20th century; folklorists--United States; African American novelists.
3310 Handbuilt pottery. Demonstrates methods of coil pottery construction using stoneware. Shows the use of hard and soft slabs in the construction of porcelain. Stoneware--Technique; {porcelain--Technique.
3311 Relief printing. Printer Nora Koch demonstrates the rubber block (lino) relief print process as a three plate color print is developed from sketch to signature. Introduces the wood-cut, wood engraved, and reduction relief block methods. Linoleum, block-printing--Technique; Relief printing--Technique; Block printing--Technique; Wood engraved--Technique; Color prints--Technique.
3312 Wheel thrown pottery. Provides a start to finish demonstration of wheel throwing, including trimming, handle attachment, bisquing, glazing, and firing. Pottery--Technique; Pottery craft.
3313 Writing down the bones: freeing the writer within What is writing? Can anybody do it? What's the best way to get started? And keep going? Over a decade ago, when Writing Down the Bones first appeared, Natalie Goldberg started a revolution in the way we practice writing. Instead of looking at writing as something open only to a few, she made it available to everybody. Her simple, ingenious exercises set free a generation of writers waiting to experience the inner and outer pleasures only writing can provide... Authorship.
3314 Speaking of now live  Last train home – Go get it – As it is – Proof – Insensatez (How insensitive) – The gathering sky – You – A place in the world – Scrap metal – Another life – On her way – Are you going with me? – The roots of coincidence – A map of the world – In her family –  Song of Bilbao. Jazz - 2001-2010; Jazz vocals.
3315 Complete blue eyed For over 30 years, Jane Elliott has been America’s most highly acclaimed diversity trainer. Her powerful and controversial “blue eyed/brown eyed” exercise has had a life-changing impact on thousands in schools, corporations and government. Race.
3316 Broadway: the American musical. Give my regards to Broadway - Syncopated city - I got plenty o'nuttin - Oh, what a beautiful morning - Tradition, Putting it together. Theater--United States; Musicals--Production and direction.
3317 Simon Schama's power of art  Focusing on eight iconic works of art, this series reveals the history of visual imagination through the ages. A combination of reconstruction, photography and storytelling transport the viewer back to the intense moments when great works were conceived and born: the murderous, messianic world of Baroque Rome; opulent, parvenu Amsterdam; paranoid, revolutionary Paris; Victorian England suffocating beneath riches and righteousness; the madhouses and brothels of Provence; the carnage of civil war Spain;1950s New York, caught between Cold War jitters and   Manhattan glitter..
Art-History; Artists; Painting-History; Sculputre-History.
3318 Miles Davis: the cool sound of jazz   Jazz -- 1951-1960.
3319 Farinelli, il Castrato The true story of a world famous castrato in the 18th century. With charisma, talent, drive and success. Farinelli had everything: money, talent, fame, women, and the voice of an angel. He becomes obsessed with earning the respect of his brother's rival, the composer Handel. Castrati -- Drama.
3320 Color of fear 1. Eight North American men of different races continue to talk together about how racism affects them and how their time together has changed their initial anger and racial perspectives. Racism--United States--Psychological aspects; Race discrimination--United States--Prevention; Prejudicies--United States.
3321 Wetback: the undocumented documentary Arturo Perez Torres follows in the footsteps of two friends traveling on an extraordinary and extremely dangerous journey from Central America to North America. On their journey they encounter gangs and vigilantes, as well as border patrol. But these immigrants navigate real-life nightmares with uncanny calm, grace and even humor in their pursuit of a better life... United States--Emigrantion and immigration; North America--Emigration and immigration.
3322 U.S.-Mexican War It began as a border dispute, but soon escalated into a 16-month conflict that transformed a continent. Tells the exciting and dramatic story of a war that cost Mexico nearly half its territory. Studies both sides of the conflict, presents a historical panorama filled with unforgettable characters like Mexian President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, General Zachary Taylor, and Winfield Scott....
Spanish language materials; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Mexico--History
3323 Guns, germs, and steel An epic detective story that offers a gripping expose on why the world is so unequal. Professor Jared Diamond traveled the globe for over 30 years trying to answer this question. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book. Why did Eurasians conquer, displace, or decimate Native Americans, Australians, and Africans, instead of the reverse? Diamond dismantles racially based theories of human history by revealing the environmental factors actually responsible for history's broadest patterns. Social evolution; Civilization--History; Ethnology; Human beings--Effect of environment on; Ecology--Effect of human beings on; Culture diffusion; Social change.
