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Complete Your Degree at Night

Don’t put your life on hold. CCC is now offering degrees that can be earned entirely at night.

  • Education can play a key role in advancing your career but finding the time for classes can be a real challenge. Now you can meet that challenge through CCC’s degrees offered at night. Earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in business administration at any of our campuses.

    Classes are offered in eight-week sessions during the fall and spring semesters and 10-week sessions during the summer. Two classes are offered during each session, so you can complete either degree in just two years. The eight-week sessions also make it possible to start at multiple times throughout the year, so if you decide to begin your studies in August, October, January, March or May, there are courses available for you! 

    We know you are committed to continuing your education. That’s why we have committed to helping you reach your goal by scheduling all of the classes you need to finish your degree in two years. 

    Call a CCC enrollment specialist for help:
    (308) 398-7460 or (308) 398-7429

    Apply Online

    Already a CCC student?

    Signing up for classes is easy. Just go to “ Search/Register for Sections” in WebCentral and register online, or register by telephone: 1-877-222-0780 and dial 9 and then 2, or call 308-398-7412

    • First Year

      Fall (Two 8-week sessions)

      College Foundations
      English Composition

      Microcomputer Apps
      Writing and Research

      Spring (Two 8-week sessions)

      College Algebra
      American Literature

      Art Fundamentals
      Intro to Psychology 

      Summer (10-week session)

      General Biology
      Public Speaking  

    • Second Year

      Fall (Two 8-week sessions)

      American History I
      Intro to Sociology

      Environmental Science
      Issues of Unity and Diversity 

      Spring (Two 8-week sessions)

      Developmental Psychology
      Principles of Macroeconomics

      American History II 
      American Government

      Summer (10-week session) (Student needs 5 credits)

      Students may choose one of the following options:
      Analytic Geometry/Calculus I
      General Physics I
      Students may take the following two classes:
      Personal Health and Intro to Ethics

    For more information go to the Academic Transfer page or speak to an academic transfer specialist.