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Music Audition Information

Scholarships and Ensemble Auditions
  • Scholarships and Ensemble Auditions for the 2017-2018 School Year

    April 8, 2017  
    Columbus Campus Fine Arts Theater
    Instrumental Music 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    Vocal Music 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. 
    Check-in will begin a half-hour before each audition.

    Note: This audition date is for Spectrum, the Hilltop Winds, and ALL music scholarships only. If you want to join the large ensembles (College Choir, Concert Band), just sign up when you register for classes. See your advisor or contact the music department for more information.


    Thank you for your interest in the Central Community College Music Department. The following information will help you better understand how our department  works. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

    CCC’s ensembles are well-known around Nebraska for musical excellence, and our graduates are have successfully gone on to play and sing in the best four-year college ensembles around the state. Our goal is to always perform at the highest level and to foster great friendships throughout our membership.

    We look forward to hearing your audition!

    About the Ensembles

    • Audition Information

      All students must audition and be formally accepted prior to enrollment..


      Students selected for Spectrum must enroll for Small Ensemble-Vocal (MUSC 1620, CC100) and College Chorus (MUSC 1410, CC100).  If you need help enrolling, contact Jeff Kitson.


      Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 to 11:50 in room 717, Fine Arts Center.

      Performances and Repertoire

      Spectrum performs in and around the Columbus community each semester, in addition to participating in the two mainstage concerts with the College Chorus. Spectrum’s repertoire focuses on songs better suited to a smaller ensemble.

      Travel Opportunities

      Spectrum performs in Lincoln nearly annually. We’ve also performed in Omaha and around the state. Every few years is a major travel year (New York, etc.). This is decided based on opportunity, talent, and interest level.


      If you have specific questions, please contact Jeff Kitson at 402-562-1270 or email him at

    • Audition Information

      All students must audition and be formally accepted prior to enrollment..


      Students selected for Hilltop Winds  must enroll for Small Ensemble-Instrumental (MUSC 1630, CC100) and Concert Band (MUSC 1420, CC100).  If you need help enrolling, contact your advisor or Micah Crochet.


      Tuesday and Thursday  from 12:30 to 1:45 in room 717, Fine Arts Center.

      Instrument Rental

      CCC has a limited stock of band instruments. If you’d like to play, but need an instrument, we may be able to help you. Contact Micah Crochet for more details.

      Performances and Repertoire

      The Hilltop Winds  perform in and around the Columbus community each semester, in addition to participating in the two mainstage concerts with the Concert Band. The ensemble plays an eclectic mix of pieces well-suited for a smaller group.

      Travel Opportunities

      Intercollegiate Honor Band, etc………….


      If you have specific questions, please contact Micah Crochet at 402-562-1294 or email him at

    • Concert Band and The College Choir are open to all students without a formal audition, however there will be a brief assessment of your skills at or before the first rehearsal. Band students must be able to read music and play a concert band instrument (pianists are welcome to play keyboard percussion). Choir students must be able to match pitch in all three vocal registers (high, middle, and low) and demonstrate a few simple musical exercises.
  • Audition Procedure - Vocal Music

    Spectrum’s audition process consists of:

    1. Singing “My Country ’tis of Thee”
    2. Telling a joke
    3. Checking your vocal range and tone quality
    4. Minimal sight reading to learn and perform a piece with current members
    5. A brief meet-and-greet with the current members

    While the final decision of your acceptance is made by the director, the meet-and-greet is an important method for us to get to know more about you before a final decision is reached.

    Because we take choir very seriously, we ask that you come early, plan to stay the entire time, and “dress to impress.” This is your opportunity to show us that you take choir seriously, too!

    The singer who is the “best fit” for Spectrum will have:

    • a quality voice, and a willingness to improve quickly
    • an ear for tuning and intonation
    • an openness to sing all types of choral music
    • and a personality suited to a challenging, but fun and rewarding choral environment

    Rehearsals and Time Commitment

    We rehearse every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with occasional evenings for special events) during the Fall and Spring semesters. We have four major concerts per year: one each in November, December, March, and May. About half of our concerts take place in the attractive Fine Arts Theater on the Columbus Campus of CCC, the other half are held at a local Columbus church (we just love the acoustics!).  Other performances include special events in and around the Columbus community, in Lincoln for various festivals, and graduation. Singers are expected to be at every rehearsal during the year. However, exceptions are made for illness and a certain number of absences are allowed. With this in mind, we expect members to plan ahead and make firm commitments to each event of the season.

    What we are looking for

    Admission to Spectrum is by audition. All auditionees must be registered students of Central Community College, or intending to register the following year. We are always eager to hear new singers and hold auditions every April for the following fall. Spectrum numbers between 16 and 20 singers from a wide variety of majors on campus. All members of Spectrum sing in our College Chorus which is home to roughly 40-50 singers each semester.

    The most important factors in our decision to accept new singers are:

    1. The vocal quality of the singer
    2. The needs of the choir (i.e. which sections need new members)

    Audition Procedure - Instrumental Music 

    The Hilltop Winds audition process consists of:

    1. Brass, Woodwinds, and Mallet Percussionists should prepare the following scales (preferably from memory):
      • Major Scales up to four sharps and four flats. 
      • Chromatic scale, ranging between the lowest and highest notes you can play.
      • Battery Percussionists should prepare snare drum rudiments from memory.
        Individuals skilled in mallet and battery percussion should prepare for both.
    2. Prepared pieces that demonstrate technique and musicality. Any of the following are acceptable:
      • A district music contest solo.
      • Honor Band audition pieces/etudes.
      • Two contrasting concert band or orchestra pieces.
    3. Some sight-reading.
    4. The Instrumental Music Instructor may briefly coach you on some of your audition materials.
    5. A brief meet-and-greet with the current members.

  • All students are responsible for providing their own performance uniform. Concert Band, Hilltop Winds, and College Choir use “concert black”: black pants or skirt, and a black shirt or top. Spectrum’s uniform consists of a tuxedo, or a concert dress and jewelry. This uniform is part of our tradition and enhances our on-stage appearance. Spectrum’s uniforms are ordered through the college. The approximate cost is $150. All other materials (sheet music, folders) are provided by the school. Uniform and material specifics will be announced in class.

    Nearly all of our students in Spectrum and Hilltop Winds receive a scholarship for their efforts. Many students are often able to secure additional scholarships, even in another area of Fine Arts like Art or Theatre.  Requirements generally include: actively participating in both large and small ensembles in the Fall and Spring semesters, assisting with District Music Contest in April, and other duties depending on the needs of the Music Department.

    In the case of travel, we make every effort to cover as much as possible, but typically students share a portion of the cost – especially on out-of-state trips. If this occurs, we will let you know well in advance to aid in your planning. We understand that college is a major financial undertaking for most families, and musical ability is far more important to us than financial ability. It is possible for arrangements to be made for those members and families unable to meet the costs mentioned.

    There is only one official scholarship audition date. All new students must attend on this day to be given full consideration. If you are determined to audition, but are unable to attend, please contact Jeff Kitson or Micah Crochet to discuss options.

    This is also the scholarship audition day for Theatre department. Students will be able to audition for any combination of departments that suit their interest. For more information about the Theatre auditions, please contact Keith Hale at (402) 562-1282.

    The CCC Music Ensembles enjoy making music to the best of our ability and having lots of fun while working at it. If you’re still interested, (and we hope that you are) please contact our directors to discuss your future with us.

    Welcome to your new musical home!