3324 Conquistadors One of history's most fateful chapters and greatest adventures. The exploration of the America's by Spanish soldier-explorers, and the experiences and tragedies they had once there Conquerors—America; Indigenous peoples—America; Creative destruction—America; Conquerors—America.
3325 Journey of man. How did the human race populate the world? A group of geneticists have worked on the question for a decade, arriving at a startling conclusion: the "global family tree" can be traced to one African man who lived 60,000 years ago. Dr. Spencer Wells hosts this innovative series, featuring commentary by expert scientists, historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. Human evolution; Human population genetics; Population genetics; Evolutionary genetics.
3326 Secret files of the Inquisition  "For centuries the historical records of the Inquistion have been locked away to beome the subject of legend. In 1998 the Vatican opened these archves for the first time ever. Secret Files of the Inquistion unveils the incredible true story of the western world's most potent religion and its determination to maintain power at any cost. From the pages of secret documents hidden in European archives comes a tale of faith and fervor, of torture and courage, of the fight for human rights and religious tolerance....
"For centuries the historical records of the Inquistion have been locked away to beome the subject of legend. In 1998 the Vatican opened these archves for the first time ever. Secret Files of the Inquistion unveils the incredible true story of the western world's most potent religion and its determination to maintain power at any cost. From the pages of secret documents hidden in European archives comes a tale of faith and fervor, of torture and courage, of the fight for human rights and religious tolerance....
Inquisition; Catholic Church--History
3327 Ghosts of Rwanda  Through interviews with key government officials, diplomats, soldiers, and survivors, this documentary examines the state-sponsored genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Explores the reasons why the international community and the United States did not intervene as Hutu extremists killed some 800,000 Tutsis.
Genocide—Rwanda—History; Tutsi (African people)—Crimes against—Rwanda; Hutu (African people)—Rwanda—Politics and government; Rwanda—Ethnic relations; Rwanda—History—Civil War, 1994.
3328 Remember the Titans 
A drama of forced high school integration in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. After leading his team to fifteen winning seasons, white football coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by African-American Herman Boone, tough, opinionated and as different from Yoast as could be. The two men overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions....
African American football coaches—Virginia—Alexandria—Drama; Football—Virginia—Alexandria—Drama; School integration—Virginia; High school students—Virginia—Alexandria; Sports films.
3329 Art for whose sake? Shows how the artist uses his freedom to manifest the age in which he lives even though it is sometimes difficult for viewers to understand.
Art and society.
Art, Modern.
Freedom and art.
Art appreciation.
Communication in art.
3330 Color  Stephen Quiller presents an overview of color concepts and how color combinations are used in creating a painting. Color in art—Study and teaching; Painting—Technique—Study and Teaching; Color in art—Study and teaching; Painting—Technique—Study and teaching..
3331 Monotypes and monoprints  Nick Capaci and Jonde Northcutt demonstrate techniques for creating monotypes and monoprints. Monotype (Engraving)—Technique; Prints—Technique.
3332 Relief printmaking  Introduces basic relief printmaking techniques using simple materials and tools including preparing a lino block, applying water-based ink, and pulling the print using a press or the back of a spoon. Different types of relief printing blocks including stamps are shown. Relief printing—Technique; Linoleum block-printing—Technique; Block printing—Technique.
3333 Slavery and the making of America  This program examines the history of slavery in the United States and the role it played in shaping the new country's development.
Contents: v. 1. The downward spiral -- v. 2. Liberty in the air -- v. 3. Seeds of destruction -- v. 4. The challenge of freedom.
Slavery—United States—History.
3334 Ouch!
that stereotype hurts : how to speak up against stereotypes : communicating respectfully in a diverse world / 
"Shows the viewer exactly how to respond in moments of diversity-related tension! No blame, no guilt, no conflict-- just practical, specific skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace"--Container. Diversity in the workplace; Multiculturalism; Intercultural communication; Stereotypes (Social psychology).
3335 Cool hand Luke Lucas Jackson is a man who refues to be nailed down, conform to rules and regulations, or fit into society, and now, he's on a chain gang. He's a likable enough guy, always smiling, always ready for a little fun…. Prisons--United States--Drama; Chain gangs--United states--Drama; Paul Newman.
