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Veterans Message From the President

Veterans and Military Message From the College President
  • Dr_ Matt Gotschall

    I am proud and honored to welcome you to Central Community College as you continue your education, training and leadership development. As a child of a military veteran, I appreciate the enormous sacrifice, dedication and service you have shown to date.  Our dedicated faculty, staff and administrators stand ready to serve you and guide you to reaching your next goal, or to even help you determine that goal, through compassionate veteran support staff. 

    As veterans or family members, I ask you to continue providing a strong example of leadership and role-modeling positive behavior in and out of the classroom for our non-veteran students. They have much to learn from you and will be better citizens as a result of your interactions.

    CCC is not just a place for taking a class or earning a degree, it is a place where lifetime friendships and connections are made and where we want to become a familiar resource for you throughout your life.


    Matt Gotschall, PhD
    College President