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Share Your Story

Tell us how CCC impacted your life!
  • Please share why CCC is important to you, how CCC impacted your life, career, and any other information that is meaningful to you. 

    It is our goal to share your story with other CCC alumni, staff, faculty and community members through the Community Connection. 

    Please take a few minutes to share your story by filling out this form.

  • Share Your Story

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    Explain how your life was transformed as a result of attending CCC.     
    Tell us about any significant, influential encounters with a professor, staff member, or other student.     
    How have your CCC experiences prepared you for the life you lead today?     
    What message would you like to share with a prospective student?     
    Would you be willing to have your CCC story or photo used in a CCC promotion?
    Would you be willing to be filmed by CCC's Media Technologies Department, and share your CCC story?