3336 Kundun A dramatization of the life and work of the current (14th) Dalai Lama and his ongoing struggle to regain independence for Tibet. Dalai lamas--Drama; Tibet (China)--Drama
3337 Talmud Originally passed down orally from master to student, the Talmud is the hidden face of the Torah, or Old Testament. It is a vast body of legal, mythic, and philosophical texts, and a mixture of religious commentary and debate, of history and science, and of anecdote and humor. No other text has had such an influence on Jewish life as it details the principles, ethical codes, and laws that serve as a gude for conduct. Judaism; Jews--Religious life and cutoms.
3338 Super size me. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock embards on a journey to find out if fast food is making Americans fat. For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must eat three square meals a day, he must eat everything on the menu at least once, and supersize his meal if asked. He treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and a number of regular folk while downing McDonald's to try and find out why 37% of Amricans are now overweight... Diet--adverse effects--United States; Food habits--United States; Food Industry--United States; Obesity--etiology--United States; Fast food restaurants; Nutritionally induced diseases.
3339 Pelle the conqueror. A boat filled with Swedish immigrants come to the Danish island of Bornholm at the end of the 19th Century. Lasse and his son Pelle find work on a farm, but are treated very poorly. Pelle is determined to make a better life. Swedes--Denmark--History; Agricultural laborers--Denmark--History; Fathers and sons--Drama.
3340 Romero. Chronicles the transformation of Archbishop Oscar Romero from an apolitical, complacent priest to a committed leader of the Salvadoran people. Religion; El Salvdor--Politics and government--197901992--Drama.
3341 Sicko Filmmaker Michael Moore critiques the American health care system, focusing especially on the HMOs, drug companies and congressmen who profit from the status quo. Also includes and analysis of the health care systems in Canada, England, France and Cuba, where free universal health care is the norm. Medical care--United States; Medical economics--United States; Medical policy--United States; Health care reform--United States; 
3342 Mission. An epic about a man of the sword and a man of the cloth who unite to shield the Guarani South American Indian tribe from brutal subjugation by 18th-century colonial empires. Guarani Indians--Missions--Drama; Guarani Indians--Colonization; Indians of South America--Missions; Indians of South America--Colonization.
3343 Into great silence. Nestled deep in the postcard-perfect French Alps, the Grande Chartreuse is considered on the the world's most ascetic monasteries. This transcendent, closely observed film seeks to embody a monastery, rather than simply depict one - it has no score, no voiceover and no archi val footage. Motion picture music -- Excerpts; Chants; Sacred vocal music.
3344 Quiet rage: the Stanford prison study. Discusses a prison simulation experiment conducted in 1971 with students at stanford University and considers the causes and effects that make prisons such an emotional issue. Prison psychology; Prison psychology -- Experiments; Imprisonment; Imprisonment -- Experiments.
3345 DSM IV personality disorders. Illustrating the primary trait and clinical characteristics of each of the 14 DSM-III R and DSM-IV personality disorders, this program with Theodore Millon presents short vignettes that clarify the natures of the disorders. Personality disorders; Personality disorders--Diagnosis.
3346 American beauty: the awards edition An emotionally & spiritually comatose suburban man decides "to hell with it all" and reverts to living as he did when he was happiest--as a carefree teenager. His desperately uptight wife and sullen daughter can only look on as he quits his corporate job to become a burger flipper, starts getting high with a strange new neighbor (whose parents are even stranger) and lusts after a pouty blonde teenager--his daughter's best friend.  
Suburban life -- Drama.
Midlife crisis -- Drama.
3347 Writing for business results: learn to improve your written communication Provides viewers with the principles to make their business writing more powerful, interesting and relevant to the reader. Business writing; English language -- Business English.
3348 Succeed by listening This kit is about how effective listening can aid in professional and personal growth. This program is developed to lead you through skill development that will allow you to make the changes in your listening behavior. Listening.
3349 EZ ECGs Discusses principles required to interpret ECGs, including cardiac conduction, ECG waveforms, 5-step rhythm analysis, sinus rhythms, lethal dysrhythmias, scenarios and treatments. Electrocardiography; Patient monitoring
3350 Human heart. An overview of the human heart and the way it functions, using drawings and interviews with medical personnel. Heart; Heart -- Diseases; Heart -- Physiology.
3351 Communication skills for the work place. Demonstrates the importance of communication in the workplace. Busines communication; Communication in organizations; Vocational guidance; Body language.
