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Injury Prevention Plan

This is the Effective Injury Prevention Plan adopted by Central Community College as its Effective Written Injury Program.
  • OSHA Compliance:  Central Community College intends to comply with all OSHA requirements.  Rules and regulations are complicated, difficult and extensive, thus, each employee, supervisor, and manager is strongly advised to seek assistance when there is a question.

    Safety Committee: The committee assists Central Community College by making recommendations addressing safety and health hazards at each work site. The safety committee shall have a balance of representatives from management and the employees. Any employee has the opportunity to be a committee member. All employees are encouraged to report to the committee information of concern that addresses safety and health conditions.

    Workers Compensation: Central Community College strives to reduce workers' compensation claims by eliminating safety and health risks. The status of an employee is and will not be affected by the filing of a workers' compensation claim.

    Safety Programs: Central Community College's goal is to maintain the best practical safety programs under the direction of the college. While safety is the direct responsibility of each employee, CCC randomly selects safety committee representatives from volunteers whose responsibility is to represent the employees on the safety committee.

    The College's Property:  Each employee is responsible for the safe operation of all equipment, machinery, vehicles, or other property in his or her charge.

    Central Community College provides proper care and maintenance of property, but  employees should report any problem with or malfunction of such property to his or her immediate supervisor.  The supervisor should investigate and take the necessary steps to address the issue as soon as possible.

    Employee's Responsibilities: In cases of serious hazards where employees are in danger, employees are not required to unreasonably jeopardize their personal safety, but should immediately warn their fellow employees, supervisors, managers, and anyone else affected by the situation. Supervisors and managers should immediately take whatever steps are necessary to safely control such conditions. Such situations need to be communicated to the appropriate campus's safety committee.

    Protective Equipment:  Employees are expected to wear appropriate protective equipment at times and in environments where protective equipment is required.  CCC employees are to comply with this policy.  Supervisors and managers are responsible for the strict enforcement of this policy.

    Protective Measures: Supervisors should advise employees immediately when occupational health risks are identified.  CCC develops, implements, and enforces the best possible protective measures.  CCC advises all concerned parties of new occupational health information as it becomes available.

    Regulations:  It is Central Community College's goal in designing safety measures to meet all federal and state regulations that directly concern CCC's employees, facilities and operations.

    Safety Education: Central Community College believes the individual employee is the key to a successful safety and health program. CCC endeavors to keep all employees informed of required safety and health procedures. Where safety training is necessary for employees, CCC provides such training.

    Communication: The formulated and approved safety committee policies are distributed to every supervisor in the organization where they are accessible to all CCC employees.  This reinforces the importance management places on safety and gives employees information regarding safety policies.