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Employment at CCC and Career and Employment Services

  • Employment at CCC

    Human Resources Office

    The Human Resources Office is located in the college central administration building in Grand Island and may be contacted at (308) 398-7327. 

    Job Openings at CCC

    Background Checks

    Outside Employers

    Career and Employment Services

    Job Listings

    Many employers list job openings each week. Full-time, part-time, temporary and volunteer positions are listed on the job board located on each campus. For application information on the jobs, take the job number to the Career and Employment Services Office on your campus or call with the job number to get more information.

    Online Listings

    Our online employment site is a great place for employers to list job opening. Employer services are available to employers who register through this site. All memberships are subject to the approval of the C&ES Committee. Current students and alumni have access to the site to view job openings.

    Online Employment Site

    Career and Employment Services