3352 Thinking globally: effective lessons for teaching about the interdependent world economy. Includes lesson plans in PDF format for topics related to international economics and aligned to the Voluntary National Council on Economic Education. Lesson plans: Ten basic questions about globalization -- What is the International Monetary Fund and what does it do? -- Why people trade? -- Comparative advantage and trade in a global economy -- "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Why do we need the WTO? -- Why are some nations wealthy? -- Foreign currencies and foreign exchange -- Exchange rates: money around the world.
3353 Silent witnesses: the Kitty Genovese murder. Interviews of people connected with the Kitty Genovese murder, including A. M. Rosenthal, author of Thirty-eith witnesses: the Kitty Genovese case.  Murder -- New York (State) -- New York; Witnesses -- New York (State) -- New York; Police -- New York (State) -- New York; Telephone -- United States -- Emergency reporting systems; Apathy; Social ethics.
3354 Global Exchange: free trade and protectionism. This program surveys the history and politics of cross-border trade, identifying ways that nations have tried to strengthen, reduce, or prevent it. Economic development; Economics; Free trade; Protectionism.
3355 How to hold successful meetings: 30 action tips for managing effective meetings. Offering quick tips for enhancing the success of meetings, this program answers such questions as when to call a meeting and who to invite to participate in meeting activities. It covers such topics as agendas and using brainstorming to generate creative ideas, emphasizes the importance of starting on time and creating realistic schedules, and teaches how to reinvigorate stalled meetings. Meetings; Communication in management; Communication; Leadership; Management quality circles; Organizational innovation; Organizational objectives.
3356 Nonverbal communication and culture. This program examines nonverbal communication in different cultures. It looks at personal  space; body language including gestures, inflection, eye contact, smiling and other facial expressions; and posture. It demonstrates how the same gesture can be interpreted in different ways. Human behavior -- Cross-cultural studies; Nonverbal communication; Body language; Gesture --Cross-cultural studies; Facial expression; Communication -- social aspects.
3357 Best cooperative team building activites for all ages and organizations. Over 20 proven accessible favorites plus variations, written rules, leadership and processing hints, followup resources and … a modeled sequence of cooperative behaviors and group building linked with applications for school, work, play and life. Teams in the workplace -- Problems, exercises, etc.; Group games; Group relations training; Personnel management.
3358 How to write and deliver great speeches: the Toastmasters international guide to public speaking. This program covers the skills you need for writing and delivering effective presentations, whether you're speaking to a huge auditorium or within the  confines of a business meeting or boardroom. Public speaking; Speech -- Study and teaching; Oral communication -- Study and teaching.
3359 Effective e-mail Bette Frick, "the text doctor:, explains the positive and negative aspects of e-mail and discusses when e-mail is the best choice for communicating. She gives tips for how to improve readability of e-mail, how to use netiquette, and how to increase productivity in an e-mail environment. Electronic mail messages; Business communication.
3360 Secret of the wild child. Examines the case of "Genie,: a girl whose parents kept her locked in a bedroom in total isolation, until she was discovered in 1970 at age 13. At first, her rehabilitation seemed to be an opportunity to test hypotheses of language acquisition, but disputes about the nature of her disabilities, the intensity of her therapy, and the prograss of government funded research turned Genie's case into a sad example of the ethical quandaries of research on human subjects. Psycholinguistics -- Case studies; Children -- Language -- Case studies; Sociolinguistics -- Case studies; Sociolinguistics -- Case studies; Abused children -- California -- Biography.
3361 Economic development: a global challenge. This program studies various methods for economic potential, growth, and stagnation in the context of today's global environment. Economic development; Globalization -- Economic aspects; Microfinance.
3362 Children of the camps: the documentary Part of the Children of the camps educational project, this video shares the experiences, cultural and familial issues, aand the long internalized grief and shame felt by six Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in internment camps as children during World War II. Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945, World War, 1939-1945--Children--United States.
3363 Trauma, brain & relationship: Helping children heal Documentary about psychological or emotional trauma in children is taken from interviews conducted at the From Neurons to Neighborhoods community conferences. The documentary is an overview to help those who care about children recognize, prevent and heal psychological trauma. Psychic trauma in children; Psychic trauma in children -- Treatment; Parent and infant; Parent and child.
