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This is my success story. . .

J.J. Hoins, Special Education Teacher

A fourth-grade teacher helped J.J. Hoins set her sights on becoming a teacher herself, and Central Community College helped take the first steps in reaching her goal.

She was torn between becoming a speech pathologist or a special education teacher and thought CCC would give her the opportunity to decide which path to choose, as well as the opportunity to play college volleyball and softball.

As part of her program at Central Community College, Hoins did her first pre-student teaching experience at Columbus Middle School in a severe-profound special education classroom. The experience solidified her goals and she currently is a severe-profound special education teacher at Grand Island Senior High School. She said it was beneficial to have her first teaching experience while she was a CCC student.

She enjoyed the opportunity to play college volleyball and softball and said the Columbus Campus provided a great learning environment as well.

“The small class sizes at Central let me really get to know my teachers on a first-name basis, so the quality of education was very great,” Hoins said. “When I transferred from Central to UNK I walked in there feeling very well prepared and right up there with the rest of the UNK kids.”

She said transferring her credits form CCC to the University of Nebraska-Kearney went well.

“My adviser did an outstanding job of setting up my schedule to meet their requirements, too. All of my classes at Central transferred right to UNK,”Hoins said.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from UNK, Hoins started teaching at Grand Island Senior High and is happy with her career choice.

“I like my students the best. My students are awesome. They make me laugh and I’ve never felt so much love from a group of kids and they’re awesome,” Hoins said.

Written by Jim Strayer   
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