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Who is an Alum?

What does it mean to be an alum?
  • Who is a Central Community College Alum?

    Here at CCC we believe that completing a class towards a degree, diploma or certificate is a huge accomplishment! Even if you took a class or two for professional or personal development you are a CCC Alum.

    Being one of the many Central Community College alumni means you are impacting the communities around us in many amazing ways. 

    Did you know that most of our graduates remain right here in Nebraska? Imagine the positive impact you are making! 

    Being an alum means you completed a goal and the bottom line is you are a success!

    Completion of a degree, diploma or certificate will benefit you in many ways, it gives you an edge in the workforce, gives you specific knowledge and skills to be successful, and shows others that you can follow through with the task at hand.

    Now that you have these skills what can you do next?

    You may choose to continue on to a university or immediately enter the workforce but above all you start impacting the community around you and shaping your future. 

    If you graduated a while ago there is no doubt that you will have succeeded in work and life. Do you share your experience with others? Do you promote higher education and what it has done for you? Being an alum means sharing the experience you had as a student. Your story may impact others in ways you never imagined, it might just be the encouragement they need to take a class. 

    This is what it means to be one of many successful Central Community College Alumni.