Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

It is the policy of the College that the use, possession, or presence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by employees while on duty and students, in a vehicle or on property owned or used by the College is prohibited. Employees or students shall not report for duty, be on College controlled property, or at a College activity under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs. Violations of this policy will be governed by the College Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure.

For purposes of this policy, the term “illegal drug” means intoxicants and narcotics, marijuana, or any other controlled substance as defined by Nebraska or Federal law. The term “illegal drugs” does not include any medication, which has been lawfully prescribed to be used by the student or employee.

Violation of this policy shall be grounds for participation in an alcohol abuse program and/or the termination of employment or dismissal from the College.

Board adopted 5/15/14
Cabinet adopted 4/2/14
Cabinet amended 9/3/15