Department: Business, Marketing and Management
In today’s economy, we take for granted that the things we buy can come from anywhere in the world, but how often do we think about what it takes to distribute products across the globe? Logistics is the answer. The truth is that businesses and organizations of all types and sizes need someone to manage the supply chain that moves a product from supplier to consumer. Small operations may have one person in charge of logistics while larger organizations may have an entire division. Whether they are part of a team or on their own, logisticians are involved in shipping, distribution, warehousing and quick deliveries to customers or even coordinating responses to major natural disasters. We offer a logistics certificate as part of our Business Administration, Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Logistics program to prepare you for employment in transportation or materials management. The certificate provides basic skills in logistics, supply chain management and purchasing logistics. Courses in this area can be used as electives as part of an associate of applied science degree in business administration or accounting. woman wearing headset at a computer

Logistics Certificatecourse descriptions

  • What will it cost?
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What will it cost?
How long will it take?

Finish the 12 credit certificate in 1 semester

The length of time to complete a program is based on a student taking only the courses required for the program as listed in our online catalog. It does not include the cost of foundations courses that may be required based on assessment scores, retaking courses or taking courses that are not required by your program of study.

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