Automotive Technology

Program Locations: Hastings Campus
Program Level: Certificate, Diploma, Associate
Department: Skilled and Technical Sciences

Automotive service technicians play a crucial role in today’s society. Service technicians need to expertise to solve electrical and mechanical problems in our vehicles and to assure that they are running at peak performance and safe for those who depend on them. Our Automotive Technology program will challenge you through both classroom lecture and hands-on experience taught to you by ASE Master Automotive Technician instructors. You’ll acquire the necessary skills to perform regular maintenance and diagnosis/repair on all makes and models of cars and light duty trucks. As a CCC student, you will also be eligible to earn Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Student Certification through our Automotive Technology program.

Our Automotive Technology program has partnered with the National Coalition of Certified Centers (NC3) to offer third-party certifications to our students. These certifications are free of charge to you as part of the Automotive Technology program.

Vehicle Repair Requests:

The automotive technology students repair students’ and CCC employees’ vehicles. Repairs that pertain only to the course the automotive students are currently in will be selected. We will select each vehicle by category on a first-come, first-served basis and as class time permits. If your vehicle is selected, you will be contacted by the automotive technology faculty and given instructions on how to proceed. (Filling out out this form does not guarantee service.)

Request a Vehicle Repair

Program Options

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The Automotive Technology program is fall-start only. 

Automotive Technology student working in the shop

  • What will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
What will it cost?
How long will it take?

Finish in 2 years by completing 16 credits a semester for 4 semesters

The length of time to complete the degree is based on a student taking only the courses required for the program as listed in our online catalog. It does not include the cost of foundations courses that may be required based on assessment scores, retaking courses or taking courses that are not required by your program of study.

Your adviser will develop a program of study to meet your individual needs.

Tool List

*See your instructor for an official list or if you have questions.

(Revised 8/12/20)

1/4 Drive Set

1- standard ratchet
3- extensions 2, 4 & 6" (est. length)
1- universal joint
1- socket set 3/16-9/16
1- socket set 4-15 mm
1- drive handle
1- socket set 3/16-9/16 deepwell
1- socket set 4-15 mm deepwell

3/8 Drive Set

1- standard ratchet
1- flex-head ratchet (min. length 11")
4- extensions1, 3, 6 & 11” (est. length)
1- socket set 1/4-7/8”
1- socket set 1/4-7/8 deepwell
1- socket set 8-19 mm
1- socket set 8-19 mm deepwell
1- universal joint

1/2 Drive Set

1- standard ratchet
1- flex-head ratchet (min. length 17")
1- socket set 3/8-1 1/8”
1- socket set 10-24 mm
3- extensions 2, 5 & 11"(est. length)
1- breaker bar
4- axle nut sockets 30,32,34,36 mm


SAE combination 3/8 -1”
Metric combination 6-19 mm
Flare nut 1/4 -11/16”
Flare nut 10-19 mm
Allen hex wrench SAE to 3/8”
Allen hex wrench set metric to 12 mm
12" adjustable wrench


1- 6” comb. Slip joint pliers
1- 7” diagonal cutter
1- 6” needle nose pliers
1- 9” adjustable joint pliers
1- 5 pc Snap Ring pliers Set
1- Long reach needle nose pliers (min. length 11")


3- Phillips #1, #2 & #2 stubby
5- Flat blade, 3"-13" overall length
1- Torx screw driver set

Essential Tools

Wire stripper
Punch & chisel set (10 piece)
Torx socket drivers 10-55
Plastic tip hammer
16 & 32 oz hammer
Pocket Flashlight
Inspection mirror
Magnetic pick-up tool
Carbon scraper
10” vise grip-locking pliers
6" long nose vise grip-locking plier
16” rolling head bar
Hook & awl (pick) set
Ignition/spark plug gauge set
General use feeler gauge set
Wire gap gauge set
Gapper gauge
3-spark plug sockets 9/16, 5/8 & 13/16
Battery angle nose piers
Battery terminal cleaner
Battery terminal wrench 5/16”
Radiator hose tool
Wire brush
1-10” mill file w/handle
1-10” round file w/handle
Spark plug boot pliers
Brake spring pliers
Brake retainer spring tools
Brake adjusting spoon
Brake bleeder wrenches
3/8 Torque wrench
1/2 Torque wrench
32 oz dead blow hammer
1- Spark tester (example Lisle 20610)

Measuring Tools

6” 150 mm digital caliper
Tape measure (min. 10')
Steel ruler (Sterrett C604R or Equivalent)

Lab Kit

2- fender covers
1- A/C thermometer
1- Mity -Vac hand pump
1- Fluke 87-V DVOM or Equivalent
1- Automotive Test Light


1- 3/8-1/4
1- 3/8-1/2
1- 1/2-3/8

Optional Tools

1/2 air impact wrench
3/8 air ratchet
1/2 drive deep impact sockets SAE and Metric
1-Die grinder straight or angle
Serpentine Belt tool set
Puller set (steering & balancer)
Fuel gauge set
Tap & die set
1- 3/8" Impact wobble set metric & standard
Screw extractor set
Pry bar set-bent tip, screwdriver handle
Gasket remover 1/4" roll lock arbor for die grinder
Temperature gun (Infrared)
A/C 134A gauges
T60 Torx driver
3/8 drive-36" extension

Prefer ratchets with directional lever and
60 tooth or more head design.

Automotive Technology Photos

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