3364 Art: 21 : art in the twenty-first century. Season four. "Meet contemporary artists at work and speaking in their own words--direct, accessible, and unfiltered -- in Season Four of the Emmy-nominated ART:21 -- Art in the twenty-first century documentary series… This unique four-hour series spotlights 17 artists working in the United States today, and invites viewers behind the scenes to see artists at work in their homes, communities, and unexpected sites -- from an old-growth forest to a military base to a film set... Art, American--21st century; Artists--United States--Biography; Artists--United States--Interviews; American art -- 21st century.
3365 Athens: the dawn of democracy. Historian Bettany Hughes goes on search of the real truth about democratic Athens, 2500 years ago. It has been revered as the birthplace of philosophy, art, science and the greatest political idea of all time; democracy. Democracy -- History.
3366 Pollock Fellow artists and lovers Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner are at the center of New York's 1940's art scene, but as Krasner neglects her work to push Pollock's career forward, Pollock begins to unravel emotionally. Pollock and Krasner escape to the country to marry, and soon, Pollock creates the work that makes him the first internationally-famous modern painter in America.... Painters--United States--Biography--Drama.
3367 David Hockney's secret knowledge. Investigation of how early painters used simple cameras to capture realistic images -- 400 years before the invention of the photograph. Examines works by Jan Van Eyck, vermeer, Holbein, Caravaggio and Velazquez. Demonstrates methods using camera lucida, camera obscura and convex mirrors. Realism in art; Painting--Technique--History; Camera obsuras; Camera lucidas Painting, Renaissance--History; Painting from photographs.
3368 Mood disorders: depressive disorders Part 1 Symptoms of major depressive disorder or MDD, and dysthymic disorder. Examines the epidemiology of MDD, focusing on various biological theories. Interviews with individuals suffering from MD and from dysthymic disorder are interspersed throughout. Mood disorders; Psychiatry & psychology.
3369 War dance. A depiction of the transformative and uplifting potential of music and dance in the lives of children. Dominic, Rose, and Nancy are three children of the Acholi tribe, living in the war zone displacement camp in Patongo, Uganda. As war refugees, their families have been decimated, their homes lost, and they have been burdened with vivid memories of violence. However, the children are at least able to attend a camp school that offers them inspiration, as they participate in music, song and performance. When they are invited to compete in an annual music and dance festival in their nation's capitol, an opportunity for which all 20,000 Ugandan schools compete, they are given the chance to regain hope and success in their lives. Dance for children -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Music and children -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Refugees -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Refugee camps -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Music -- Competitions -- Uganda.
Dance -- Competitions -- Uganda.
Competition (Psychology) in children.
Dance for children -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Refugees -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Refugee camps -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Contests -- Uganda -- Northern Province.
Competition (Psychology) in children.
3370 Salud! This video looks at the curious case of Cuba, a cash-strapped country with what the BBC calls one of the world's best health systems. From the shores of Africa to the Americas, the filmmakers travel with some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals servinc in 68 sountries, and interviews international medical students in Cuba -- now numbering 30,000, including newrly 100 from the USA Delivery of Health Care -- Cuba; Education, Medical -- Cuba; International Educational Exchange -- Cuba; Universal Coverage -- Cuba; Medical care -- Cuba; Health care reform.
3371 How to work with people: Understanding team dynamics Randall Wright shares his insights to increase your understanding of those you work with and improve your ability to communicate and support one another. Learn to develop the verbal and people skills you need to enhance team dynamics and increase productivity. Learn to utilize the SELF Profile to understand your own style and how best to work with others of differing styles. Psychology, Industrial.
Interpersonal relations.
3372 Motivation and Goal-Setting: Powerful tools to achieve personal and professional objectives Teach you to focus your energy so you can accomplish more in less time, prioritize your activities at home and at work, and establish productive patterns so you can achieve your goals Motivation (Psychology); Goal (Psychology); Employee motivation; Goal setting in personnel management.
3373 Powerful communication skills: How to communicate with confidence, clarity, and credibility This program will help you identify the key elements of communicating and give you specific techniques for improving. You'll learn how to easily improve the way you communicate and start reaping the rewards immediately! Communication 
3374 Stress management: A practical guide to reducing stress in every aspect of your life Learn from expet Peggy Doolittle how to recognize the signs and causes of debilitating stress and how to identify and nurture the "good" stress that brings ut your best efforts. Discover five proven techniques for taking control of job-related stress Stress management; job stress
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