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Jordan Garfinkle

Jordan has applied his passion for stemming environmental degradation to transportation, energy and resource management issues across the country and abroad. He has been involved with environmental issues at the local and national levels, and has a particular interest in the relationships between energy and transportation. Although he is increasingly concerned about the state of the natural world, he is optimistic about society's capacity to tackle big challenges. 

Jordan has a bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University, where he double majored in environmental studies and psychology, and a master’s degree in natural resources and environment from the University of Michigan, where he focused on sustainable systems. In college, he evaluated the feasibility of converting his alma mater's vehicle fleet to alternative vehicles, and as a graduate student he helped metro Detroit communities develop energy policies that reduced their reliance on fossil fuels. He has been involved in resource management at the Department of the Interior and in rural villages in Kenya and Costa Rica. 

Currently, he is an analyst with Waste Management Sustainability Services, helping clients reduce their environmental impact in ways that benefit their communities and bottom lines. After work, he is a volunteer firefighter in Delaware. Jordan has tried nearly every sport he's ever encountered, and spends most of his spare time running, hiking and mountain biking.

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