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Central Honors Institute Teacher Recommendation Form

A recent teacher must fill out the form below for the student to be eligible to attend CHI.
  • Central Honors Institute Teacher Recommendation Form

    This form should be completed by the applicant’s current math, science or language arts teacher.

    Student's Name:
    Teacher's Name:
    Subject Taught:
    Daytime Phone:

    Please rate the student:

    Rating Scale: 4 = Strongly Agree; 1 = Strongly Disagree
    1.) The student’s academic performance is at an advanced level.  
    2.) The student has a strong work ethic and desire to learn.  
    3.) The student is self-motivated and has a passion for learning.  
    4.) The student handles unstructured time well.  
    5.) The student works well with others.  
    6.) How do achievement test scores correlate to classroom performance?  
    7.) General comments about this student:  
    8.) One thing I like best about teaching this student is:  
    9.) The CHI Track I would suggest for this student is: