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Academic Success Center

Check out what services are available for CCC students!
  • Mission: Empowering Students Every Day

    The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides free peer tutoring and general academic assistance for most classes offered on campus. In addition to peer tutoring, the ASC is also a source for learning about various study strategies, and online academic resources.

    The Academic Success Center is available for all students. Different services are available to assist students in reaching their goals for academic success. These services include on-campus tutoring, online tutoring, computer lab and computer assistance, and the academic skill builder workshop. Please reference individual ASC sites to find out more information about these academic support services.

    Tutor Application

    We are seeking students who would like to become tutors. If you have an above average grade in a specific course and would like to help others learn, then you may qualify. Our tutors are paid and set their own hours with individual students or study groups.

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  • Testimonials

    • Columbus Testimonial
      "The ASC provides real value to CCC.  The tutors boost our confidence and keep us engaged in our studies.  They ensure that each and every student receives the individual help needed to succeed in their courses!"

      - Mary Cracraft (Columbus Campus)
    • Grand Island ASC testimonial
      “I am 58 years old and have ADHD and Dyslexia. At my age, it is a joy to come to the ASC and know there will always be staff members available to help me with my Math and English problems. I always appreciate the help, and would not be successful without it. Come to the ASC and you will succeed.“

      - Paul Harris (Grand Island Campus)
    • Hastings ASC Testimonial

      “The Academic Success Center boosted my confidence. There is always someone to help you in any subject. Tia (ASC tutor) helps me in structure and function. I now know the information way better.”

      - Julie Nelms (Hastings Campus)