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Hard Hats and Heels

Hard Hats and Heels High School Summer Camp at the Grand Island Campus
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    Monday, June 12 – Friday, June 23

    All applications must be postmarked or received by May 15, 2017.

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    If accepted there is no cost to attend.

    Camp overview

    Hard Hats and Heels is a ten-day camp for high school students who are entering the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, who have at least a 2.0 GPA, and who have taken one year of Algebra.  Students must complete an application, submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and their most current high school transcript to be eligible to attend.  This camp is completely free as it is grant funded by the Federal Highway Commission. 

    The Hard Hats and Heels camp focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as it pertains to the transportation industry.  Students will interact with area experts to learn about road and bridge design, construction materials, safety, air travel, railroad transportation, GIS technology, and environmental implications.

    This camp is guaranteed to give you an inside look at a variety of careers and will help beef up your resume for college.  Whether your focus is on technology, construction or biology, it all fits into the transportation world! 

    This is an application process so talk to your school now to gather the important information to get you started on an amazing career path. 

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    Monday, June 12 - Having a Vision 

    Students will understand implementation of ideas in their world, no matter how small, requires planning that affects their environment. This is the first introduction to multi-modal transportation. 

    Tuesday, June 13 - The Vision for a Cleaner City 

    Students will understand the implementations of clean air practices; by using public transportation they will be able to decrease the carbon emissions from vehicles. 

    Wednesday, June 14 - A Vision for Future Technology 

    As the week progresses students begin to take on a broader view of their expanded world. Students will understand technology can eliminate unnecessary traveling and provide accurate information as well as supporting a cleaner environment. 

    Thursday, June 15 - Environment and Transportation Working Together 

    Students will learn the careers of engineering and environmental engineers must work together. Students will understand although engineers are in the process of building safe roads, they must also be aware of the wildlife and endangered species in the area. 

    Friday, June 16 - Air 

    Students will learn how the design of airports can be aesthetic to the landscape and leave less of a carbon footprint. Focus will be on landscape and water usage. 

    Monday, June 19 - Roads and the Trucking Industry 

    Students will learn about testing and safety barriers needed for roads. Students will learn about available careers in the trucking industry and the careers and science needed in the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDR.) 

    Tuesday, June 20 - Army Corp of Engineers 

    Students will learn the importance of maintenance on the Missouri River while striving to maintain a natural habitat for endangered species and will discover the importance of testing materials used on the roads. 

    Wednesday, June 21 - Bridges and the Industry That Uses Them 

    Students will learn about different bridge designs and the specific reason they are used. Students will understand the use of CAD drawing and adaptations of various software. 

    Thursday, June 22 - Logistics and Parts that Travel 

    Students will gain a comprehension of the technologies used in areas of diesel, automotive, plastics, trucking and large machinery technology. 

    Friday, June 23 - Transportation the Future and Now 

    Students will understand the implementation of transportation for today and the near future.  

    Hard Hats and HeelsFor more information, contact:

    Judy Weston
    (308) 398-7445