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Central Community College Columbus will be launching for the seventh year the Entrepreneurs-In -Action (EIA) program for high school juniors and seniors.  The program is designed for high school students who are interested in running their own business. 

They will have the opportunity to meet with local business leaders, learn how to start and operate a business, learn how to write a business plan and explore marketing and finance options.  At the end of the seven-month program, students will have developed a working business plan and then start and operate their own enterprises. 


The State of Nebraska and CCC have identified the need to help people develop businesses so they can remain in the state.  The growth of microenterprises in small rural communities has helped both the local and state economies to grow.


The Entrepreneurs in Action project is designed to help reverse the flow of people out of small rural communities. CCC has been working with high schools to train students how to start an actual small business.  The EIA program had 8 student participants for the 2012-2013 school year. 


The EIA program includes these areas:

  • The students develop an entrepreneurial plan.
  • Students attend on-campus training one Saturday a month for three hours.  During those meetings, the first hour features a speaker who is an expert in the entrepreneur; or someone involved in insurance, e-commerce or marketing.  The second hour is spent discussing the educational component of the topic.  The last hour is devoted to the most meaningful component of one-on-one mentoring.  The mentors are experts who are running a business or have pursued a business adventure.
  • The student meets with the college director/coordinator to discuss homework and business situations that arise.  This is done in between the Saturday sessions at the local high schools.
  • Students develop and present a business plan.

Need more information?


Doris Lux, Director of the E-Ship Center at Central Community College-Columbus

402-562-1242 or toll-free in Nebraska 1-877-222-0780, ext. 1242

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We schedule visits with area high schools at the end of August and begining of September.  You can ask your school officials when we will be out to talk with your school also.

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