Earth Month 2019

April 5 - Hastings Campus

Sustainable Nebraska: Then & Now

Morning Program: 9-11 a.m. | Afternoon Program: 12-2 p.m.

Central Community College - Hastings | Dawson Gym, 550 Technical Blvd

The Hastings campus will host a K-6 program comparing sustainable practices of Native Americans, Pioneers and Nebraskans today. Students will learn about five topics:

  • Nutrition
    • Members of the Pawnee Nation will demonstrate how to grind corn using a stone.
    • Students will experience the evolution of grinding corn from a stone to today's modern methods.
  • Clothing
    • Pawnee members will share the importance and symbolism of their use of ribbon skirts and animal hides. They will discuss why those items are still used by tribal members.
    • Pioneer bonnets will be discussed by a pioneer reenactor.
  • Shelter
    • Pioneers created shelters with many types of natural elements. Students will learn how the pioneers from Nebraska used different materials.
    • Students will also learn about today's version of an eco house based on the earthlodge of the Pawnee.
  • Gardening
    • Students will learn how the Pawnee Nation used the "four sisters" to plant and sustain their gardens.
    • Students will complete a service learning project of shelling beans for the Pawnee Nation.
  • Transportation & Energy
    • Bluestem Energy Solutions will present about the Hastings Campus wind turbine. Schools can tour the wind turbine (weather permitting).

For reservations, contact Ronnie O'Brien at | 402-461-2572

April 11 - Grand Island Campus

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April 17 - Columbus Campus

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April 24 - Kearney Center

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Olivia Whittaker
Environmental Sustainability Manager